The Folly of Permitted Development

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The Folly of Permitted Development

I’ve just requested some information from the PSNI. I requested they forward the map/site plan/diagrams and other information used by them to determine which parts of the Infrastrata project are shared access and which are sole access to Infrastrata.  This is one of dozens of requests for information I have made over the last number of years to various Government Departments in relation to Woodburn.

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The false promise of fracking and local jobs

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  1. Susan Christopherson

    Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University

Disclosure Statement

Susan Christopherson receives funding from The Heinz Endowment

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The Descent – A Cautionary Short Story About Fracking

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The Descent – A Cautionary Short Story About Fracking

All characters appearing in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or awaiting judgement in heaven, is purely coincidental.

Father Jack Fracket surveyed the wintry scene from a distance. He checked his  Timex “Celestial TimeMaster” watch – it was 2:30 pm on January 16th 2020 and he had not long since left the deathbed of Mrs Elsie Thornton – known to the world as Auntie Elsie. Elsie had survived the fuel poverty she had suffered as a result of  successive UK government’s inept handling of energy policy, but her long slow death from cancer had been hard for her family. Father Jack,  who had always been an ardent supporter of fracking, felt a special responsibility and a gnawing guilt for her suffering.  Elsie’s doctor had laid the blame squarely on the pollution from the fracking wells which had been drilled just 100 yards from her home 4 years before, and even in her last days, as she faded away in her bed at home, she had had little peace as the 40 lateral pad was still in noisy operation all the day and all of the night.

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Are they fracking for gold?

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by Zen Gardner  21 March 2014

This is revelatory. Not only could it co-explain the voracious fracking campaign being waged on the planet, but perhaps even the utilization of HAARP-type technology to create earthquakes in many parts of the world.

It would make a lot of sense. That our planet is being “undermined” is no secret. The wanton destruction of our home is unfathomable. While oil and gas extraction appears to be the primary goal of fracking, this research tells us somewhat of a different, potential reason.

See for yourself if this doesn’t make you wonder:

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Tamboran Resourse (PTY, UK, Ltd) – Time to go home!!

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It’s Time for Tamboran to Leave Ireland for Good

Tamboran’s Regional Director Terminated, Conflict of Interest Noted, and Tamboran Allots Shares and Debentures: Are They in Trouble?
Go Home Tamboran (pdf)

Polly Wolf*

In the Courts of Justice in Belfast on the 24th of October, I went forward, gaining dispensation to take notes in the courtroom to report on the Tamboran judicial review process.
What surprised me in this was the total lack of transparency. The entire hearing over in just a few minutes with a few mumbled and incoherent words, the case adjourned, and none the wiser to the intentions of either party, the DETI and Tamboran; the overwhelming feeling was one of much work having gone on behind closed doors and not in the public eye.
Am I mistaken in believing that there should have been some banter? Am I wrong in assuming that at the very least each side would have verbalised its stance and perhaps even interacted?
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TTIP – Brief history of corporate plunder

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Why Fracking Ireland is Different – interview Leah Doherty

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leah interview

Why Fracking Ireland Is Different

Posted: Updated:
Whether you are pro- or anti-fracking, consider that some places on the planet may be worse places than others to use the new technology to extract natural gas.

The debate about this controversial topic is really heating up in Ireland now — a place where activists say it would be particularly dangerous to drill as it is full of aquifers. I interviewed Leah Doherty of No Fracking Ireland to better understand what people are worried about on the Emerald Isle.
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Fracking who calls the shots?

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Fracking: who calls the shots?

“If I lived within half a mile of a well that is being fracked, I would move. I’d sooner live in a tent”
Michael Hill, Oil and gas engineer and advisor to EU Commission, speaking at a public meeting in Bushmills, Co. Antrim on 28 May 2014.


Is there much more to be said about fracking?

Well it would seem so. Arlene Foster Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Stormont and MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone has described fracking as a potential “game changer” and opposition to fracking as “scaremongering” and causing “fear in the community”. Ms Foster has also stated that people must make up their own minds “with the full evidence in front of them” (Fermanagh Herald 23 January 2014). Continue reading