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Josh Fox: I would love to come to Ireland
Scroll down for  Gasland 2 and Gasland 1



An initiative from Say no to Shale Gas
Location of fracking – explanation of the process
Did you know that...
– In the US shale layers are at 1,5 km, in Boxtel 4,5 km. So you need more power, and earth to crack, more earthquakes and pollution
– density of population is higher than in the US
– Boxtel is at the middle of fault lines
– overview of used water, chemicals etc
Would be this our future? Animated overview with fracking pads etc.
Boxtel says no to drilling
Bemelmans – campaigner from Boxtel. Call to protest in the Hague, sign the petition, logo Shale Gas Smells
Statement of city of Boxtel. Councillor, Boxtel is against has power to say no
Ministry of Economic Affairs:
– didn’t had a look at the local situation
– didn’t investigate the necessity of shale gas, no support from locals, locals say no
– Boxtel campaign group (and others) stepped out of the steering group.
Is independence on gas (etc) more important than an ecological disaster?
Sustainable energy (wind, soloar, wave) is the answer.
It is better to have scientific evidence (proof) than a political decision.


Bianca Jaggers
‘Don’t be fool – fracking will ruin our countryside

From Wikipedia –

Bianca Jagger (born Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, May 2, 1945[is a Nicaraguan-born social and human rights advocate and a former actress and model.[10] Jagger currently serves as a Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Founder and Chair of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, Member of the Executive Director’s Leadership Council of Amnesty International USA,[11][12] and a Trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust.[13][14] Over the past thirty years she has written articles and opinion pieces, delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events throughout the world and participated in numerous television and radio debates, about numerous issues including genocide, the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the war on terror, war crimes against humanity, crimes against future generations, the Former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Central America, Iran, Iraq, India, children and women’s rights, the rights of indigenous peoples, climate change, the rainforest, renewable energy, corporate social responsibility, the ensuing erosion of civil liberties and human rights, and the death penalty.

She was formerly married to Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones.

BALCOMBE  Francis Egan is the boss of Cuadrilla

Fracking in the UK – BBC Documentary

Watch the BBC documentary on fracking and Write to Iain Stewart/Horizon
Iian Stewart:

(sample writings in Fracking Matters Newsletter 112) and lots of info you can use on

UK shale gas resources bigger than thought  (video) (June 2013)


FRACKING EXPLAINED, opportunity or danger- (3 sept 2013)


Fracking in Fermanagh  4 June 2013
This film was facilitated with the participation of about fifteen young people and communities in Fermanagh. It explores the possible consequences of fracking in Fermanagh, and includes interviews with farmers, fishermen, tourism providers and community members. The key themes explored are the possible consequences of fracking on farming, tourism, employment, health, communities and the environment. Perspectives from Canada are provided through interviews with people who have experienced fracking in their own communities. The film then explores the Fermanagh District Council’s position on fracking, before moving up to question the NI Assembly and international commentators.

‘Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing explained by children.WMV ‘

Created by Brigitta Varadi. Thank you for Dr Aedin McLoughlin who wrote the script and Janice Daly for her creative input, Leah (12) and Abbi (9) who designed and created the story boards and for David Michalek who inspired the work.

Watch the animation video

Another fracking movie with the people involved –  Sound piece by Brigitta Varadi. Portraits by David Michalek –

Airing Erris episode 2
A seminar on the media treatment of the Shell Corrib issue
An award-winning film-maker has produced a YouTube video
condemning fracking in Ireland.Dearbhla Glynn, who won the Grand Prize
at the 2013 Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Awards for her
documentary The Value of Women in The Congo, has made fracking the focus
of her newest venture with Afri
Here is a short film by Dearbhla Glynn ‘The Future for Shale’ that was
supported by AFRI and filmed in Leitrim and Fermanagh and includes
interviews from members of FFAN, Love Leitrim, GEAI, Jessica Ernst, and
Greg Palast. @loveleitrim
Europe Fracking sets alarm among Ireland’s farmers
New report form All jazeera –

john brennan





Leah – No fracking Ireland – friends of the earth Dublin -  August 2013

Fractured landscapes – DCTV (November 2012)

Ban fracking in ireland now! –

Cecily walk to the Dail –

Your Help is URGENTLY needed – Amend The Bill – Stop making it easy for Fracking

The Land League is REFORMED – Video on YoutubeLink:

video about the TTIP from CEO:
New video: “Suing the State – Hidden rules within the EU-US trade deal”

Frack Democracy** INVITATION to online screening of Lech Kowalski’s new
film about shale gasReporter: Greens Europe
As some of you may know the Greens/EFA Group, with the support of Antoine
from Friends of the Earth Europe, have been working on a new film with
director Lech Kowalski, who made Drill Baby Drill, about the realities of shale
gas and fracking in Europe.
The film is now ready and on our Group’s website!
Below you will find an invitation to the online screening and a brief description
of the film. Please feel free to share on Facebook and twitter and throughout
other networks.
It is 30 minutes long, in Polish, Romanian and English, and has English
Videos published by the IPCC on YouTube =>
A team from ARTE did this movie about fracking and UFF in Romania and
the civil society’s opposition.



