Global Frack Down Day – Album and Recap

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Global Frack Down

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Thousands of people participated in Saturday’s Global Frackdown calling for a worldwide ban on fracking. With more than 250 events in more than a dozen countries, anti-fracking activists united with the message: no to fossil fuels, yes to clean, renewable energy.

“Across the globe a powerful movement is emerging that rejects policies incentivizing fracked natural gas as a bridge fuel to a sustainable future. Any initiative claiming to promote sustainable energy for all must stimulate energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, not foster fracking for oil and gas,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. Continue reading

Global Frack Down Day/ Stop TTIP – All Ireland events

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We grabbed the good vibes in Dublin!

By coincidence the Global Frack Down Day happened to be organised on the same date as the Right 2 Water March, Staurday 11 October 2014
Gardai estimated that up to 100,000 people attended the Right 2 Water march in Dublin that day. People from all over the country came to protest against the privatisation of our water.

Pics from Dublin

Pics from Ireland

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Tamboran – court oct 2014

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Tamboran 1tamboran 2

Tamboran leave to apply for JRs to be heard on 9:30  Friday 24th Oct at Royal Courts of Justice