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climate change Volume 4, Issue 2, January 18, 2016
THANKS TO DAVID from Australia, a poem on Tamboran and Northern Ireland.

‘Tamboran is an Australian miner with ambitions to frack Ireland’
‘(…)Tamboran has threatened a law suit
against the Northern Ireland government
of two billion pounds, for lost future profits(…)’

The beauty of land and water

‘I feel that all the stars shine in me.
The world breaks into my life like a flood.
The flowers blossom in my body.
All the youthfulness of land and water
smokes like an incense in my heart;
and the breath of all things
plays on my thoughts as on a flute.’

Rabindranath Tagore

Will we give up this world of wondrous beauty
with such studied unconcern as is evident in this lucky country,
spouting glib indifference in response to impending disaster?
Yesterday I rode up the rail trail and caught up with a nice couple
visiting from Queensland and riding on borrowed bikes.
He was a refugee from the corporate world
and I asked him how he viewed this world now that he was free of it.
‘We need it’ he said, but without conviction.
‘In any event we can’t change it.’
He suggested it was out of control, but up with it we must put.

There is a town in Northern Ireland named Enniskillen.
It is a beautiful town in County Fermanagh near the border with the republic.
County Fermanagh is a land of lakes and wetlands,
and Enniskillen itself is a city on an island in the middle of this bounty.
But far below the lakes is shale and locked into the shale is gas,
and where there is gas will soon gather the vultures – no, not vultures –
the jackals prepared to pick at the still living body,
to choke the breath, to foul the air, to poison the water,
to offer glib assurances that they bring only benefits
and wealth to the treasury. But they lie.
For to frack the shale is to destroy Fermanagh and Enniskillen,
to destroy the economy and the environment
for the sake of personal wealth … for those from away.

If someone were to poison my food, air or water
they would be sent to jail.
Why can’t we jail the companies that poison
the whole world’s food, air and water?

The answer, of course, is that the companies
act in a conspiracy with governments.
But is not a conspiracy also illegal?

There is huge opposition to the plans to frack
the shale beneath the beautiful lakes and rivers of Enniskillen,
enough that the government of Northern Ireland
is contemplating protection for the land, the people, the future

Tamboran is an Australian miner with ambitions to frack Ireland.
Tamboran is one of those companies who have a sense of entitlement.
This is their land, their shale, their gas
their billions at stake and no one will stand in their way.
This is the way things work it seems
in the world of the entitled, in their exclusive club
on in the intersection of Arrogant and Twat streets
halfway between the high court buildings and Collins Street in Melbourne.
This is the way things work.

Tamboran has threatened a law suit
against the Northern Ireland government
of two billion pounds, for lost future profits
if the company is prevented from its right to frack.
For the entitled, the billions in currency are their birthright
It has come to this.

One might argue that the mining laws we find in Australia
originated at a time when it was vitally important
for the developing colonies to build infrastructure,
to generate wealth and attract able-bodied
men and women to the continent.
As the mines attracted ambitious people
agriculture grew to feed them, schools and roads were built,
communities established, cities developed
and the rich grew fat.

Now it is the poor who grow fat.
Now, mining is destroying communities,
first by taking their land, their water, the air the people breathe,
by driving the people away, then closing the schools,
the shops. Communities become signposts
outside fly-in, fly-out hostels.

And the mining companies themselves are protected,
by legislation, by party donations, by back-room deals
in private clubs where a nod and a wink are currency.
The mining corporations – anyone will do, really,
we don’t discriminate in Australia –
Korean, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian, American,
they all belong to the same club,
located on the south-east corner of
Hubris and Deceit streets in Sydney,
within walking distance from Martin Place.

Change the mining laws. That’s what we can do.
Push the miners to the back of the queue,
behind health, human rights, clean water, air free of carcinogens,
communities, people, native animals, soil structure,
the needs of the future generations
and more.
Put these men, these destroyers of beauty, of life, of future generations
in jail when they deserve it and in the back of the queue for the rest.

david arnault


Thur Mountain Myth

_____________________________________________________________________________________ THE FRACK-IN LOUGH ALLEN

 Did you hear that in Leitrims Lough Allen
the frackers are plannin on Frackin ?
you’ll be woken from sleep as there drillin down deep
At the rock they’ll be blastin and crackin.

 The chemicals injected below
will be something that you may not know
it pollutes near and far with toxic like tar
with long term affects that will grow.

 So read on for a while and just think
when you go to the tap for a drink
it’ll come from Lough Allen where there’s beautiful salmon
that are drowning in chemical sink.

 Don’t let foreigners call your bluff
cos their truck load of high frackin stuff
will be crowding your road with many a load
it’ll be hard frackin noisy and rough.

 To worsen the job seekers solution
will be money that brings in pollution
and in sickness and health we’ll be seeing our wealth
go to waste in regret and confusion.

 Dont heed the ongoing recession
or dwell on your future profession
be seen to protest in hi vizable vest
and stop this hydraulic obsession.