All Scientific lectures/presentations

Alternatives for energy resources
This is a useful short video by Prof. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell U. on how methane leaking from fracking wells is speeding climate change.
CSG drill rig convoy, February 7 2013
CSG invasion: the quiet and stillness of the beautiful country around Doubtful Creek is shattered by the arrival of the AJ Lucas drill rig and convoy of associated vehicles. The narrow gravel roads & tiny wooden bridges were never intended to handle these kind of loads. The neighbouring farmers never imagined they would have to contend with this direct assault on their very way of life.

The corporate law watchdog looks set to to throw the book at environmental protester Jonathan Moylan.

In January Moylan released a hoax press release which saw the share price of mining company Whitehaven Coal temporarily tumble.

How are environmental groups such as anti-coal seam gas activists turning the tables and using company law against energy corporations?

Ban Fracking and shale gas in Europe before it’s too late!

Shale gas, a form of unconventional gas found in shale reservoirs, is now presented as being the new solution to our world’s growing energy needs. However, despite the fact that more and more big businesses are pushing for the development of shale gas across the world, its production poses serious threats to the climate, the environment and to local communities.

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament joined by key European NGOs FOEE, F&W Europe and H & E want to shed light on all the irreversible impacts that could result from the development of this new energy source and call for a immediate ban on fracking and shale gas in Europe… and beyond.
Step on the Gas? Shale Gas in Europe

Against the background of a US shale gas boom, this new video infographic explores the debate about shale gas in Europe, examining the pros and cons of exploiting reserves. Will shale have its day in the sun or is the promise of a golden age of gas a false dawn for Europe? )

Fracking in Poland

Shale gas in Poland- Dutch documentary ( in Dutch, English and Polish) with Polish activist Marek Kryda.
(after the commercial)
Altijd Wat

Must watch movies
Tony Ingraffea – Cornell Prof-
Jeanette Barth – the economist –
Sandra Steingraber –
Q & A –

Josh Fox: I would love to come to Ireland

Josh Fox in the EU Parliament  4 Sept 2013 –
Josh Fox: “”If they call me an extremist, that says more about the state of democracy than about my views”

Josh Fox addresses the Don’t Frack New York rally in Albany 8/27/12



Gasland Part II: Our Democracy is On Fire

Josh Fox Talks Fracking and Gasland Part II on The Daily Show –

Gasland 1 incl. Spanish subtitles

Excerpt of Dr.Mariann Lloyd Smith’s talk in Dublin May 24th – organised by No Fracking Ireland

Dr.Mariann Lloyd Smith from Australia who has worked with UN Expert Group on Climate Change and Chemicals, is Senior Advisor to Australia’s National Toxics Network and to IPEN (The Int…ernational POPs Elimination Network (IPEN) is a global network of more than 700 public interest non-governmental organizations working together for the elimination of persistent organic pollutants).

She currently serves on the Technical Advisory Group of the national industrial chemical regulator. She was a member of Australia’s National Advisory Body on Scheduled Waste and an author of Australia’s national management plans for POPs (persistent organic pollutants) waste.

She co-authored a report for the U.N – ‘Climate Change and POPs; Predicting the Impact’. She also recently co-authored NTN’s report on the chemical impacts of hydraulic fracturing in the Australian shale and coal seam gas industry.

She spoke at Buswells Hotel in Dublin yesterday on why ‘fracking’ cannot be allowed to go ahead in Ireland and why the Irish EPA must stand up and protect Irish citizens and our environment against this industry.

Update on the irish situation by Eddie Mitchell – (March 2013)

Jessica Ernst’s tour in Ireland 2013 –

slides up on speaking events speak louder than words:

We have a feature on Jessica Ernst on our tv site

Love Leitrim meeting in Manorhamilton 12 June 2012

Eddie Mitchell talk on Potential Extraction of Unconventional Gas in the Northwest of Ireland .f4v
Eddie Mitchell talks on land access, visual impact, the sheer scale of the proposed operation and his correspondance with Richard Morman and the Petrolium Affairs Division. He looks into the wording of the present contract between the shale gas companies and the government and the potential situation which may result regarding Access to Land. Given at the Public Meeting on 12th June 2012 in Manorhamilton, Leitrim organised by Love Leitrim.

