CONSULTATION – Draft ban fracking in Co. Sligo Development plan

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Draft Sligo County Development Plan 2017-2023
Public Consultation from 21st September to 30th November 2016

Following pre-draft consultation in 2015, Sligo County Council has prepared a Draft Development Plan for County Sligo for the period 2017 to 2023. The Draft Plan is now on public display from the 21st September to the 30th November 2016. The Draft Plan can be viewed online at the following link:


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Leitrim County Development Plan 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 2 1

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L E I T R I M  C O U N T Y  D E V E L O P M E N T  P L A N  2 0 1 5 – 2 0 2 1
L E I T R I M  C O U N T Y  C O U N C I L
(Pages 202, 203 & 204)

OFFICIAL: Fracking now banned in Leitrim

Leitrim County Council is aware of oil and gas prospecting interests within the Leitrim County area and its surrounds41, in particular proposals for unconventional oil/gas exploration and extraction42  projects/operations. It is a strategic goal of the County Development Plan to adopt the ‘precautionary principle’43 in respect of development where significant environmental implications are involved.   Further to this, the Council wishes to safeguard and nurture the unspoilt/green image and reputation of Leitrim and the health of its present and future communities, centred on the rural characteristics of the County, agricultural activity, the landscape and its environmentally sensitive lands and water bodies – both surface and groundwater.
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Leitrim County Council calls for end to drilling work by mining firm Tamboran

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it 1 aug

(1 August 2014)

A mining company was accused of “an act of aggression” at an emergency meeting of Leitrim County Council yesterday. Continue reading

Leitrim County Councillors condemn Tamboran’s actions in Belcoo

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Leitrim County Councillors have unanimously condemned Tamboran Resources actions in pre-empting the start of drilling at a quarry in Fermanagh.

Tamboran are proposing to drill samples from the rock in the quarry in Belcoo, which will be sent to the USA for further analysis.

They have already erected security fencing at the quarry on Gandrum Road, Co Fermanagh and have sought a High Court injunction against protestors at the site.

In an emergency meeting called by councillors this morning in Carrick-on-Shannon councillors stressed the need for unity between all parties in the fight against the introduction of hydraulic fracturing both north and south of the border. Continue reading