Tis the truth and I’m not a scare monger
that the frackers wont wait any longer
to frack up the mass and suck out the gas
and pollute all our natural wonder.

 And what will your kids have to say
when the place is too dirty to play ?
The cattle and sheep will be sick and so weak
and the tourists wont visit or stay.

 We must tell the truth and not lie
when the next generation ask ”Why
our beautiful salmon have gone from Lough Allen
who polluted our water supply ?”

 So don’t stand around in the queue
when there’s something that you ought to do.
Let it be your good mission to protest and petition.
Don’t leave it all down to the few.

 Please act now before its too late
Cos we haven’t much time left to wait.
while Leitrim is resting the frackers are testing
the well by your tidy town gate.

 Veronica  Kelly 2-911


Be safe during this Halloween
The googlies are planning a scene
to frighten the county with a chemical bounty
our shamrock no more will be green
Their casting a secretive spell
A concoction for tidy town’s well
A fracking old witch will frack up your ditch.
And frack up the frogs out of hell.
The Trickers will dance round the fountain
As the coins they’ll be sneakily countin’
They’ll be singin’ ‘‘ha ha, we don’t give a fleagh,
if your water turns red from the mountain’’
And wild life won’t know where to flee
And the locals will die drinking tea
As for the live stock they’ll be frazzled with shock
And we’ll hear the cries of the banshee
And the spuds will go blight from the trauma
as we welcome the trick or treat charmer
The frack-in Lough Allen will bring back the famine
Last rites to the organic farmer
And don’t go annoying the priest
For a blessing to protest in peace
As we climb up the stairs we’ll just say our prayers
for the planning and fracking to cease
And the frackers will howl in great fun
As they drill with their frack-in tan gun
The hydraulical sight will fright you tonight
And the gaurds will all scatter and run.
No point hiding under your bed
or complain of a pain in your head
Get your boat on Lough Allen and stop all the fracking
And save lovely Leitrim instead.

They say there’s a new moratorium
that’ll stop all the frackers from comin’
but be certain my friend don’t believe it’s the end
to the threat of the frackin’ drill boarin’
Don’t know if you know that the media
have hid from the newspaper reader
the government backing and evils of frackin’
and bankers that keep getting greedier
Politicians and frackers wont say
what recent research comes today
they’re constantly hiding the danger of fracking
it’s a corruptive game that they play.
This shocking cartel of corruption
in the sale of gas shale production.
The rich run amuck just to make a few buck
creating a sickness eruption.
To be honest they won’t give a damn
as the constant complaints they will cram
If they just get the cash they’ll make a big dash
and the gate on your land they will slam.
I’m not here for political game
or your vote for electoral gain
it’s not much to rate so just please lock your gate
for this long anti fracking campaign.
We need more support if you can
to fight for a permanent ban
not just moratorium that keeps frackers talking
and discussing their fracking term plan.
Our department of agriculture
must act to preserve farming culture
EPA must do more than they say
than protecting a frack greedy vulture.
And so for this bleak fracking trend
will be done as you try to defend
your rights that are none, your health that is gone
what will be is a sad bitter end.


 LOVELY LEITRIM    ( fracking version )

Last night I had an awful dream I woke up in denial.
I dreamt I saw the frackers in dear old Erins Isle.
I thought I saw Lough Allen’s banks being fracked on down below.
It was my lovely Leitrim where the Shannon waters flow.

I stood in anger and in shock when I saw the sight
So I fled onto Carrick town before the dark of night.
I passed Sheemore that fairy hill where flowers fine did grow
And I saw Mcool turn in his grave at the frackin down below.

The next I arrived in Fenagh town with her ancient abbey walls.
And the protests of her Holy monks still echoed through her halls.
I stood with sadness on the spot reluctant for to go
To the town of saints and sages where the shallow waters flow.

My eyes are dimmed and wet with tears I must be dreaming still
I thought I saw the farmers who farmed on Selton hill
But the frackin dust became scene and I am forced to go
And leave the land once fair and grand where the frackin waters flow.

I’ve travelled far from this great land throughout the East and West
And of all the lands that I have seen, the frackin ruins the best.
And if ever I return again the place that I won’t go
Will be to frackin Leitrim where polluted waters flow.

