Shannon LNG & Brexit

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Donal O’Donovan and Colin Leopold

Shelved plans for a €500m gas terminal on the Shannon have been revived as a result of Brexit, with PwC mandated to find a buyer to fund the huge Shannon LNG project at Balylongford, close to Tarbert.

The site has planning in place for a deep-water jetty, storage facilities for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and connections to the Irish national gas network.
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Fracking Ban – IRELANDS NIMBY – Fracked gas (Liquid Natural Gas) from the US

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The FG Gov’s Dirty Deal Behind Our #Fracking Ban

The FG Gov’s Dirty Deal Behind Our #Fracking Ban

“Ireland is an excellent location to receive global LNG supplies”

So here’s the dirty part of the deal that FG and their buddies in the oil and gas industry don’t want us to talk about.

We get an onshore ban on #fracking and in return we become a gateway terminal at Shannon for fracked gas from Trump’s U.S of A.
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Ireland Passes Fracking Ban – but will import fracked gas from the US

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Trump About to Withdraw from Paris Agreement While Ireland Passes Fracking Ban

It is a historic day on which one nation passes a ban on onshore fracking, while another nation intends to walk away from the Paris climate agreement.

Paris agreement withdrawal makes U.S. a rogue nation

In her statement, Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Europe, roundly condemns Trumps withdrawal from the global climate agreement:

The Paris accord falls far short of the bold, decisive action needed to avert the most serious impacts of impending climate chaos – but it is certainly better than nothing. By choosing to walk away from the table, the United States effectively becomes a rogue nation when it comes to matters of climate change, human rights and global leadership in general. Mr. Trump’s foolish, belligerent decision to abdicate responsibility at the federal level now makes real action on climate at the state and local levels even more critical. For the sake of our planet and future generations, it is imperative that elected leaders at every rung of government – from the smallest town halls to the halls of Congress – do everything in their power to resist fossil fuels and help enable a clean energy revolution.” Continue reading

Ineos – shale gas ( liquid gas) from the US to Norway and later to the UK

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The first US shale gas sailed into Europe bringing controversy in its wake.

Ineos, the chemical group, said that its own gas carrier arrived in Norway on Wednesday with 27,500 cubic metres of American ethane on board. Shipments to Ineos’s UK refinery at Grangemouth are scheduled to start later this year.
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TAKE ACTION – Deadline on Thursday – Sign on: Sec. Moniz LNG Export Letter

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Please write a short e-mail to Kate (kdeangeli{AT} if you want to co-sign.

After Sen. Hoeven introduced his bill (S.2638) in the Senate that would expedite the approval of applications to export liquefied natural gas, Sen. Hoeven was quoted saying that Sec. Moniz was willing to support his bill with some modifications. Friends of the Earth has drafted a letter (see attached) discouraging Sec. Moniz from supporting this bill or any similar bill and outlining the dire climate impacts that liquefied natural gas has. We believe that Sec. Moniz’s endorsement of such a bill would directly contradict President Obama’s pledge to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Please join Greenpeace USA, the Center for Biological Diversity, Earthjustice, Food and Water Watch, and Public Citizen in signing onto this letter to Sec. Moniz. Let me know by COB Thursday December 18 if you would like to sign on and include the name and title of the person that will be signing on. We are only requiring campaigner level sign on. Continue reading

LNG fact sheet and political update

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Here is the link to the LNG fact sheet: Against Fracking has sent out an email blast to our members today in response to very bad legislation moving through Congress that would accelerate the march to build Liquefied Natural Gas terminals along US  coastal cities and so provide fracked gas a passport for overseas travel.

As you know, Washington’s stated reason for this new rush to export the results of fracking is the new stand-off with Russia.
LNG poses many additional health and safety risks above and beyond those that result from fracking.
Because it is liquefied through cryogenic chilling, much fossil fuel energy must be expended just in its creation.  Typically, an LNG export terminal requires its own power plant just to transform the gas form of methane into a super-cold liquid.
Second, LNG is a known terrorist target.  (LNG tankers require escort by gunship when they enter a harbor, for example.)  And, third, when it is revaporized upon arrival on the far shore of the ocean, flare stacks are required, which are highly polluting.
All of these dangers and more are described in a one-page fact sheet on LNG, which Americans Against Fracking has just released.  This fact sheet is fully referenced, can be printed out, and has space for you to add your own group’s name.  We hope you will find it useful.