Netherlands to get first US LNG cargo

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The Netherlands is to expected receive a cargo from Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG export terminal in Louisiana, the first ever US LNG cargo produced from shale gas to reach the country.

The 140,000-cbm Arctic Discoverer is scheduled to arrive at the Dutch Gate terminal in the port of Rotterdam around June 7, according to shipping data.

The vessel loaded a cargo at Sabine Pass and left the liquefaction facility on Sunday, the data shows.

LNG World News contacted Gate to comment on the shipment. We will update the article once we receive a response.

Many predicted a “flood” of U.S. LNG to Europe but only a small number of these cargoes landed in Europe, better said in the southern part of the continent.

Only Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal and Turkey received Sabine Pass cargoes since February last year when the plant started shipping the fuel.

The bulk of these cargoes went to Latin America, Africa and Asia.

However, currently there are only three liquefaction trains in operation at the Sabine Pass facility and in the lower 48 states.

The U.S. is expected to become the world’s third-largest LNG supplier by 2020 with an export capacity of 60 million mt coming from five terminals located along the Gulf Coast.


Dutch Government intends to start Shale gas winning from 2020

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Newsletter Schaliegasvrij Nederland (in Dutch)

NL milieudefensie

De schaliegasdraak lijkt voorlopig nog in zijn winterslaap te zitten.
Niets is minder waar!!
In Den Haag hebben ze ondertussen niet stilgezeten en gewerkt aan een landelijke structuurvisie ondergrond…….en…

Even niet goed opgelet, zodat RTV Oost alvast een kijkje kon nemen in de concept-Milieu Effect Rapportage en ons ook alvast laat meekijken uit welke richting de schaliegaswind kan gaan waaien!!

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Dutch schaliegas vrij campaign visits South Africa – Shell applied for 10.000 drill sites

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miliedefensie, karoo10482909_10152347059003235_1230015862282324369_n
Karoo – South Africa,  shell wants to frack, 2x the size of the Netherlands.

Report from Jose, campaigner from the Netherlands.

Last week I returned from a trip from South Africa where we talked with several NGO’s, Jolynn Minnaar from the documentary “Unearthed”, white and black farmers and a couple of South African MP’s. Shell has applied for, and will get licenses for over 10000 drillsites with probably 32 pits per site. This will be going on in the Karoo area.

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Fracking comes to the Netherlands

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Licences option area’s in the Netherlands

Draft report – A4_concept NRD_Schaliegas
Submissions before 9th July 2014 (also by Germany and Belgium

Fracking Matters Newsletter 03-14(134)

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Fracking Matters Newsletter 03-14 (134)

 in this newsletter
– EU open doors for Fracking!!
– Press release from Friends of the Earth full of background info
– Joint open letter to EU institutions with at present over 400 signatures from groups/networks/ngo’s all over europe
23 signatures from ROI and 3 from NI!!
– letter widely distributed, in Ireland and Europe
– Corrib Gas (Rossport – Shell to Sea) and the media, what we can learn/work together
– earthquakes in the Netherlands, government ignoring protests
– fracking all over Romania –  new sport: ‘rigg hunters’

GREENPEACE TRAINING –  Enniskillen, Library, 12 pm.

SHALE GAS BULLETIN IRELAND BUTTON – on homepage Fracking Free Ireland website. Click on button for the latest edition!!

and more
in next newsletter report from the Nat. Dev. Day