Rob Doyle Response to Aberdeen Report- Part 1.f4v
Rob Doyle responds to the Aberdeen Report at Public Meeting, 12th June 2012 in Manorhamilton, Leitrim, Ireland organised by Love Leitrim. He briefly outlines the process of ‘fracking’ and gives an overview of the state of play at the present time. He then outlines the findings of the Aberdeen Report, including that which the report failed to consider. Rob then gives his own observations on the report.

Rob Doyle Response to Aberdeen Report – part 2.f4v
Part 2 of Rob Doyle’s overview of and response to the Aberdeen Report. Talk given at Manorhamilton public meeting on 12th June 2012, organised by Love Leitrim

Dr Carroll O’ Dolan Talk – Health Implications of Proposed Fracking in NW Ireland

Dr Carroll O’ Dolan Part 2

A video inspired by the concerned people of Leitrim, Ireland about their worries on the controversial issue of fracking. This song and consequent video goes some way to explain the problems they may be facing in the near future.

“Jim Dillon from Kiltyclogher speaks about why he is against fracking.
This short piece was filmed by Gearoid Lynch (No Fracking Ireland)
and a South African film crew who are making a film about fracking to be released in September.
This interview was filmed in the home place of Sean Mac Diarmada, one of the leaders of the 1916 rising.
The small thatched house is in the townland of Laughty Barr in north Leitrim, also known locally as Scregg.”

Irish critics warn against fracking – (4 March 2012)

Al Jazeera’s Simon McGregor-Wood reports from Leitrim county in Ireland.

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on 4 Mar 2012

The windswept hills of Ireland are believed to be sitting on a treasure trove of natural gas. One company wants to use a controversial drilling technique – called fracking – to get it out but critics says the process would damage the environment.

Al Jazeera’s Simon McGregor-Wood reports from Leitrim county in Ireland.

Jessica’s story –

Published on 2 Dec 2012

This is the full length presentation by Jessica Ernst at the POWERS (Protecting Our Water and Ecological Resources Society) public workshop, held in Cochrane Alberta, on September 10, 2011. It is a telling and tragic tale of what happened to Ernst in her community of Rosebud, Alberta, after energy giant Encana fracked her aquifer and surrounding lands in about 2004, lands still being fracked to this day (December 2, 2012). This was the first film of Ernst to be posted on the internet. Filmed and edited by Will Koop, Stop Fracking British Columbia, www.bctwa/FrackingBC.html

Jessica Ernst Glenfarne Ireland Ballroom of romance Fracking talk 24/2/12


Fracked! Jessica Ernst vs. Encana – (5 June 2012)
After wells were fracked near hear home, scientist Jessica Ernst’s water is now so contaminated that it can now be lit on fire. Ernst is suing EnCana Corporation, the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, and the Alberta government for contamination of her property and drinking water.

Speaking to worldwide audiences, Ernst has traveled to Ireland and to the United Nations in New York City where she received UNANIMA International’s “Woman of Courage” award for her efforts to hold companies accountable for environmental harm done by fracking.  December 2012

Farming not Fracking in New Mexico   May 2013
US region bans oil and gas drilling  (Al Jazeera) –
To read more about this story and other Al Jazeera stories, please click here:

A rural New Mexico region has banned oil and gas extraction, including hydraulic fracturing for gas, or fracking.

Mora County has also blocked energy companies from exploring for valuable resources within its boundaries in its attempt to protect its supply.

The commission that introduced the ban has said that 95 percent of people in the county support the decision, but opponents are expected to fight it in the courts.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from New Mexico.


A video exposing a flawed claim often abused in the sales pitch for promoting shale gas development across the world:

“With a history of 60 years, after nearly a million wells drilled, there are no documented cases that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has lead to the contamination of groundwater.”

Brought to you by the team behind the upcoming South African feature documentary, Unearthed, that is investigating natural gas development and the controversial method of extraction known as fracking from a global perspective. Should South Africa and other countries drill down?


promissed land

28 Dec-4 Jan – Release of anti-fracking movie ‘Promised Land’ (Global)

  • Worldwide release of the movie ‘Promised Land’. Directed by Gus Van Sant it stars Matt Damon who plays  a fervent shale gas developer who discovers some unwelcome truths behind the insatiable advance of the fracking industry in the US.
  • The shale gas industry have already prepared cheat-sheets for organised pro-fracking groups to approach moviegoers outside theatres, they will attempt to paper over the cracks exposed by this movie.
  • Opportunity: Chance to use the promote and support the underlying narrative of this movie: that shale gas extraction is a harmful process for the climate, local environment, and people’s lives, and that it is supported by powerful lobbyists who have access to decision-makers.

MEET THE FRACKERS – article and video by Australian television

Meet the frackers

MY OIL & GAS – Ireland and Norway

Why would Ireland give away its natural resources? Perhaps the good people of Norway have something helpful to say…

The Corporation –
The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary film written by Joel Bakan, and directed by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott. The documentary is critical of the modern-day corporation, considering its legal status as a class of person and evaluating its behaviour towards society and the world at large as a psychiatrist might evaluate an ordinary person.


