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Department of Communications,
Energy and Natural Resources,
29-31 Adelaide Road,
Dublin 2,

Re: Fracking Exploration Licences
Dear Minister Rabbitte,
Thursday February 28th is the deadline date by which gas companies have to submit applications for an exploration licence. Currently two of these companies have applied. If they are granted rights for an exploration licence, there are legitimate concerns that this would pave the way for the introduction of hydraulic fracturing into Ireland.
It is my understanding that the nature of the licensing terms are difficult to rescind if decisions are taken further down the line by you or any subsequent minister to authorise fracking. The granting of the licence may therefore also give companies the opportunity to build their fracking infrastructure for this controversial industry.
In this context I would ask you to delay any decision on this matter until the report you commissioned on the subject, as well as the report expected from the European Commission, have been published and assessed.
Kind regards,
Marian Harkin MEP

Press Release from Marian Harkin – (Microsoft Word – Harkin urges citizens to make your voices heard in EU frac  (20 Decembre 2012)

2011-07-22 – MEPs shale gas – Reply to the letter  of 14 April 2011 signed by Commissioners Potocnik, Oettinger and Hedegaard.(letter not on the web)


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Reply to Pat the Cope Gallagher ref.  letter 4 October – Letter from Commissioner Potocnik.

 No need to adapt EU regulation to shale gas

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http://www.greens-efa.eu/fileadmin/dam/Images/Topics/Energy_and_transport/Letter%20to%20Commissioner%20Oettinger.pdf (30 Jan 2012)

Following Commissioner Oettinger’s statement on Friday that there is no need to adapt EU Regulation to shale gas, a number of European Parliamentarians from the Greens/EFA Group have decided to send an open letter criticising Commissioner Oettinger’s approach.


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Minutes fossil fuels group July 2010 – EUCommissionIndeginousFossilFuelsWorkingGroup20100706_iff_minutes – 6th July2010

Draft agenda fossil fuels forum 24 October 2011. ”Ensuring good practices in indigenous fossil fuels”, i.e. hydraulic fracturing.  20111024_agenda conference in Berlin oct111
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