Fracking News: Irish/Political

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Food Island

The Agri-Food sector is one of Ireland’s most important indigenous industries. The sector accounts for half of purchased Irish goods and services by the manufacturing industry and just over half of exports by indigenous manufacturing industries. This special report provides a definitive guide on the innovations and quality practices which underpin and enrich the success of the agri-food sector in Ireland.


uk nebula
Uk Nebula gets licence to explore irish sea fracking

While ‘fracking’ may not be permitted in Ireland, UK-based Nebula Resources is planning a venture to look for shale gas in the Irish Sea.

Nebula Resources boss Dr Chris Cornelius believes there are huge volumes of offshore shale gas that could be drilled. If successful, it would be the first such project in the world. The company hopes to begin exploration shortly.


Marian Harkin visited the Pope

A smaller number had the opportunity to shake his hand and speak with him for a few seconds – I was one of the lucky ones. He radiated a sort of stillness, a type of serenity, but he was warm, so human, so ordinary and yet extraordinary. My West of Ireland accent didn’t help and his English is poor, so in the end, I suspect neither of us really understood what the other said, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was he knew I wished him well in his work as Pope and that I was genuinely glad to meet him.

Within a few seconds I was back in my seat and within an hour I was on my way to the airport. Life goes on, but for a brief while, I was privileged to meet somebody that I believe will be an inspirational leader in the Church and will make a positive contribution to world affairs.

February 2014:

How much shale gas is there on Island of Ireland?


See FMN 131, 132, 133 and 134 re. GEAI position on fracking

Leitrim County Councillors




LEITRIM COUNTY COUNCILLORS yesterday voted to ban fracking in the county, despite a warning from the county manager that they could be held financially responsible for future costs incurred as a result.

tamboranTamboran to meet Council over fracking plans

(26 dec. 2013)


pros and cons


(22 Nov 2013)