Trojan horse – Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May

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Motion from Cllr Mary Bohan, FF, at a meeting today (Mon, 11th of May) of Leitrim County Council at 11am in Bredagh Old Schoolhouse, Carrigallen, is in conflict with the ban on UGEE in the Leitrim County Development Plan and the recently stated policy

‘The motion should be withdrawn completely at this stage. The first part of the motion, despite being factually correct, is being used as a Trojan horse in order to get the second part through.’

Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May at 11am in Bredagh Old School, adjacent to Carrigallen Church of Ireland, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim:

I propose

(a) vote of no confidence in CDM Consortium of researchers appointed by the EPA to carry out the research in relation to fracking.

(b) I further call that Leitrim County Council calls on the Minister of Health and the Taoiseach in the interests of public health to have this research carried out by the Department of Health Chief Medical Officer.

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Shale gas policy across EU nations

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I just wanted to clarify that this is not a European Parliament report. It is actually an internal briefing prepared by an in-house research staff, on request of a MEP. It does not represent in any way a position or view of the European Parliament, has not been carried out by an independent research institute and my group is not very happy with it.We have contacted the author to exchange on several aspects and hope that a more balanced position on shale gas topics can be taken by this in-house service in the future.

Heike LeberleAdvisor on energy policy
Greens/EFA Group in the European ParliamentTel: +32 228 32140


Shale gas policy across EU nations

By Annemarie Botzki
Posted 29 January 2015 10:28 GMT

Approaches to the exploration and regulation of shale gas resources vary widely across the EU, according to a new report from the European Parliament.

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