David McWilliams, Irish economist, gives us our first lesson in punk economics.
Welcome to Punk Economics and new way looking at the economy based on the central idea that what is important is not complicated and what is complicated is never important.

Punk Economics Lesson 1

Punk Economics Lesson 2

The Brus$els Business – Who Runs the European Union?


This animated short video was created by Underground Advertising for

The video explains the detrimental effects of Fracking on the environment.

How it works –
Information movie about hydraulic fracturing by a company

FRACK! The Movie Trailer


Frack! is coming to a town near you.



Short doc for the Ecologist magazine and Link TV about shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

Filmed in High Definition

Shale Gas and America’s Future

America’s got gas…more than 100 year’s worth say energy experts. But much of this natural gas is trapped in deeply buried shale rock formations. and can only be tapped with special drilling practices. That has led to an intense environmental debate over the potential risks and rewards of producing this home grown and clean burning fuel. But what is rhetoric? And what is reality ?

The Promise and Problems of Shale Gas – 07.24.2011

from EndergyNOW

Tapping the energy stored in a rock formation called the Marcellus Shale has been an economic boon to Pennsylvania, but is the state paying an environmental price?

In this special report, energyNOW! Chief Correspondent Tyler Suiters interviews residents of Bradford County in northern Pennsylvania, the heart of the Marcellus Shale. The residents blame nearby gas drilling for methane contamination in their water wells, while the energy companies say they aren’t responsible. One family tells Suiters they are ready to leave Pennsylvania for good because of their water problems. Suiters also meets a doctor from the University of Pennsylvania who is searching for potential links between gas drilling and health complaints.
You tube video about never watched water contamination by HF Convection caused by hot casings of oil gas and geothermal wells affecting drinking water, by Th Oltshoorn,
Technical University Delft

The Fracking Song

My Water’s On Fire Tonight (from David M Holmes)

The song is based on ProPublica’s investigation on hydraulic fractured gas drilling (read the full investigation here: Fracking – ProPublica).

Fracking song – THE END.wmv When are they gonna learn. ( Fracking Hell )
THE END. A rock band from Southport UK, Helping REAF with their Struggle against Fracking.

Thanks for viewing our video, More music from The END, coming soon, please watch this space. Thanks again. Dave. any one who wants to get in touch please drop me a line at



Gasland movie

Documentary directed by Josh Fox.

It is happening all across America-rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property. Reason? The company hopes to tap into a reservoir dubbed the “Saudi Arabia of natural gas.” Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground-a hydraulic drilling process called “fracking”-and suddenly America finds itself on the precipice of becoming an energy superpower.

Other links for Gasland:

Also read Affirming Gasland. After the movie was released the gas industry responded to GASLAND and also put a clip on YouTube (which – of course – ranks first if you search for GASLAND there). Affirming Gasland is the answer of the film maker to that response: “A de-debunking document in response to specious and misleading gas industry claims against the film.”


Did you know that the company who promoted the tabacco industry (it is safe) is the same as who is promoting that shale gas extraction is safe.
View it all in: the sky is pink by Josh Fox

by JFOX Plus 2 weeks 4 hours ago
An emergency short film from Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of GASLAND addressing the urgent crisis of drilling and fracking in New York state.
Go to for more info and to get involved.
PINK LINKS: Selected Compiled Research
The Sky Is Pink- Annotated industry documents featured in the film:
Affirming GASLAND- Our responses to industry charges again

Carbon Nation

Carbon Nation from Charlie Williams on Vimeo.


Exxon US-Konzern vergiftet Grundwasser in Norddeutschland and in Niedersachsen
Water contamination in North Germany. 6 microgram benzeen in water and benzeen found in blood.

Australia – movie
Excellent speech by Australian broadcaster
Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on CSG Part 1
From: RescueOurFuture  | 25 Oct 2011  | 7,820 views
(Part 1) In his National Press Club address, Alan Jones delivers the speech that every man, woman and child in Australia needs to hear at this crucial junction in our history. Are we going to sit back and allow mining companies and the Governments that support them to destroy our water, our food, our health, our land, our communities and everything we hold dear about Australian life?

Nasa video– The Mysterius City that does not exist-

A bright city which cannot be found on the map viewed from space. A journalist figured out this mystery,
Es gibt eine hell erleuchtete Stadt an einer Stelle, wo in den Karten gar keine verzeichnet ist. Diese Erkenntnis gewannen Internetnutzer aus einem Zeitraffer-Video der Nasa. Ein Journalist löste nun das Mysterium.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is a useful short video by Prof. Tony Ingraffea of Cornell U. on how methane leaking from fracking wells is speeding climate change.