Stop the drill – court victory

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Statement from Stop The Drill following Belfast High Court hearing.

A massive victory for the campaign today in the High Court! Stop The Drill are delighted that the judge ruled in favour of the concerned local resident and granted leave that the Judicial Review can proceed.

Infrastrata’s barrister Stewart Beattie stated that the company will go bankrupt if the drill is stopped until Mid and East Antrim Council make a decision on enforcement. This is a company that the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) confirmed two days ago as financially sound.
Anne Donaghy’s affidavit to the court was refused -so it was! Greg Jones QC for the applicant was vehement in his condemnation of how the Council have acted. He said ‘How long does it take for this authority to figure out that there have been changes made to the access? It beggars belief. The conduct of Mid and East Antrim Council falls below the required professional standards’.
He was heavily critical of RPS (Infrastrata’s consultants) reports citing numerous inconsistencies between the original reports and what is actually happening on the ground.

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Jessica Ernst – In Supreme Court, a Battle Over Fracking and Citizens’ Rights

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We salute Jessica


Jessica Ernst’s long fight to challenge legislation putting energy regulator above the law reaches top court.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 13 Jan 2016,

After years of legal wrangling, Jessica Ernst and Alberta’s powerful energy regulator finally squared off in the Supreme Court of Canada yesterday.
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Access to Courts in Environmental Matters Legal Standing of NGOs

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Austrian chancellor is threatening lawsuit before the European Court of Justice over EU’s intention to sign the TTIP

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Austrian chancellor speaks against sanctions, and TTIP

In the interview for the Oesterreich, Faymann also warned that Austria could file a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice over EU’s intention to sign the the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the United States.

VIENNA — Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out “in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia,” Austrian media report.

(Beta/AP, file)
(Beta/AP, file)

The Vienna Times reported him as saying that he supports “100 percent” the position of German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier that further sanctions would make the situation worse between Russia and Ukraine.

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STOP TTIP – 819.000 + slight 2% increase of signatures from Ireland – still 5371to go!!//STOP TTIP takes EC to court

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Sign online or download the form – collect signatures – and return to Fracking Free Ireland (addres on the form!)

COME ON IRELAND,  we have to grow faster (2% in the last 2 weeks) We have to reach our quorum before 1 October 2015!!


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Fracking firm call in lawyers for possible court challenge to drilling snub

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tamboran court durkan


Placards placed by protesters on the gates of the former quarry in Belcoo where Tamboran Resources had been proposing to drill an exploratory borehole

By Liam Clarke – 13 August 2014
The Environment Minister could be facing a legal challenge after he decided not to allow a company to start exploring for shale gas.

Mark H Durkan refused to grant Tamboran Resources permission to drill a 750-metre deep exploratory borehole in a former quarry in Belcoo, Co Fermanagh. Continue reading

Court Rules That New York Towns Can Ban Fracking

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Tamboran – court oct 2014

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Tamboran 1tamboran 2

Tamboran leave to apply for JRs to be heard on 9:30  Friday 24th Oct at Royal Courts of Justice