Woodburn forest – pictured: the start of fracking in ireland

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rig arriveddril chain
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(Northern) Ireland -almost – FRACKED Ireland will be no longer Fracking Free

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Since 2011 fracking is looming over Ireland. After years of informing people, writing letters, demonstrations, direct actions, taken legal actions, it seems that politicians and the big companies doesn’t care. Democracy and human rights are dead words.

At present the first rig in (Northern)  Ireland has arrivedand and is transported to Woodburn

rig arrived
drillforest (and sticks into the mud). Infrastrata will start testdrilling near a waterreservoir, supplying water for the entire Belfast eara. Despite scientific evidence, that fracking can not be done safe and often pollutes the water, the greed and ignorance seems to be unlimited, putting peoples health at risk.
(Duke study )

A legal action was succesfull, but despite this, the lorries are still driving into Woodburn forest.

A protestor had chained himself to the rig,
dril chainhttp://www.belfastdaily.co.uk/2016/05/09/exclusive-carrickfergus-drill-site-in-psni-lock-down-as-protester-chains-himself-to-huge-oil-rig/#.VzBjv7fB-zg.facebook

another protestor was sitting peacefully on the ground,  both were removed by the PSNI
Mark, chained on the rig for 6 hours, until he was arrested.

13124710_1PAISLY ROAD CLOSED567149826917546_3688751152265214116_nRoad closed.



Upcoming Friday is the court case of another  protestor related to the Belcoo protest.

Woodburn forest – man arrested in anti-drilling protest

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woodburn 2http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/man-arrested-in-antidrilling-protest-at-woodburn-forest-drill-site-34464713.html

A man has been arrested during a stand-off between police and environmentalists at a County Antrim forest where an oil company plans to drill a well. The entrance to Woodburn Forest near Carrickfergus is being blocked by protesters and a trailer has been used to block access to it.
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Solidarity Action for the French anti-Fracking Groups – Call for Protest Feb 28 + letter

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France has been a true “lantern example” in our global fight against fracking.

Solidarity letter + signatories
English: France_AntiFrackingSolidarityLetter_Montelimar-Signatories

In December 2015 American firm Schuepach lost its legal action against the French state to be allowed to frack for shale in Southern France (http://www.naturalgaseurope.com/france-fracking-free-shale-gas-schuepbach).

Now, Total has put forward another legal action to regain its Montelimar license in the South of France. “The French major might regain the Montelimar permit by the end of January, depending on the outcome of a court case that has not just sparked an outcry among green activists – anti-fracking groups call for a protest on February 28 – but also brought the shale gas debate back into national news.”

French groups are calling now for protest on February 28.
“Environmental groups are calling for a demonstration on February 28 in Barjac, a small town in the department of Gard, one of the five departments covered by the Montélimar permit which could be re-awarded to Total by a French court, according to a statement from Stop Gaz de schiste”, the national coalition against fracking.”

Please find a solidarity letter attached. It shall be signed by as many international groups as possible. It will be sent to the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and it shall also be read out during the protest on February 28.

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Algerien als alternativer Energielieferant für Europa

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The popular german web-magazine Telepolis has an article on the movement
against fracking as threat to the algerian government:

_ Algerien als alternativer Energielieferant für Europa (Thomas Pany)
Und die Protestbewegung gegen Fracking als neuer Widerstandsherd gegen
die algerische Regierung

Environmental movement blocks fracking in Algeria’s remote south

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algeria 0

A protester scuffles with police during an anti-fracking protest in Algiers last month.

An unprecedented environmental protest movement in a remote part of Algeria has disrupted the country’s multibillion-dollar shale programme and is making political waves across the north African nation and the wider region.

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Fracking and resistance in Algeria

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A good friend of mine just returned to UK from Oran and told me about the protests of the “desert” people. Algeria has quite a split between its med coast and the deep Sahara.  Having worked in Algeria I know how difficult it is to protest there. Difficult and very dangerous. All credit to those people for standing up to this and not allowing the pure Sahara to be poisoned and polluted. Also their drinking water of course and their lives! Just like UK , people’s rights being trampled in for pure  profit and greed.

Here is a very informative article written by a colleague of mine. There is almost no coverage in the Western media about what’s going in Algeria!


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New research finds the UK breached human rights at anti-fracking protests

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February 11, 2015

New research finds the UK breached human rights at anti-fracking protests

The state violated human rights in the way it responded to UK anti-fracking protests, new research concludes.

A paper by a group of academics, due to be published next month, found that people who took part in the protests were unlawfully arrested and prevented from taking part in peaceful demonstrations or expressing their opposition to fracking. Their rights to a fair trial and respect for a private life were also threatened.

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