New Report: Ineos Chequered Environmental Track Record in Europe

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The Awful Environmental Record of Ineos Disqualifies Fracking Ambitions
New Report Takes Hard Look at Chemical Giant’s Trail of Pollution
The petrochemical company Ineos is transforming into a dominant UK fossil fuel firm with oil and gas extraction, storage, processing and pipeline assets. But it
WASHINGTON, DC/BRUSSELS—Facilities owned by the massive chemical corporation Ineos are responsible for scores of serious health and safety violations across the globe, a troubling record that should move United Kingdom leaders to slam the brakes on the company’s push to begin fracking in the United Kingdom. Ineos has never drilled a commercial gas or oil well, and its indifferent safety record in chemical plants justifies blocking its foray into fracking.

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Revealed: Scottish ministers’ meetings with fracking firm who ships LNG from US

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Revealed: Scottish ministers’ meetings with fracking firm

Senior Scottish ministers have held private meetings with the fracking firm Ineos and Grangemouth executives from China five times in 13 months, The Ferret can reveal.

Briefings released by the Scottish Government under freedom of information law show that in 2016 the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe and Chinese businessmen who are involved in helping to run the Grangemouth refinery.

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Ineos plan to increase capacity at Grangemouth site

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Petrochemical Expansion in Europe Means More Fracking in the United States
See what this means for the local population:

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Ineos plan to increase capacity at Grangemouth site (Financial Times)

Petrochemical giant Ineos intends to increase the ethylene capacity of its cracker facilities at Grangemouth to over one million tonnes per year. Continue reading

Recommendations – LNG – Plastic

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Ineos – shale gas ( liquid gas) from the US to Norway and later to the UK

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The first US shale gas sailed into Europe bringing controversy in its wake.

Ineos, the chemical group, said that its own gas carrier arrived in Norway on Wednesday with 27,500 cubic metres of American ethane on board. Shipments to Ineos’s UK refinery at Grangemouth are scheduled to start later this year.
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INEOS to acquire significant share of key IGas North-West shale gas assets.

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NEOS to acquire significant share of key IGas North-West shale gas assets.

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SCOTLAND – Ineos to invest £640m in UK shale gas exploration + MAP

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Grangemouth Ineos has made no secret of its interest in shale gas
Chemicals giant Ineos has announced plans to invest up to £640m in shale gas exploration in the UK.

The company plans to use the gas as a raw material for its chemicals plants, including Grangemouth in Stirlingshire. Continue reading