Fermanagh/NI news + actions (2014 – 2015)

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MORE and updated NI NEWShttp://frackingfreeireland.org/category/northern-ireland-2/



Correspondence with Mr Sammy Wilson, DUP MLA here in Ulster..

Sammy Wilson thinks that the right “already exists” to drill under our
homes here in N.Ireland.


Thank you very much for your email regarding the Infrastructure Bill and the permission which energy companies would have to get to drill under people’s homes.

First of all, could I indicate that this right already exists and  indeed in East Antrim the most obvious example is the Salt Mines at Carrickfergus that go for 3 miles underneath the surface and extracts  salt from the ground under hundreds of homes.

Because fracking would be new to the United Kingdom there is a requirement to change the law to allow this kind of mining, which of course is at a much deeper level, so that we can extract valuable minerals that could help the economy. I believe that it is important
that given our energy deficit in Northern Ireland that the ability to carry out this activity should be available to firms, albeit with the necessary regulation to ensure that there is no damage to theenvironment.

I hope that this explains my position on this issue.

Sammy Wilson MP MLA

Take action – letter to mr. Durkan

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IrishNewsArticle26-7-2014Irish News – Belcoo

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Farmers support community – and more support – Thursday 11 am Leitrim Co. Co. office, C-o-S

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Great turnout in Belcoo this evening, well done to all who braved the weather. Lots of families/kids present with music and warm positive atmosphere and a great response to the farmers with tractors who arrived. Tom White from Belcoo and Eddie Mitchell of Love Leitrim addressed the crowd with a strong emphasis on cooperation of communities, peaceful dignified actions in line with what the community of Belcoo want and people were asked to try and have a presence outside the Leitrim County Council emergency meeting this Thursday at 11am in Carrick on Shannon




Letter of concern http://frackingfreeireland.org/2014/07/26/letter-of-concern-to-ni-politicians-and-reply-from-mark-durkan/


Belcoo – campsite + protest overview

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Fracking has come to IRELAND – starting in the North, the South will follow soon

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It is finally happening!
Source: GEAI          Press release GEAI

Without a Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA) of the proposals for Fracking in Northern Ireland, without Planning Permission, without consultation with residents or, indeed, public representatives, Tamboran Resources are moving in machinary to the Acheson and Glover quarry in Belcoo, County Fermanagh in order to construct a drilling pad and operate a drilling rig as part of their proposal to develop shale gas in Ireland. Continue reading →

protest 1

Fermanagh Protest, the day the Frackers Came, July 21st 2014

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ferm heralda and G

21 July – LETTER Tamboran to locals – Security preparations at Belcoo site

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21 JULY 2014
BBC  news – Tamboran: Fracking company plans ‘exploratory borehole’ in Fermanagh – http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-28401985

Tamboran informationTINFO1

Acheson and Glover comment on Tamboran drilling & released letter

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Read comment  ‘ Co- responsibility ‘ by the Gas man Cometh – http://thegasmancometh.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/co-responsibility/
leitrim obsrver no holestamboran notify

TAMBORAN: permission – ministerial statement- notification

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Tamboran will start drilling soon

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DOE have confirmed today that they have received notification from Tamboran that they wish to carry carry out development under Permitted Development Rights (PDR). The DOE has to screen the notification form/application from Tamboran (carry out an assessment under EIA regulations) to see is the work that Tamboran are proposing to carry out under PDR allowed in the first place, or will they (Tamboran) have to apply for planning permission instead.

Tamboran do not have permission to do anything here at the moment

fermanagh 2

Fracking one step closerhttp://fermanaghherald.com/2014/07/fracking-one-step-closer-claims-environmental-group/  (July 2014)

the gas man cometh 2The day the Gas Company came to townhttp://frackingfreeireland.org/2014/06/13/9550/


The Gasman cometh

Muddled messages from Sinn Feinhttps://thegasmancometh.wordpress.com/2014/05/21/muddled-messages-from-sinn-fein/

Fermanagh MLAs leave names off anti-fracking petition – http://www.sustainableireland.co.uk/
FRACKING company Tamboran say they expect to drill a well in Ireland this summer. The development comes alongside news that no Fermanagh MLAs have signed a petition aimed at getting the Assembly to discuss the company’s licence

mining NI


comment by The Gas Man Comethhttp://thegasmancometh.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/foul-maggots-surreal-share-anag-shale-gas-regulators-forum/


http://fermanaghherald.com/2013/12/anti-frackers-on-red-alert-at-reports-of-start-of-drilling/  (December 2013)


Second anti-fracking group set uphttp://fermanaghherald.com/2013/02/second-anti-fracking-group-set-up/  (Febr. 2014)


New anti fracking chairman claims – http://fermanaghherald.com/2014/02/new-anti-fracking-chairman-claims-company-is-drilling-under-the-radar/   (Febr. 2014)


