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You can use various media to get informed.

Easy to browse around. No login is required.

Groups/Blog/forum/Facebook etc.
If you wish to browse around or to post a message on a blog or Facebook page, you need to login. There are various levels of access.
For example: open forum: You only can read topics, if you wish to post you have to login.
Closed forum: you have to login first to have access to topics. (to read, to post or to respond to).

How does it work?
Before you can login, you have to open an account. It is requested when you open a Facebook page.
Fill in the required fields. If you wish that other people can find and track you, fill in your real name and  date of birth. If you wish,  you can fill in more personal details (a.o. images)
If you only use it to browse around and wish to have the option to post, you could use any name or date of birth you like. (silly me, 08-09-1988).

Warning: once you have an account, you only can unsubscribe by writing to Facebook!

Google groups.
To get access to a google group, you need to make a google account. It is possible to keep your existing email address or to create a  xxxxx@gmail. address.
1. https://www,
2. click on the link: create an account for free
3. follow the steps