The ‘F’ word is not a dirty one in North West = A pro regulator

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The ‘F’ word is not a dirty one in North West

Dr Ruairi Hanley refuses to accept that Ireland cannot get its act together on fracking

Dr Ruari Hanley

Dr Ruairi Hanley believes that with proper safeguards and regulation, fracking could hold massive potential for the hard-hit regions of Leitrim, West Cavan and Fermanagh
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Sinn Fein – position on fracking and the EPA stop the study

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Research stopped after local concerns

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Trojan horse – Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May

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Motion from Cllr Mary Bohan, FF, at a meeting today (Mon, 11th of May) of Leitrim County Council at 11am in Bredagh Old Schoolhouse, Carrigallen, is in conflict with the ban on UGEE in the Leitrim County Development Plan and the recently stated policy

‘The motion should be withdrawn completely at this stage. The first part of the motion, despite being factually correct, is being used as a Trojan horse in order to get the second part through.’

Councillor Mary Bohan, Fianna Fáil, motion on the Agenda of a meeting of Leitrim County Council on Monday, 11th of May at 11am in Bredagh Old School, adjacent to Carrigallen Church of Ireland, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim:

I propose

(a) vote of no confidence in CDM Consortium of researchers appointed by the EPA to carry out the research in relation to fracking.

(b) I further call that Leitrim County Council calls on the Minister of Health and the Taoiseach in the interests of public health to have this research carried out by the Department of Health Chief Medical Officer.

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Leitrim County Development Plan 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 2 1

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L E I T R I M  C O U N T Y  D E V E L O P M E N T  P L A N  2 0 1 5 – 2 0 2 1
L E I T R I M  C O U N T Y  C O U N C I L
(Pages 202, 203 & 204)

OFFICIAL: Fracking now banned in Leitrim

Leitrim County Council is aware of oil and gas prospecting interests within the Leitrim County area and its surrounds41, in particular proposals for unconventional oil/gas exploration and extraction42  projects/operations. It is a strategic goal of the County Development Plan to adopt the ‘precautionary principle’43 in respect of development where significant environmental implications are involved.   Further to this, the Council wishes to safeguard and nurture the unspoilt/green image and reputation of Leitrim and the health of its present and future communities, centred on the rural characteristics of the County, agricultural activity, the landscape and its environmentally sensitive lands and water bodies – both surface and groundwater.
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Sinn Fein – Conference – Enniskillen – Fifty grades of clay and other fiction.

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Fifty grades of clay and other fiction.

Just back from the Sinn Fein Fracking Conference at the Lough Erne Hotel in Fermanagh.. well if its good enough for Putin , Cameron and the rest of the G8 then it’ll be as we say in Fermanagh – grand job.

One of the key messages for me was from Professor Ingraffea who said we must not look at ‘fracking’ but describe this industry in terms of conventional or unconventional, and that ANY well that targets unconventional (tight) reservoirs is an unconventional well. Indeed this is industry parlance.  Unconventional wells are those which target Shales, tight sandstones and also coals (Coal bed methane). Continue reading

Potentially gas-rich Leitrim lead fracking opposition

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Potentially gas-rich Leitrim lead fracking opposition

With Wales and Scotland voting in favour of a moratorium on the practice of fracking, residents of Leitrim have signalled their intention to stop the gas extraction method from coming to Ireland.

10/02/2015: Leitrim councillors vote against fracking. Significant opposition to the gas extraction method

All of Leitrim’s county councillors have voted against using fracking as a means to extract gas. ©UTV Ireland

Several counties including Clare, Cavan, Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim and Fermanagh have been identified as possible places where gas might be found.

 Leitrim is regarded as one of the most promising locations for fracking, and the county’s geology could mean big reserves of shale gas in the region.

But residents of Leitrim are also leading the fight against the gas extraction process in Ireland.

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Leitrim’s County Development Plan adopted containing much sought-after fracking ban

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Leitrim’s County Development Plan adopted containing much sought-after fracking ban –

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Leitrim County CouncilLeitrim’s County Development Plan has been adopted containing the much sought-after fracking ban agreed by councillors last year.

However, a number of material alterations or slight changes were agreed at the recent meeting of the county council.

The County Development Plan was adopted last Monday by members of Leitrim County Council.

It sets out how the planning process in Leitrim will work over the next six years.

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