ELECTION HUSTINGS OR HUSTLING ? Everything Is Not Always As it Seems Especially At Election Time (2)

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Many of us are tired at the lack of transparency and the political deals that some in the antifracking campaign have been involved in over the last number of years. We know that there are many good, genuine hard working people in these groups that are at times being led by some with very close ties to Fine Gael hence the government. I am not saying all that has been done by these groups has been damaging far from it, I commend much of the work. But at times and more importantly at critical times many of us feel things were not done for the benefit of the campaign but instead to facilitate politicians and or the government. If others in the campaign had done such things there would have been uproar, but this is all history now. What is not history is the fact that we are about to have a general election.

Many of us feel that unless there is real political change in this country we will never get a ban on fracking. I haven’t met anyone who has been clued into this campaign or Irish politics who really believes Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour would actually ban fracking. This is why many of us believe the key to getting a ban on fracking in Ireland is to have as many politicians elected to Dail Eireann who together with our campaign will force whatever government is in place to ban fracking.

That why many of us in this campaign are not seeking promises from politicians or parties that noone can believe in, but we are asking people to support a movement of change and those politicians who are committed to this movement, Right2Change. Many may disagree with us on the points I have just made and that is fine. I understand that for many, if you have not been on the ground, here in the northwest and only following this campaign online you are probably not aware of why I and others feel this way, we have not written about or documented many of the things that have gone on in this campaign. For anyone who is interested I have tried to explain mine and many others who share the same feelings on these issues in more detail below.

Leah Doherty

(1 of No Fracking Ireland Network)

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Tamboran Resourse (PTY, UK, Ltd) – Time to go home!!

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It’s Time for Tamboran to Leave Ireland for Good

Tamboran’s Regional Director Terminated, Conflict of Interest Noted, and Tamboran Allots Shares and Debentures: Are They in Trouble?
Go Home Tamboran (pdf)

Polly Wolf*

In the Courts of Justice in Belfast on the 24th of October, I went forward, gaining dispensation to take notes in the courtroom to report on the Tamboran judicial review process.
What surprised me in this was the total lack of transparency. The entire hearing over in just a few minutes with a few mumbled and incoherent words, the case adjourned, and none the wiser to the intentions of either party, the DETI and Tamboran; the overwhelming feeling was one of much work having gone on behind closed doors and not in the public eye.
Am I mistaken in believing that there should have been some banter? Am I wrong in assuming that at the very least each side would have verbalised its stance and perhaps even interacted?
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