Elliott question unanswered over fracking benefits for communities

THE Stormont department led by Arlene Foster has been criticised by the Minister’s own DUP colleague, Sammy Wilson, for not holding discussions on bringing forward a cross-department policy on fracking with other government ministers.


http://fermanaghherald.com/2014/04/foster-stands-by-her-fracking-comments-im-not-for-drilling-at-all-costs/  (April 2014)



arlene foster
Exclusive: Arlene Foster speaks on Sinn Fein and why fracking could be a game changer

Reply To Minister Foster on her Fermanagh Herald Article Wed Jan 22
Posted on January 29, 2014 by thegasmancommeth
Minister Foster,
your recent article in the Herald, Wed 22nd January completely omits any mention of the public health issues which surround the new ‘super frack’ or high volume hydraulic fracturing. Could that be to save your DUP colleague the Health Minister, from having to answer awkward questions on the matter I wonder ?
The article also says that those opposed to fracking are ‘scare mongering’. The pro-fracking side cherry pick their pieces too. However I’m going to give you two pieces of scientific information both from UK academics, who believe that Fracturing and Shale gas could be beneficial if properly regulated.
Professor Peter Styles stated at Stormont in 2012 that the Lough Allen basin is too shallow to frack. Professor Richard Davies believes the gap between the target shale and the aquifer should be 1200M; Tamboran’s own diagrams show the max depth of the shale to be around 1200M – too close to the aquifer under Professor Davies rules. There is a higher risk of aquifer contamination in Fermanagh from hydraulic fracturing due to the shallowness of the basin. Indeed the thickness of the shale, reaching nearer the aquifer may also pose a problem given SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) research which concludes that the cement which must seal the well, has difficulty adhering to Shale
full article: https://thegasmancometh.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/reply-to-minister-foster-on-her-fermanagh-herald-article-wed-jan-22/

tamboran fermanagh

http://fermanaghherald.com/2012/12/fracking-company-aims-for-2014-start/  (Dec. 2012)

tamboran fermanagh 2
http://fermanaghherald.com/2011/08/strong-opposition-mounting-to-method-of-gas-exploration/   (2011)

Belfast Newsletter article and comments


Belfast Newsletter

A Campaigner:

This letter in the Belfast Newsletter is OUTRAGEOUS.

It is supported by the UK Department of Energy and Climate, by the Royal Society and by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Durham University, with Cardiff University and the University of Tromso in Norway, have produced a report which said, and I quote, “the likelihood of contamination of drinking water in aquifers due to fractures when there is a separation of more than a kilometre is negligible”.

Dr R Davies, director of Durham’s Energy Institute, has said that as long as the depth is in excess of 0.6km there is little risk.

In one state alone in the US, 2,000 wells have been sunk, with not one case of water contamination.

>>>Which state, I wonder?
In four states, the AP recently found records of contamination…(see Item #3)

The development will also bring down the price of expensive electricity.

>>>Lord Browne (chairman of the UK’s leading shale gas company) says it won’t.

In the US, it has brought down the price of electricity by a half.
>>>No it hasn’t. Not for consumers in any case. Renewable energy is cheaper in some cases. (see Item #3)

>>>Also, US utilities are switching back to coal — even though natural gas is still below production cost price…
https://sites.google.com/site/shalegasbulletinireland/all-previous-issues/issue-no-20—november-15-2013 (Item #2)

Would Mr Oliver deny the people of Northern Ireland this added bonus of cheap electricity when we know that hundreds of elderly people are dying each year because they cannot afford to heat their homes?
>>>Even though natural gas will not make electricity cheaper?
This EU report also says shale gas won’t bring down energy prices: http://europeecologie.eu/IMG/pdf/shale-gas-pe-464-425-final.pdf

As for earth tremors, which were common place with coal mines, they are no greater than a bus passing a house.

Shale gas development requires no tax payers’ subsidies, while wind turbines get £1 billion a year in taxpayers’ subsidies.
>>>Really? http://www.euractiv.com/energy/state-aid-row-engulfs-uk-shale-g-news-532827
>>>And the UK government is going to use taxpayers money to pay communities to accept fracking…and tax incentives for companies…

The chemicals used are exactly the same as used for domestic applications, perfectly safe.

>>>I personally don’t use benzene and toluene around the house…

The derricks used would only be in place for six weeks and then they would be mostly removed, unlike the hideous wind turbines which remain in place for nearly 20 years.

>>>Any idea how long the chemicals stay in the ground, or how when methane and NORMs might stop migrating…?

For economic development essential to bring many out of poverty, shale gas development using fracking is a perfectly safe method which has been in existence since 1940.

>>>Which shows definitively that Terri Jackson doesn’t know the first thing about horizontal high-volume hydraulic fracturing….

