Fracked Gas from the US to Europe – statement Wenonah Hauter

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June 14th, 2017

Petrochemical Expansion in Europe Means More Fracking in the United States

Ineos plans to build new plant to handle more fracked gas shipped across the Atlantic

Brussels: – 14 June, 2017 — The Financial Times reports that European energy giant INEOS announced plans to build a new petrochemical plant that uses fracked gas from the United States as a feedstock for producing propylene, a raw material used in making plastics. The company relies on its new fleet of “dragon ships” to act as a virtual pipeline, shipping gas liquids across the Atlantic Ocean.

In response, Food & Water Europe executive director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:
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Fracking Free Ireland did visit the launch of the Fracopoly book in Enniskillen. It was nice to meet (again) campaigners from Food and Water Europe and got updated about the campaign in the US. (Love Leitrim and FFAN (Fermanagh fracking awareness network did give an overview of the campaign) Continue reading

Ban in NY – Moratorium in Quebec – various reports

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BAN  in NY and MORATORIUM  in Quebec –
Food and Water Europe reports:
Both the provincial government of Quebec and the state of New York rules out fracking, after having implemented separate reviews of the environmental impacts of fracking.

They happened to make their decision public around the same time and come to the same decision: A ban in NY and an indefinite moratorium on fracking in Quebec. Continue reading