This is the thing about romantic relationships; they all start out on a very blissful note. During the early phase, there’s an intense excitement to know more about each other and romance seems to know no bounds.

The anticipation and desire for each other keeps the adrenaline pumping. Every single day has something new and exciting to offer.

However, with the passage of time, the feelings may grow stronger and remain intact (for some) but the initial thrill eventually dies down. Things are no longer as exciting as before.

And you begin to suspect that your partner might be cheating behind your back. If this scenario sounds ever so familiar to you, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

Cheating is one of the most common reasons behind every break up. Why partners cheat remains unclear but some relate it to fulfillment of sexual desire and feeling unloved by their partners.

Cheating happens in roughly 30 to 60% of relationships. And in this modern generation, the internet, social media, email and chat rooms make it even easier for people to cheat on their partners. This is on top of other factors such as work, social circle and general environment.

Why People Cheat in a Relationship

There are many reasons why people cheat on their partners. Some do it to fulfill their sexual desires while others cheat because they feel that they are falling out of love from their partner and are getting tired of the monotony in their relationship.

Researchers also correlate cheating to low self-esteem. This is an unhealthy coping mechanism wherein one feels that sleeping with others can improve their self-worth.

Cheating can also be due to a low level of commitment between partners. This is a situation wherein a relationship exists but the couple is unable to visualize a life together in the future.

If none of these reasons apply to your situation and you’re struggling to understand why your partner is cheating on you, these might shed some light to the matter;

Lack of balance in your relationship

The other party may feel like they have to be responsible for making all the decisions in their relationship. These decisions include where to eat, when to go out on a date, making travel arrangements, managing the finances and organizing the home.

This puts a lot of weight on one person. An external affair might then be tempting for the other party in order to feel appreciated and to feel equal.

People who feel neglected, lonely and unloved by their partners are more susceptible to cheating.

Fear of commitment

Uncertainties over commitment can be very destabilizing in a relationship. Oftentimes, people can sabotage and ruin what they have, either consciously or unconsciously, in an attempt to reject feelings of responsibility and commitment towards their partner.

Feeling neglected and unloved

People have their own way of expressing their affection towards their partner. Some communicate it verbally while others prefer cuddling, hugging and kissing.

If your manner of expressing affection is different from that of your partner’s; that can leave you or partner feeling neglected and unloved.

This feeling can make either of you become more open to the affections of someone who seems to understand you better.


One of the most common reasons for cheating is the feeling that you and your partner are slowly drifting apart and losing your connection.

In such case, cheating can feel like a way of discovering something new and more exciting when your relationship has become familiar, dull and predictable.