CETA – email MEP’s NOW ( before Wed 15 Feb)

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All info here: https://stop-ttip.org/cetacheck
Click on the link and contact the MEP’s who haven’t signed the pledge!
Or email:
deirdre.clune@europarl.eu; brian.hayes@europarl.europa.eu; sean.kelly@europarl.europa.eu; mairead.mcguinness@ep.europa.eu; brian.crowley@ep.europa.eu

and  say ” I,……………, (address)……….., hereby ask you not to vote for Ceta on my behalf this Wednesday 15th of February, 2017. ”



TTIP – CETA Ireland 50%

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TTIP-CETA: Ireland: 50% (Slovenia reached its quoraum today)

Signatures by Member States – Stop TTIP
For a European Citizens’ Initiative to be successful, it needs to reach 1,000,000 signatures overall and a minimum amount of signatures (“quorum”) in at least seven EU member states. This map shows how the number of signatures for Stop TTIP…

Site of third gas well in East Yorkshire revealed – Rathlin Energy

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FRACKING FREE IRELAND- Brussels: ‘raise awareness with your MEPs!’
Rathlin Energy is a subsidiary of Canadian-based Connaught Oil & Gas, The EU-Canada (CETA) free trade deal – which needs to be approved by the European Parliament – contains an ISDS clause which would allow any Canadian firm to sue for any losses to its future profits.

As well as resisting attempts by Canadian companies to drill any wells, any opportunity you get, please raise this issue with your MEPs who are expected to vote on CETA sometime next year (no definitive date has yet been set). While everyone is talking about TTIP, CETA is a real Trojan Horse and it has attracted far less media attention. If this deal is approved, it may prove impossible for councils to terminate contracts with any Canadian-based fracking companies so please do all you can to raise greater awareness before it’s too late! Continue reading

Report – Making sense of the CETA

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stop ttiip canada reporthttp://stop-ttip.org/blog/2014/09/30/making-sense-of-the-ceta/



Press Release stop TTIP – court challange

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ttip legalhttp://stop-ttip.org/european-commission-faces-court-challenge-over-trade-talks/ Continue reading

TTIP – CETA: ISDS does not observe the separation of powers

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CETA: ISDS does not observe the separation of powers

Vrijschrift letter to the Members of the European Parliament International Trade committee on investor-to-state arbitration (investor-state dispute settlement, ISDS) in the EU-Canada trade agreement.

On 16 September the Parliament will discuss the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA). We would like to inform you that the investor-to-state arbitration mechanism (ISDS) in the draft agreement does not observe the separation of powers — the foundation of our democracy. In fact, in this draft ISDS is rigged to the advantage of the United States.

In practice the US appoints the president of the World Bank. This president

– is ex officio chairman of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Administrative Council,
– proposes the ICSID secretary-general,
– appoints all three the arbitrators in appeal cases under ICSID rules.

The secretary-general of ICSID

– appoints the third arbitrator if the parties can not agree on the third one,
– will decide on conflicts of interest. (ICSID, articles 5, 10, 38, 52 and Commission, 2014, chapter 10 articles 25.2, 25.3, 25.10 and 41.5, and chapter 15 article 20.2)

The investors will be able to choose the ICSID forum. The president of the World Bank and the secretary-general of ICSID play a role in appointing arbitrators — the ISDS system does not observe the separation of powers. Moreover, these officials have a link with the US, this gives the US an unfair advantage (the US never lost an IDSD case).

This is just one example of the fundamental flaws in the ISDS system. For more see the Statement of Concern published by over 110 scholars (Scholars, 2014) and Vrijschrift (2014).

To protect our democracy it is imperative that CETA does not contain ISDS.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of Stichting Vrijschrift,

Ante Wessels Commission, 2014, CETA

Consolidated text, Version of 1 August 2014 http://power-shift.de/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/CETA-Consolidated-Text-EU_Doc-md259-14_from_TagesschauGermany.pdf ICSID, Convention on the settlement of investment disputes between states and nationals of other states https://icsid.worldbank.org/ICSID/StaticFiles/basicdoc/partA.htm Scholars, 2014, Statement of Concern about Planned Provisions on Investment Protection and Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) https://www.kent.ac.uk/law/isds_treaty_consultation.html Vrijschrift, 2014, Shortcomings in Dutch government study on investor-state arbitration https://people.vrijschrift.org/~ante/ttip/Vrijschrift-Shortcomings-NL-study-ISDS.html

TAKE ACTION NOW! – Ask MEP’s to excempt ISDS from CETA Live Debate 16 Sep

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Essentially, CETA is TTIP by the back door. Like TTIP, it includes a chapter on ISDS, a mechanism which gives privileges to investors by allowing them to sue governments in special offshore tribunals for introducing any regulations likely to upset their future profits, such as a ban on fracking.

A record number of 150,000 citizens responded to the European Commission’s recent consultation on ISDS in TTIP. Yet despite genuine concerns from EU citizens around ISDS, the Commission seems to be paying little heed – and the EU-Canada deal effectively ridicules this consultation. We are therefore calling upon the Commission to put the interests of people before profit and to exempt ISDS from this agreement.

More background info by Young Friends of the Earth below


This Tuesday evening there will be a debate in the European Parliament on CETA, the EU-Canada free trade agreement.

Can you spare a few minutes to contact your MEPs ahead of the debate to let them know how we feel about this deal? You’ll find a template letter and email addresses  BELOW

Template letter pdf :CETA_Draft_EN

The debate is scheduled to take place at around 8pm Strasbourg time (GMT +1) and you can tune in live via the following link: http://bit.ly/1abol95
(If you are experiencing technical problems, try another browser.) If you are on Twitter, please use either of the following hashtags to follow the conversation: #No2ISDSinCETA #No2CETA If you can’t tune in live, don’t worry, there will be a recording available afterwards.Thank you to Joe Mobbs for creating this event at short notice.

ROI  and NI MEPS contact details Continue reading

ECI – TTIP – ISDS : explained and Dutch opinion

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The ECI was also mentioned yesterday in the Dutch parliament.
That was trigger by an op-ed some of the Dutch NGOs had in the Dutch daily the Volkskrant [ http://bit.ly/1qLO1Do ]
If you understand Dutch you can listen to the responds to the question of members of parliament what the minister thinks about the ECI here [ http://bit.ly/1ssUipa ]. For this start the audio[1] at 27:40.
In brief : the minister stated that she support any initiative (no matter who started it) to discuss what should be in such agreements like TTIP.
Our minister for trade is also the minister for development cooperation (both ministries have been merged) and is a strong supporter of TTIP
Continue reading