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Frack off

With the arrival of Cuadrilla Resources’ fracking rig on Rathlin Energy’s site at West Newton in East Yorkshire the battle over the region’s future has ratcheted up a gear. Rathlin drilled two wells in the area last summer, ostensibly targeting conventional oil. However, the wells were drilled considerably deeper than was strictly necessary, allowing them to take core samples of the Bowland Shale. More recently when Rathlin submitted an application for environmental permits to do testing on the wells, it was exposed that it intends to carry out so-called “mini-falloff tests” on the Bowland Shale in the two wells.

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Fracking may be coming to the land near you... –

Fracking industry must prove current access system doesn’t work

Fracking ‘bribe’ will be opposed –

Campaigners prepared to fight fracking in forest –

Fracking In Southern England Becoming Political Headache For Tories

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Local groups in Ireland and Britain

From March 28th 2014 the frack dealers that run this country could be forcing through a swathe of drilling licenses that would affect every single one of us – potentially causing irrevocable damage to our health and our wild ecology. Are we really going to let them get away with it?

Rathlin Energy, who has previously appeared to be just exploring for conventional oil and gas, is trying to sneak through plans to begin fracking at 2 sites 10 miles from Hull, East Yorkshire. Two “conventional” wells were drilled last summer which also go deeper than their conventional targets, to core sample the Bowland Shale.

Now Rathlin want to return to the wells to do more testing and is applying for Environment Agency permits (Mining Waste Operations and Radioactive Substances Activity) that would allow it to conduct two ‘mini-fracs’, producing 100,000 gallons of radioactive waste and flaring 5 million cubic feet of gas per day.

For more information see the article here:

Storms, floods and now an EARTHQUAKE! South West rocked by biggest UK tremor in six years


The UK Response to Climate Change
Scientific information and debate in the Parliament, BBC info re. Climate change

Aggravated trespass on public footpath?


Star date: 15th February 2014

Barton Moss Road declared public footpath!!!!
February 13, 2014

A court has ruled that Barton Moss Road  has been legally confirmed as a public footpath!!

Salford Online;

Salford Star;



Cuadrilla have announced two new sites to be fracked in the North West of England this year. These are Roseacre wood and Little Plumpton  (4 Feb. 2014)


Latest research shows that fewer than one in four people support fracking in the UK

Fracking BRIBES announced by MP Micheal Fallon

It’s not Cameron’s decision, it’s mine, says Durkan (30 Jan)

Emails reveal UK helped shale gas industry manage fracking opposition
Government officials accused of cheerleading for fracking by sharing ‘lines to take’ and meeting for post-dinner drinks (17 Jan)

Caroline Lucas MP:
“This is yet more evidence of the creepily cosy relationship between Decc and big energy. Apparently it’s not enough to give fracking companies generous tax breaks, the government also has to help them with their PR. Instead of cheerleading for fracking, the government should be working with community and renewable energy to move us towards a low carbon future.”
Latest research shows that fewer than one in four people support fracking in the UK

The full report ‘Public perceptions of shale gas in the UK – January 2014’ can be downloaded here.

Ministers have ‘failed to convince the public’ over fracking, Owen Paterson admits
Environment secretary says he wants to see shale gas exploited “all over rural parts of the UK” but admits “there is a large problem with public opinion”

(…) “There is a large problem with public opinion, where those who are opposed have made all the running…. frankly, we are behind the curve. (…)
Reporter: international campaigner:

It seems that EU Commission recommendations puts some companies at work:
Cuadrilla Resources should have to request new permits to dispose radioactive wastewater.

“…According to a leading expert, the Environment Agency will not grant the special licences until it is satisfied a disposal route is available for the by-product of fracking, radioactive wastewater.
The radiation, which occurs naturally, is low level, but attracts stringent waste management rules.
Radiation waste advisor Dr Trevor Jones told Inside Out significant investment was likely to be needed before that happens, meaning plans for fracking across the UK could be delayed.
However, Cuadrilla said a report published by The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) stated the UK already has facilities in place to tackle the issue.
The spokesman added: “We welcome the report published this month by CIWEM, which states the UK already has the required treatment facilities to deal with the limited levels of flowback water associated with the current exploration stage.
“We do not envisage any issues with treatment capability or capacity for exploration.”

Caudrilla withdraws applications to frack in Lancashire after encountering problems with radioactive waste disposal

and smtg about down going level of support for shale gas in GB, from 36% last summer, 26,3% in September, to 22,7% this January:

UK shale gas viability check will take five years, says Cuadrilla boss

The only British firm to have used modern fracking methods estimates assessing potential will need drilling of 20 to 40 wells
(…) Browne, (former Chief of BP and not Chairman of Cuadrilla) who is also a government adviser on business (…)

(…)  Tony Bosworth, energy campaigner at Friends of the Earsh, said: “Despite all the government bluster about fracking, the industry still doesn’t know if it’s viable in Britain, and it will take years to find out. And with experts warning it won’t cut fuel bills and will do little to tackle climate change, the coalition’s shale gas enthusiasm is looking increasingly ill-judged.”
He said renewable energy offered a better way to cut emissions: “The solution to our energy challenges is staring us in the face, and we don’t need to wait until the end of the decade. It’s time to abandon the UK’s fossil fuel addiction and invest in energy efficiency and the nation’s world class renewable power potential.”
Cuadrilla has already spent more than £100m on exploration, the company told the Guardian last year, but so far has only fracked at one site. (…)


UK opposition to new EU green energy targets

frackiing could be allowed

Fracking could be allowed under homes in Britain without owners’ knowledge

Report: On shore Onshore_UK_oil_and_gas_exploration_NorthernIreland_Dec13_contents1

Carbon Brief  Weekly 

19th December 2013

Shale surprise

Shale gas is back in the media with the rather strange news that fracking companies may soon be able to drill for gas under homes without owners’ knowledge. The Guardian and Times report ministers have said companies would no longer have to notify people directly about potential gas drilling in their areas, striking fear into the hearts of all who value the freedom to wander about in their underwear without men in hard hats outside the house.

So keen is the prime minister to strip away any barriers to fracking, he has also written to the European Union to warn that new laws to regulate the industry would harm investment.

This news followed the release of a government-commissioned report which said shale gas could generate up to a fifth of the country’s annual gas demand at peak. Much of the media coverage focused on a map showing more or less most of the UK could be licensed for oil and gas exploration in the future. The BBC asks which areas of the country offer the best potential for fracking in a video.

Carbon Brief took a look at the report and found the government doesn’t expect shale gas to bring down emissions, contrary to claims by pro-shale ministers. Meanwhile, the Guardian has taken a longer look at the story of shale gas – and accompanying protests – in the UK.

Fracking companies entitled to licences on more than 60% of British land
Assessment finds major fracking effort would create jobs and income for local communities, but require thousands of wells to be drilled and dozens of daily tanker journeys

The Guardian, Tuesday 17 December 2013 15.57 GMT

Report: 33917-05 DECC SEA Environmental Report FINAL SECURE 16 12 13-2


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The UK Response to Climate Change –
Scientific information and debate in the Parliament, BBC info re. Climate change