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This Explanatory Memorandum refers to the Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002 (N.I. 7)


2002 No. 3153 (N.I. 7)




1.     This Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002 (the Order) was made on 17 December 2002.


2.     The purpose of the Order is to:

    (a)     provide a statutory framework to enable transposition of the requirements of EC Directives 96/61 on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (the IPPC Directive) and 96/62 on Ambient Air Quality Assessment and Management;
    (b)     make additional provision for the prevention and control of environmental pollution; and
    (c)     introduce measures to allow for the better protection and management of Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs).

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Guidance for Licensees – PL2/10 Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd (relevant to Infrastrata

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Guidance for Licensees – PL2/10 Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd  (relevant to Infrastrata)

PL2/10 Tamboran Resources Pty Ltd
Guidance for Licensees
The following guidance is issued by Minerals and Petroleum Branch (MAPB), DETI, to assist petroleum licensees in the planning and operation of exploration activities on their licence. Some of the guidance arises from the responses to a consultation exercise carried out by MAPB after the initial offer of the licence. It should not be considered to be exhaustive but indicates the main responsibilities of the Licensee when planning and undertaking work on their licence.

UK government’s fracking definition ‘could allow drilling without safeguards’

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For anyone who claims Infrastrata are not going to be using fracking at the Woodburn site – read the article below.

I have asked Eoin O Broin of Sinn Fein to get his party to question Infrastrata over the details (discussed in the article below) in regard to the many hows surrounding the type of drilling operation Infrastrata intend to use at Woodburn.

I also stated to Eoin O’Broin that SF have had long enough to decide which side they are on when it comes to Infrastrata’s drill at Woodburn and until SF take real action to stop Infrastrata and come out publicly with a party statement outlining this course of action & calling for Infrastrata’s operation to be shut down – until then the reality is that SF are not on the side of the ‪#‎stopthedrill‬ campaign.

Whether or not Infrastrata intend to use fracking (many of us believe they will) does not dictate whether or not this drill should go ahead – the drilling at Woodburn should not proceed for many reasons – top of that list is obviously water protection.

In the past I recommended to those involved in the campaign in Antrim to get a geologist on board to look at the area Infrastrata wish to drill – this info will lead to a greater understanding of the whole area, what sort of drilling would be needed, what sort of deposits are there (ie oil, radium, uranium, lead, other heavy metals etc etc…)

Also Tellus a cross border geophysical data survey was conducted throughout this island a couple of years ago – if the #stopthedrill campaign has enough money from fundraising (if not we could raise more) they could get the geological data available from Tellus which would answer many questions that still remain about this area ie the oil deposits and type and extent if drilling needed to extract it.

If you’re involved in SF or a supporter of theirs you might want to start getting some answers from them asap.

uk fracking def

Leading geologist warns loophole in government’s legal definition of fracking could enable companies to bypass safety precautions

The UK government has been accused of including a large loophole in its legal definition of fracking which could enable companies to bypass safety regulations, according to a leading geologist.

In rules that came into force on 6 April, fracking is defined by the amount of high-pressure fluid used to fracture shale rocks and release gas or oil. However, the only well fracked in the UK so far, which caused small earthquakes near Blackpool in 2011, would not qualify as fracking under the definition.

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Stop the drill – court victory

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Statement from Stop The Drill following Belfast High Court hearing.

A massive victory for the campaign today in the High Court! Stop The Drill are delighted that the judge ruled in favour of the concerned local resident and granted leave that the Judicial Review can proceed.

Infrastrata’s barrister Stewart Beattie stated that the company will go bankrupt if the drill is stopped until Mid and East Antrim Council make a decision on enforcement. This is a company that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) confirmed two days ago as financially sound.
Anne Donaghy’s affidavit to the court was refused -so it was! Greg Jones QC for the applicant was vehement in his condemnation of how the Council have acted. He said ‘How long does it take for this authority to figure out that there have been changes made to the access? It beggars belief. The conduct of Mid and East Antrim Council falls below the required professional standards’.
He was heavily critical of RPS (Infrastrata’s consultants) reports citing numerous inconsistencies between the original reports and what is actually happening on the ground.

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No Motion passed to ban Fracking in Sligo County Development Plan

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Declan Bree motion

Fracking Free Ireland did attend the meeting with campaigners from some groups. Here a short impression and a short article/podcast on ocean fm.

Declan Bree motion 2

The motion from Cllr Declan Bree to insert a ban on fracking in the Sligo Development Plan was defeated by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail councillors at today’s Council meeting.

The councillors, including Clr Eamon Scanlon, Clr Tom Mc Sharry and Clr Dara Mulvey, voted against Cllr Bree’s proposal to include the ban against fracking in the development Plan.

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“This past week, American firm Schuepbach lost its legal action against the French state to be allowed to frack for shale in Southern France.

The Texas-based oil company had sued the French state for years over the abrogation of two permits in Southern France–the licences of Nant and Villeneuve-de-Berg–which were granted before the country’s anti-fracking law passed in 2011. The permits were repealed soon after.

The administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise in the Paris area rejected the appeal of the American company on December 22, two weeks after the court heard the case

A campaigner comments:

and now we are waiting for the decision of the administrative court of Cergy-Pontoise for the firm Total which have deposed also a legal action to frack in Southern France, we’ll have it around the 15th of january
the drama is not over ….


Ruling: France Will Remain Fracking Free

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Climate campaigners win court case against Dutch government

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Judges rule the Netherlands should deepen emissions cuts to at least 25% by 2020, in landmark legal decision
…The low-lying country, which is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise, should slash emissions 25% from 1990 levels by 2020 under the ruling. The state was aiming for 17% and campaigners argued it should be up to 40%, in line with science. Europe-wide, the target is a 20% reduction.

The verdict read: “The State must do more to avert the imminent danger caused by climate change, also in view of its duty of care to protect and improve the living environment. The State is responsible for effectively controlling the Dutch emission levels. …”
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Access to Courts in Environmental Matters Legal Standing of NGOs

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