Terri Jackson

Retired head of energy course?Belfast Metropolitan College

>>>Incidentally Ms. Jackson seems to be a believer in “global cooling”…

Infrastrata’s recently announced exploratory well in Co. Antrim—to be or not be?
A company called Infrastrata have recently obtained ‘permitted development’ rights to drill an exploratory borehole, in their Larne-Lough Neagh Basin licence area—starting and finishing within a four-month time period sometime between September 2014 and March 2015—but will the project ever get off the ground?
Infrastrata does not yet have:

  • a lease on the land it intends to drill
  • enough investment/funding, and
  • approval from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), the Northern Ireland Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI).


Background info by a campaigner:
The company’s own info/release below
They are doing it under ‘permitted development’ which means they have not actually had to apply for proper/full planning permission. Unfortunately this is allowed under NI’s out of date planning laws…as long as their work will be completed within a four month period.

However, they seem to need investment from a partner in order to do it and they haven’t got one yet….or a lease… or the sign off of a few agencies…I don’t think all is yet lost!
Licence PL1/10, Larne-Lough Neagh Basin
We are pleased to announce that permission has now been confirmed under Permitted Development for the proposed PL1/10 exploration well. Like the P1918 permission it also permits a window for activities on site between September and March. Plans are progressing well towards commencement of site construction on 1 September 2014, so that drilling may also commence in November 2014. In order to drill the well, the Company will consult with a number of stakeholders, including Northern Ireland Environment Agency and Northern Ireland Health and Safety Executive, and obtain consent to drill from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (“DETI”). The Company will also need to complete an agreement for a lease over the land for the wellsite.
Drilling will be subject to completing funding for the well through a farmout process. A dataroom opened in January 2014. The well will target prospective resources estimated by the joint venture at 40 mmboe. Prospective resources of over 450 mmboe have been estimated by the joint venture within the licence area.
It was previously announced in November 2013 that an area offshore Larne-Lough Neagh Basin was offered by DECC to the joint venture as part of the 27th Seaward Licensing Round. Formal award of the licence is expected within the next two months. The joint venture has identified prospective resources of 150 mmboe within the new licence area.
Following its acquisition by Cairn Energy plc, Nautical has decided to withdraw from the PL1/10 licence. A farmout agreement with Nautical has been terminated and InfraStrata will acquire their 20% interest, subject to DETI approval. InfraStrata will include this licence interest in the ongoing farm out process. Prior to the farmout, InfraStrata holds a direct 45% interest in the licence and a further 18% via a shareholding in partner company, Brigantes Energy Limited.

Prospectivity Review (Infrastrata) – http://frackingfreeireland.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/pl1_10_prospectreview_march2013.pdf


Prospectivity Review – pl1_10_prospectreview_march2013

map NI


Oil drilling firm Infrastrata gets planning go-ahead for exploratory well in Co Antrim –



Updated enniskillen fracking protest in video

Impartial Reporter.com spoke to Councillors as they entered last night’s Environmental Services meeting, where they discussed holding a local referendum on fracking.

As close to 100 people protested outside Enniskillen Townhall against the fracking industry coming to Fermanagh, UUP Council Chairman Alex Baird refused to be drawn on his views on fracking, saying he was waiting for an “economic appraisal”.

UUP Councillor Raymond Farrell voiced his “concerns” about fracking, whilst SDLP Councillor John O’Kane said Fermanagh couldn’t absorb the infrastructure required for fracking.

Chairman of Fermanagh District Council Alex Baird (UUP)


SDLP Councillor John O’Kane


UUP Councillor Raymond Farrell


Sinn Fein Councillor Debbie Coyle


Enniskillen man Liam Johnston


Video: http://youtu.be/wbjr_HF4Rx0


tuv man says risks worth taking as he back fracking in Fermanagh

TUV man http://www.impartialreporter.com/news/roundup/articles/2014/01/09/403546-tuv-man-says-risks-worth-taking-as-he-backs-fracking-in-fermanagh/

fracking referendum

Fracking referendumhttp://www.impartialreporter.com/news/roundup/articles/2014/01/24/403761-fracking-referendum-a-ridiculous-idea/

councils plan

Councils planhttp://www.impartialreporter.com/news/roundup/articles/2014/01/09/403545-councils-plan-to-hold-referendum-on-fracking-/

Fracking could be allowed under homes in Britain without owners’ knowledge

on shore UK and NI

Report: On shore Onshore_UK_oil_and_gas_exploration_NorthernIreland_Dec13_contents1

tamboranTamboran to meet Council over fracking planshttp://www.impartialreporter.com/news/roundup/articles/2013/12/26/403448-tamboran-to-meet-council-over-fracking-plans-/

(26 dec. 2013)


ffanFracking opponents welcome plans to look into safety issueshttp://fermanaghherald.com/2013/12/fracking-opponents-welcome-plans-to-look-into-safety-issues-2/

(20 Dec. 2013)

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