Losing sexual interest towards your partner can cause a trail of problems in your relationship. For some, this is where cheating and infidelity starts.

And for others, the other half may suffer from unhealthy coping mechanisms and bad habits like drinking, late night with friends, porn addiction, online gaming and even gambling.

If you are certain that you still love your partner but your sex life is starting to get boring and almost non-existent, it is time for you to address the issue head on.

Keep in mind that intimacy and satisfying sex life can contribute to a happy and lasting relationship. Here are some tips on how you can address sexual problems between you and your partner;

Intimacy and healthy sex life contributes to a happy and lasting relationship.

Re-enact your first night together

Think about the very first time you and partner spent the night together. Try to talk about it to bring back that old feeling and to rekindle the excitement.

Reminiscing how excited you were during the earliest stage of your relationship will remind you why you’ve decided to stay together in the first place. Remember that you can rekindle the fire by remembering the old sparks.

Bedroom Make-Over

To spice up your sex life and to make your intimate moments more exciting, revamp your bedroom. It could be as simple as changing the lighting to more romantic tones, rearranging the furniture and new sheets for your bed.

The idea is to transform a rather familiar space into something that looks different and more exciting yet still comfortable. A love nest that looks new can do wonders to your sex life.

Go for a different look

Changing your look can reinvent your personality and brighten up your aura. It can win over the attention of your partner and it’s a rather good way to take care of yourself.

So create a brand new look that’s pleasing to your eyes. As the cliché goes, nothing makes a woman more beautiful than being happy. This can also boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

You can try having a new hair style and a different hair color, experimenting on new make up, losing some weight and developing a classier fashion sense.

Trying out something new in bed and getting a little adventurous when it comes to sex can rekindle the fire and bring back lost sparks.

Try something new in bed

Level up your sexy time by being more adventurous. You can surprise your partner with an unfamiliar and surprising move that’s wild enough to take his breath away.

Or, wear sexy lingerie that can make his imagination run wild. Create a romantic ambiance to set the perfect mood for a naughty night together.

And lastly, get out of your comfort zone by trying out something that you’ve never done before. A creative twist to your usual sex routine can make a whole lot of difference such as using sex aides and getting dirty in bed using anything that’s completely edible.

Make an effort to look good at home for your partner even during the most ordinary days. This will enable your partner to appreciate you and to see you in a different light.

Get sexy while at home

Make an effort to look good even during the most ordinary days at home with your partner. Wear something sexy and revealing to turn him on like a tank top or his own white shirt over skimpy shorts.

Create a naughtier twist by going bra-less while doing your daily routine. And lastly, wear subtle cologne or perfume to leave a trail of your scent every time you walk past your partner.

Take intimacy out of the bedroom

You may choose not to confine your sex life within the four walls of your bedroom. In fact, you can make love anywhere as long as you have your complete privacy.

For an exciting twist, try having sex on the living room couch, on the floor, on the kitchen counter or in the shower. The idea is to power up your sex life by taking things to a whole new level.

It doesn’t matter where you do it as long as you both find the satisfaction you need; and as long as you’re not being scandalous towards the people next door.