ELECTION HUSTINGS OR HUSTLING ? – Everything is Not Always as it Seems – Especially at Election Time

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promises 2Election Hustings or Hustling 
Read full article by a member of No Fracking Ireland here: Election Hustling,
 ‘Stop the Study’, unraveled, an inside in the role of  GEAI, FG and more…..

Sit down, take your time, GET INFORMED  and read the whole story

Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline
stop the study timeline pdf

The ‘offical’ statement from DCENR according to GEAI
husting or hustling

Election Hustling  pdf
Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline

Sources, coverage in the media incl. Comments
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PRESS RELEASE Tony McLoughlin (FG) – – FG blocked the Ban on Fracking in Sligo CDP

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Where is the evidence that the study has stopped?
Why did FG councillors blocked the ban in the Sligo County Development Plan?

McLoughlin Wholeheartedly Supports Decision Not to Proceed with Fracking Study.

Read the official FG statement:

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking): Fine Gael will not allow any fracking to take place before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published its comprehensive study on the new technology. There is an effective moratorium in place and that will remain in place until the EPA’s advice is received and considered


Fine Gael TD for Sligo – Leitrim, Tony McLoughlin, has strongly welcomed the decision of the Minister for State, Joe McHugh TD, not to proceed with Phase 2 of the EPA’s Joint Research Programme into the potential effects of hydraulic fracking in Ireland.

“The decision to put Phase 2 of the EPA study into the potential health and environmental impact of Fracking on hold represents a considerable setback to those trying to promote fracking in our country” stated McLoughlin.

“I have been advised by Department officials that the Steering Group which is responsible for the award of the contract, and which is overseeing the project, has agreed that the Consortium would be requested to produce a report pulling together the results of the research carried out to-date. It is anticipated that this report, could be completed and published by the second half of this year”.

Minister McHugh has stated that “initial indications of these results are clearly pointing to the fact that the practice of Fracking would not be a viable option in Ireland”.

“As someone who is opposed to fracking being permitted in Ireland in any form, this is a very important development.

Minister McHugh knows my feelings on this issue, and that I am totally against fracking as I have met with him on several occasions throughout the duration of this Government to discuss this issue, and most recently with community groups from North Leitrim and its environs.

I will continue to lobby my fellow politicians to ensure that we do not see fracking introduced into our country in the future” concluded McLoughlin.



The Fine Gael General Election 2016 Canvass Guide #GE16 January 24, 2016

A guide to canvassing produced by Fine Gael for the 2016 General Election. Contains canvassing tips, ‘Why Vote Fine Gael?’, what to say about other parties and more