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Fracking would bring only 10 jobs to Fermanagh, expert tells conference

Speaking at the conference, Martina Anderson gave her ‘absolute guarantee’ Sinn Fein will block fracking here – See more at:
THE MESSAGE FROM the anti-fracking conference last Friday was clear – fracking will be blocked, should attempts be made to introduce it in Fermanagh. – See more at:

HE MESSAGE FROM the anti-fracking conference last Friday was clear – fracking will be blocked, should attempts be made to introduce it in Fermanagh.

Organised by Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson, the event was held on Friday in the Lough Erne Resort,  and was chaired by Sinn Fein  MP Michelle Gildernew.

Speakers on the day included, Gary McFarlane, director of the  Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Dr Brenna O’Roarty a member of Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network, Professor Tony Ingraffea from Cornell University and keynote speaker Andy Gheorghiu, the author of the Friends of the Earth Fracking Frenzy report.

Speaking at the conference, Martina Anderson gave her ‘absolute guarantee’ Sinn Fein will block fracking here. To rapturous applause she stated the party would use its voting strength in the executive to block it and not change Fermanagh from  “forty shades of green to fifty shades of grey”.

In her address Dr Brenna O’Roarty, a member of Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network and economic analyst, poured cold water on claims fracking would bring economic benefits to the county.

In her report weighing up the economic benefits she claimed fracking would not bring 600 jobs rather “a maximum of maybe 10 jobs long-term” and said initial figures the process could bring £6.7billion were ‘really shaky’.

She highlighted the impact on roads and claimed that due to increased traffic, it reduces life-cycle of roads by 75%.

She also stressed her concern the process would have on Fermanagh’s two key industries; agriculture and tourism.

Speaking after the conference Michelle Gildernew was delighted with the success of the conference.

“We had a range of different experts in the fields of the environment, economics, tourism, agriculture, health and hydrology, many of whom were Fermanagh natives.

“Ms Gildernew continued: “Fracking is not the answer to the needs of Fermanagh, or anywhere in Ireland for that matter. A basic human right is the right to clean water, clear air and a clean environment to raise our children in.”

She added: “The outcome of the discussions today has strengthened our opposition to any form of fracking and we will continue to work with the community to ensure their opposition to fracking is listened to. If we are all active together, we can change anything.”

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Conference Sinn Fein Enniskillen – video report

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conference sinn feinPublished on 24 Feb 2015

A major conference on the impact of Fracking hosted by Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson and chaired by Fermanagh/South Tyrone MP Michelle Gildernew at the Lough Erne resort in County Fermanagh heard speaker after speaker call for an outright ban or moratorium on Fracking across Ireland.

The packed conference heard from leading experts across many fields including health, environment, economics and agriculture outline their concerns and fears regarding hydraulic fracturing of shale gas not just for society today but for future generations.

Conference Enniskillen – Tony Ingraffea

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Tony Ingraffea from was stunned to hear of NI Water lease and drill so close to water supply #NotForShale #Not4Shale
More on this soon! Protect our water supply! Stop the Drill North Belfast.

Sinn Fein – Conference – Enniskillen – Fifty grades of clay and other fiction.

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Fifty grades of clay and other fiction.

Just back from the Sinn Fein Fracking Conference at the Lough Erne Hotel in Fermanagh.. well if its good enough for Putin , Cameron and the rest of the G8 then it’ll be as we say in Fermanagh – grand job.

One of the key messages for me was from Professor Ingraffea who said we must not look at ‘fracking’ but describe this industry in terms of conventional or unconventional, and that ANY well that targets unconventional (tight) reservoirs is an unconventional well. Indeed this is industry parlance.  Unconventional wells are those which target Shales, tight sandstones and also coals (Coal bed methane). Continue reading

Sinn Fein conference – Enniskillen – Presentation from Germany

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Download the pdf

conference sinn fein, enniskillen – tamboran and jobs

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Only nine long-term jobs would be created by fracking, conference hears

AN anti-fracking conference is underway in the Lough Erne Resort today. Organised by Martina Anderson MEP and Fermanagh South Tyrone MP Michelle Gildernew, the conference will hear from party leader Gerry Adams this afternoon.

Dr. Brenna O’Roarty addressing an anti-fracking conference organised by Sinn Fein in the Lough Erne Resrot today.

The conference heard claims from an economic analyst, that only nine full time jobs would be created locally by the company, based on their business plan.

Continue reading

Public meeting in County Fermanagh

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Hundreds of people have attended a public meeting to discuss fracking in County Fermanagh.
Tamboran Resources wants to explore for shale gas by drilling an exploratory borehole at a quarry near Belcoo.
Protesters against the controversial fracking technique have been holding a vigil at the quarry.
The meeting was attended by representatives from Sinn Féin, the SDLP, Green Party and a local independent councillor. Continue reading

Updated – Enniskillen fracking protest in video, audio and pictures

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Impartial spoke to Councillors as they entered last night’s Environmental Services meeting, where they discussed holding a local referendum on fracking. Continue reading