Fracking Bill by FG

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Shale Gas Bulletin Ireland – . Majority of MEPs support fracking moratorium in symbolic vote

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1. Majority of MEPs support fracking moratorium in symbolic vote

For the first time, a majority of MEPs (338 to 319) has voted in favour of an immediate moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in Europe in view of its “risks and negative consequences for the climate, the environment, and public health.” The MEPs voted in support of Amendment 1 to the Energy Security Strategy report.

However, as the final report as a whole was not adopted, the moratorium on “any new operations involving the exploration or extraction of unconventional fuels within the EU until this is proven to be safe for the environment, citizens, and workers” will not take effect.

While some pro-fracking groups in the European Parliament voted against the amendment and the report as a whole, the European United Left – Nordic Green Left group (GUE/NGL), which voted for the fracking moratorium, opposed the final report on the grounds that it “underlined the importance of nuclear energy” and “moves in the same direction as neoliberal policies.”

The votes of Irish MEPs on the fracking moratorium amendment were as follows:

  • For: Boylan (SF), Carthy (SF), Flanagan (Ind), Harkin (Ind), Ni Riada (SF)
  • Against: Childers (Ind), Clune (FG), Hayes (FG), McGuinness (FG), Kelly (FG)
  • Absent: Crowley (FF)
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For First Time, A Majority of MEPs Vote for An Immediate Moratorium On Fracking, But Final Version of ‘Energy Security Strategy’ Report Ultimately Rejected

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French Fracking Ban Endorsed on U.S. Environmental Repercussions

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June 5 (Bloomberg) — France’s ban on hydraulic fracturing should not be eased because the oil and gas drilling technique is causing “considerable” environmental damage in the U.S., according to a government minister.

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Plenary vote in EP on fracking moratorium amendment – June 10

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Today, I learnt that the social-democrats in the European Parliament (the second-largest group) – together with the Greens, leftwing GUE and some Italian EFDD members – will table a fracking moratorium amendment. To be added to a report on EU Energy Security (see my previous emails about the Saudargas report).
I think that there is a slim chance (but there is a chance!!) that we might be able to get a tight majority of MEPs to vote in favour of this. This would send a very strong message to the Commission, when it comes to maybe strengthening fracking rules in Europe … which would further delay and complicate shale gas development in Europe.
This is the text of the amendment, pushed by Czech S&D MEP Miroslav Poche:
  • Considers that the use of hydraulic fracturing in the Union entails risks and negative consequences for the climate, environment and public health, and threatens achievement of the EU’s long-term decarbonisation goal. Furthermore due to the limited potential of unconventional fuels to help meet the EU’s future energy demand, coupled with high investment and exploitation costs, considers that hydraulic fracturing is not a promising technology. Therefore urges the Member States not to authorise any new exploration or extraction operations of unconventional fuels within the EU until it is proven safe for the environment, citizens and workers;
As always, we will need to convince some centre-right EPP MEPs and some ALDE MEPs to vote in favour of this amendment. And make sure that centre-left S&D MEPs follow their group.
I realise that everybody is very busy … but we do not get a lot of opportunities like this. So, it is worth an effort. Please ask your MEPs to support this amendment.
There will be a roll call vote. So, whatever the outcome, we will know how each MEP in the new-ish Parliament thinks about fracking.

Moratorium vote EU – update + Press release

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Hi there,

Just wanted to share a bit more news about the results of last week’s vote on a fracking moratorium in the Parliament’s Industry Committee. Please read my blog for more details:
30 votes in favour means that at least the social-democrat group S&D, the Greens, the left-wing GUE and the Italian 5-star MEPs voted in favour of the fracking moratorium amendment. I am particularly pleased that (most of) the S&D MEPs seem to be turning against fracking. Maybe the liberal ALDE group also supported the amendment … I am still trying to find out.
As for the individual votes of MEPs, there was no roll-call. So, there is no way of knowing who voted in favour or against. Which is really too bad … will try to make sure that this will happen next time for sure. I am told that it is rather unusual to have roll-call votes at the level of the EP committees.
We were also ‘lucky’ in the sense that all 3 UK MEPs (Labour, UKIP and Conservative) were not present to vote, as they would have all voted against the amendment.
Nevertheless, none of the dozen amendments, introduced by right-wing MEPs, got a majority … which really shows that the Parliament is not buying the idea that ‘indigenous energy sources’ like shale gas can help the EU to achieve better ‘energy security’.

I am also happy that more than 700 people used our online action on this vote … I am sure that this caught the attention of some MEPs at least. See the thank you message below that was sent to our online supporters.
One last thing: our press release , which Geraldine already circulated.

McHugh in favor of EPA report on the effects of fracking

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McHugh in favor of EPA report on the effects of fracking

The Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Natural Resources is defending an EPA report currently being conducted into the effects of fracking on the environment in the Northwest.

Joe McHugh was present at a meeting of Leitrim and Cavan County Councillors yesterday, where opposition to hydraulic fracturing was highlighted to Energy Minister Alex White.

Fears over the comprehensiveness of the EPA report were outlined when it was made clear that no decision regarding the future of fracking in the Northwest would be made until after the results of the study were published – a process that could take in the region of 2 years.

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Trojan horse – Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May

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Motion from Cllr Mary Bohan, FF, at a meeting today (Mon, 11th of May) of Leitrim County Council at 11am in Bredagh Old Schoolhouse, Carrigallen, is in conflict with the ban on UGEE in the Leitrim County Development Plan and the recently stated policy

‘The motion should be withdrawn completely at this stage. The first part of the motion, despite being factually correct, is being used as a Trojan horse in order to get the second part through.’

Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May at 11am in Bredagh Old School, adjacent to Carrigallen Church of Ireland, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim:

I propose

(a) vote of no confidence in CDM Consortium of researchers appointed by the EPA to carry out the research in relation to fracking.

(b) I further call that Leitrim County Council calls on the Minister of Health and the Taoiseach in the interests of public health to have this research carried out by the Department of Health Chief Medical Officer.

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