14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government

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14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government – sound familiar? ‪#‎fracking‬ 2011

As the election squabble sideshow grabs the headlines, ownership of Irish natural resources is being handed over to foreign corporations


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ELECTION HUSTINGS OR HUSTLING ? – Everything is Not Always as it Seems – Especially at Election Time

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promises 2Election Hustings or Hustling 
Read full article by a member of No Fracking Ireland here: Election Hustling,
 ‘Stop the Study’, unraveled, an inside in the role of  GEAI, FG and more…..

Sit down, take your time, GET INFORMED  and read the whole story

Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline
stop the study timeline pdf

The ‘offical’ statement from DCENR according to GEAI
husting or hustling

Election Hustling  pdf
Reply from GEAI: Stop the Study Timeline

Sources, coverage in the media incl. Comments
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Disrupting or revealing the truth?

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Disrupting or revealing the truth?

In Sligo today is stated that campaigners did disrupt the meeting before questions could be asked.

Here some facts.

FFI did attend the meeting. The stop the (EPA) study was addressed. The chair informed the public that there was a meeting in Dec. by GEAI with the ministers , the EPA, with result that the study had been stopped.

Some Irish campaigners have been trying in the past week to get an official statement from the Irish Department of Energy confirming that this study has been stopped as GEAI is claiming. Continue reading

Ocean fm election debate

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ocean fm

OCEAN FM Election debates in Sligo and Donegal

On Tuesday and Wednesday night coming (16th + 17th February) the debates will be held in the The Glasshouse in Sligo with Donegal debates taking place on Thursday 18th in the The Abbey Hotel, Donegal Town.

Protest – Enda Kenny secret meeting

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leah 1Protest at Enda Kenny’s secret election stop off in Leitrim Wednesday Feb 10th

Untitled-Captured-02Interview with Irish Times political correspondent Harry McGee in protest to Enda Kenny’s secret election stop off. Drumshanbo February 10th

Husting – 13 Feb No Fracking Ireland reveals the role of GEAI and FG, their misleading information and ‘deals’ behind closed doors.

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husting 1 11 candidates
Des Guckian  and GerryReynolds did not attend. Declan Bree and Susan O’keeffe attended later

husting 2
Nigel Gallagher:PBP ban fracking, no to austarity, no to water charges

husting 3Declan Bree (IND) , ban fracking in Sligo CDP

husting 5Martin Kenny (SF) Stop the Study:  ‘I shaved this morning, I stopped, but I can start shaving tomorrow again. You can stop something, but you can start again’


leah 1bleah 4landa1
A camapaigner from No Fracking Ireland, revealing the truth about GEAI

Read also reports from GEAI and Love Leitrim (posted also in Sligo today)

HUSTING – Manorhamilton, Beepark, 13 Feb.

No Fracking Ireland reveals the role of GEAI and FG, their misleading information and ‘deals’ behind closed doors.
Martin Kenny (SF) asked for for the DCENR ‘Stop the Study’ statement.
‘I shaved this morning, I stopped, but I start shaving tomorrow again. You can stop something, but you can start it again!

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Political parties – stance on fracking – Pro-fracker parties (despite supporting a ban): FF, FG, Labour

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Below the links to each political party’s manifesto (click on the party name), and what each states, if anything, about fracking.
For overview:http://ow.ly/YlueLstance 1stance 2



I note that, according to an Energy Policy paper published in 2015, 
Fianna Fail is “demanding” a ban on fracking.

I also note that the FF election manifesto contains not a word about

There is some confusion, therefore, about where Fianna Fail actually
stands on the issue of a fracking ban.
( and are supporting a ban on fracking, signed the pledge on the VOTEFRACKFREE website)

How can FF as a party possibly have signed up to a pledge to ban fracking when it hasn’t even mentioned the issue in its manifesto?


Fianna Fáil‘s manifesto contains no mention of fracking, despite having previously stated opposition.

Fine Gael‘s manifesto makes reference to the discredited EPA study which has been discredited so the party is pro-fracking. Fine Gael has facilitated the EPA study and consistently voted in favour of fracking at EU level.

And, Labour, while its manifesto states that it opposes fracking, the party’s actions in government have been pro-fracking because, along with Fine Gael, it has facilitated the EPA study.

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Action Alert – husting in Manorhamilton

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<<Action Alert – come and challenge!>>

(not awaiting the outcome of an EPA report, not getting legal advice, just common sense!!)

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