Fracked Gas from the US to Europe – statement Wenonah Hauter

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June 14th, 2017

Petrochemical Expansion in Europe Means More Fracking in the United States

Ineos plans to build new plant to handle more fracked gas shipped across the Atlantic

Brussels: – 14 June, 2017 — The Financial Times reports that European energy giant INEOS announced plans to build a new petrochemical plant that uses fracked gas from the United States as a feedstock for producing propylene, a raw material used in making plastics. The company relies on its new fleet of “dragon ships” to act as a virtual pipeline, shipping gas liquids across the Atlantic Ocean.

In response, Food & Water Europe executive director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:
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How Shale Is Becoming The Dot-Com Bubble Of The 21st Century

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Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas Wells Now Top Polluters

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A sad record … Big Oil & Gas now dump more methane in the atmosphere than the whole American cattle industry combined.

And that is probably severely underestimating the size of the problem.

Aquifer Exemptions

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clean water

Did you know that there is a portion of the Safe Drinking Water Act that exempts oil and gas companies from certain provisions of the law? It allows them to pump directly into our once protected auqifers which greatly affects our drinking water. Check out Clean Water Action’s full report on “The Aquifer Exemption.” Continue reading

Kerry in line to connect to gas grid + EU gas grid projects

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Gas grid pdf: 2013_pci_projects_country

Comment by an international campaigner
We need to stop any extension of the gas grid and any investment in gas infrastructure. The European Commission provides funding for energy infrastructure projects, many of which lock us into a fossil-fuelled future.

See list of projects here:…/infrastructure/pci/doc/2013_pci_proje…

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Natural gas a bridge to nowhere, study finds

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A study published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters found that switching from coal to natural gas would not significantly lower the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.

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Take Action – definition of minerals…

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mineralsCanvass Leitrim and Fermanagh Local Representatives to initiate legal action against Tamboran with regard to Belcoo Drilling

We need your help. Please consider sending mails or making calls to local politicians in Fermanagh and Leitrim about this.

Participants in the No Fracking Ireland network are calling on Leitrim County Council to jointly or individually to immediately apply to the NI courts for an urgent injunction to stop Tamboran from drilling at Belcoo Quarry. We call on them to do so on two bases. 1. Clear failure to consult with communities in Fermanagh and Leitrim and 2. Tamboran’s abuse of a loophole in the Planning Regulations wrt operations in Quarries. A borehole is not the same thing as a ‘mine’. Continue reading