Clean Energy for EU: Ireland as island project

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Signed by: Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden

This initiative was originally announced as part of the Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package of proposals in November 2016.

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Grassroots Anti Fracking and Environmental Groups Call on People to Support Right 2 Change & Right 2 Water Candidates in General Election

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We the undersigned, believe that in order to achieve immediate action on climate change issues, including a ban on fracking in Ireland, that we should unite in supporting candidates involved in the Right 2 Change/Right 2 Water movement in the upcoming general election.

The political parties that have been in power for the duration of the last two governments, have proven to us, that when it comes to making decisions, between the good of the people and our environment versus the desires of huge corporations and undemocratic institutions, these parties have, time and time again, against the will of the people, chosen to facilitate the corporate world and undemocratic institutions. Continue reading

STOP THE sTUDY — stopped or STALLED??

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stop 2


Is it independent as they pretend? (NO CDM smith is involved..)


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A campaigner has received a letter from EPA that states categorically that they were informed in October 2014 that Queen’s University were not part of the research consortium.  In June 2015, they went in front of the Joint Oireachtas Committee and gave details of how QUB were part of the Consortium, what tasks they were carrying out and details of their expertise!

An instance of a state agency lying to its own government?

Comment by a campaigner
Could this PDF (see further below) be posted online. It shows how naive those who have engaged with the EPA process have actually been. The word facilitators comes to mind.

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TTIP STATEMENT – signed by various organisations/groups

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TTIP: Regulatory cooperation is the ultimate tool to prevent or weaken future public interest standards for citizens, workers, consumers, and the environment
Statement Regulatory Cooperation Feb 2015

Civil society groups denounce “regulatory cooperation” in the TTIP negotiations as a threat to democracy and an attempt to put the interests of big business before the protection of citizens, workers, and the environment.

February 2015 – Statement by civil society organisations on regulatory cooperation in TTIP.

We, the undersigned organisations, hereby express our deep concern about and our firm opposition to the direction of the TTIP negotiations regarding the regulation of vital areas, such as chemicals, food standards, public services, occupational health and safety, and financial regulation.
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The Copenhagen Declaration: on including Geologial Survey expertise in the assessment of Shale Gas in Europe

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The Copenhagen Declaration: on including Geologial Survey expertise in the assessment of Shale Gas in Europe

On 25th September, 2014, the North Atlantic Group of the European Geological Surveys published their concerns on the socio-political consequences of misleading media reports on the exploration and exploitation of raw materials. Above all their concerns are with regard to shale gas as an option for domestic energy supply. In their Copenhagen Declaration on the ‚Provision of Data for National Shale Gas Assessments’, the Geological Surveys are critical of some reporting; they feel that scientific results and conclusions are often short-changed or ignored. In particular they highlight concern that their expertise may be excluded from future decision making on raw material supply. Continue reading

Comment: Outrage as EU blocks democratic challenge to US trade deal

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Anti-TTIP protests in London

By John Hilary

There is something rotten in the state of Europe when an unelected, unaccountable EU body can glibly inform millions of us that we no longer have the right to question its most dangerous and unpopular policies.

This is exactly what has just happened, as the European Commission has announced that it will not allow a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to challenge the secret trade talks it is holding with the US government, supposedly on our behalf.

The ruling is a slap in the face for the 230 civil society organisations from across Europe that have lined up behind the initiative, and the millions of European citizens they represent. The ECI is the only vehicle available to us to challenge the shadowy bureaucrats of the European Commission. Now even this seems to be too much scrutiny for them. Continue reading

There will be no decisions made on fracking in Ireland for at least 2 years + COMMENTS from campaigners

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journal     (12th August 2014)

There will be no decisions made on fracking in Ireland for at least 2 years

The department of Minister of State Joe McHugh has issued a statement in response the announcement by Mark Durkan.

THE DEPARTMENT OF Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has issued a response to the decision by Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Mark Durkan to block fracking in the region. Continue reading