Fracking Matters Newsletter- Back the Bill

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Fracking Matters Newsletter

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FMNFracking Matters Newsletter  – elections 2016 trust and truth

22 Feb 2016

Fracking Matters Newsletter – issue 154

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Fracking Matters Newsletter – 3-15-154



Fracking Matters Newsletter – issue 153

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Fracking Matters Newsletter – 2-15 (153)

In this newsletter:

• Fracking is still looming over Ireland. The republic doesn’t have a moratorium, and is awaiting the outcome of the EPA report in 2016 and …Northern Ireland is under severe threat . Grab your chance and get informed! Conference on 20 Feb. (see below)
• moratorium in Scotland,  Wales is on the way… or waiting …
• ‘ (Almost) Green light’  for fracking in Germany
• The Dutch are fed up with earthquakes (due to CONVENTIONAL  gas extraction) – great must watch infographic
• updates on the infrastructure bill.      BREAKING:  the bill is enacted!
• industrialisation/mining in Donegal?? – submit before 16 Feb!!
• Shale Gas Bulletin Ireland – update on reports
• Shale Gas policy in Europe

Don’t read only – get involved!
“The German example illustrates perfectly how regulations lead to a very slippery slope to permitting fracking. Certainly a lesson to us in Ireland where we will be demanding nothing less than an outright ban and will resist any attempt by our government to regulate what is an unregulatable industry”

(a campaigner)

Almost daily update on the website Fracking Free Ireland and Facebook