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Media, friend or enemy?

To get the message through we need the media.

Ever given an interview, (or know someone who did)  or sent an article to the newspaper?  Ever anxious opened the paper to discover: that is not what I said!, that is not what I meant. It is easy to blame the journalist, but have a look at your self too.

Here are some tips that might help



  • be well prepared
  • know all the ins and outs of the topic
  • know your facts (figures, data etc)
  • have your knowledge ready
  • keep in mind which message you wish to get across: stick to your message!
  • think ahead: which questions might the journalist ask

the interview

  • use one liners
  • take initiative, silence gives room for tricky questions
  • be aware of leading questions
  • be aware of closed questions (questions you can easy answer with only a yes or no)
    it is nice weather, isn’ it?  – yes (allthough it is raining cats and dogs)
  • take time to answer
    – if you need time, just repeat the question of the interviewer.

after the interview

  • ask if you could read/listen to  the interview before publishing/broadcasting

Press release

  • A press release should be to the point and easy to grasp
  • The heading: should contain the objective of the message – lay out in CAPITALS or bold and larger type
  • Short description:  in bold, no longer than six sentences, summarizing the topic
  • Article:  divided in paragraphs

How to write a press release: