Joint Committee final report: A step closer to ban fracking – back doors to frack Ireland are still open

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Joint Committee final report:–FINAL.pdf

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A campaigner has received a letter from EPA that states categorically that they were informed in October 2014 that Queen’s University were not part of the research consortium.  In June 2015, they went in front of the Joint Oireachtas Committee and gave details of how QUB were part of the Consortium, what tasks they were carrying out and details of their expertise!

An instance of a state agency lying to its own government?

Comment by a campaigner
Could this PDF (see further below) be posted online. It shows how naive those who have engaged with the EPA process have actually been. The word facilitators comes to mind.

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Energy debate

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This is the transcript of the debate below. A record as to what way senators actually voted on this amendment needs to be established first. It appears that the senators might have voted electronically on this amendment, The Government doesn’t have a majority in the Seanad/Senate, so on a vote like this it should be easier to have a ban on fracking passed in the Seanad than in the Dáil.

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