Lyrics Changed by  VERONICA KELLY  2011


Frack the Feckers  v Feck the Frackers

Frack the Feckers say:

Jobs for all
If you’d only play ball
The Cleanest Water
I’d give it to my daughter
Concrete and digs
And several rigs
That auld mountain Thur
What is it good for?
Rocks and stones galore
We’ll give y’all a 4X4
Leave it to us
We won’t make a fuss
We’ll blow and we’ll blast
And wipe out your past

Feck the Frackers say:

Promises & lies
They’re pie in the skies
Holes to develop
They’ll force you to sell up
They’ll dig and they’ll drill
And your landscape they’ll fill
With eyesores and sludge
And from their position wont budge
600 jobs here, 6,000 jobs there
Your land and your homes
will all be laid bare
They’ll huff and they’ll puff
And your water they’ll stuff
With sand and benzene
Like you’ve never seen
The tourists will utter
With quite a stutter
Ye eejits, ye were sold
On proverbial fools gold

Fracking, Fra’cin Fraccing

We’re not able to spell it so it can’t go ahead
Langco and Tamboran must put it to bed
Their plans, charts and spreadsheets will go on the shelves
‘Cos the people of Leitrim, their reading age is twelve
We typed, googled, twittered and the dictionary we flittered
But the spelling war remains so totally embittered
We’ve consulted and discussed, the academics are non-plussed
Surely, with this word we are totally cursed
The answer it seems is a countywide test
Leitrimites of all ages, please give it your best
Our next spelling test will surely send them packing
For we’ve just discovered that there’s no ‘f’ in fracking.

K. Stone



You sit on my lap, I rub your head
Laying you down in to your warm cosy bed
I look at your face and it is all a glow
Innocently smiling, not needing to know

When you are my age will you look back and wonder
Why your ancestors felt the need to plunder
Why didn’t they stop while they still had a chance
Dancing around, the consumerist dance

A legacy of greed, of buying and selling
Where lies and deceit was all they were telling
A land once proud, free and nobel
Lost as a pawn in an economy gone global

Why are you cold while the men guard the woods
Sold by a handful of greedy no goods
Why is the water unsafe to drink
As fracking filled chemicals flow into the sink

When you are my age will you look back and curse
The people that plundered to fill up their purse
Will you rue the day they first struck oil
Bringing industry, growth and dis ease to our soil

Why did mankind feel the need to burn
To consume, to advance at every turn
Feel the need to spray, to extract and exhaust
The beauty of nature at such a high cost

Why did energy come with such a dire price
Compromising the climate despite so much advice
With all of this change at such a fast pace
Species have gone, without hardly a trace

How could you know what’s happening the trees
The plants, the animals, the birds and the bees
Piece by piece they are fading away
Gone from our sights a little more every day

Is it fair to be leaving you to pick up the pieces
To adapt and survive as with all other species
Without the bees to pollinate your food
Resource wars and water no good

So I kiss you my roosters, monkey, dog and little ox
Knowing the peril of my little flock
Then I promise I will do all that I can
To bring about some sense, an awakening in man

Theresa Carter Feb 2013


 The Leitrim Anti fracking Lament – Dermot Mulqueen

The Leitrim Anti Fracking Lament – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA-vuGmtdZ0&feature=youtu.be ————————————————————-

Hey Mister Tamboran man – by Dermot Mulqueen

 Hey Mister Tamboran man
how are you going to Frack ?
Without chemicals
when it takes 596 in America

Hey Mister Tamboran man
have you a Rabbitte in your hat ?
or Ahern in your pocket ?
who were the men who sold Ireland to the Frackers ?

Hey Mister Tamboran man
You are going to poison the Shannon
for ever, ever more
you’re deceiving, and deluding and pollutin’

Hey Mister Tamboran man
how are you going to Frack ?
Without chemicals
when it takes 596 in America.

new Lyric version
of the bob dylan classic  Mr Tambourine man’

“Mr. Tamboran Man”


Hey ! Mr Tamboran, don’t you play a song for me
I’m not sick yet and I don’t want to be
(or / I’m not sleepy, and there is no place you’re going to)
Hell ! Mr Tamboran, don’t you play a song for me
to the jingle jangle of money, i’ll never follow you

Though I know that eventually your empire will turn to sand
Vanished from this land
you seem so blind and i’m angry & still not sleeping
Your greediness amazes me, will I be branded on my feet,
with no-one to meet
in ancient empty places, now dead for dreaming


Don’t Take me on a trip upon your disaster shakin’ ship
My senses will be stripped, my hands they will not grip
My toes afraid to step, waiting for the gas filled cracks
To go wanderin’
I’m ready to go anywhere, i’m ready for to fight
In my own backyard, Cast your mad plans away
I won’t drink the flaming water, that u plan to make
in the streams and in the lakes.


Though u might hear seismic cracks spasming madly beneath the sun
It’s not aimed at anyone, it’s just escaping from
explosions we will make, in the rocks we’ll blow to bits,
that cannot be dismissed
oh, And but for the sky there will be fences facin’ you
And if you hear of vague traces of chemicals u can’t pronounce
in a small and local paper , it’s just what we’ve left behind
until the end of time,
I wouldn’t pay it any mind, it’s just a shadow you’re
Seein’ that we’re not chasing.


Don’t take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of your mind
Down the fracking well, with enormous lorries going by
The haunted, frightened cows, out to the shattered caves
within the twisted reach of crazy sorrows
not, to dance beneath a blackened sky with one hand deep
in the pocket of your coat, i’ll take u by the throat
Silhouetted by the fracking pad, circled by the poisened lake
With all memory and fate driven by our angry wives,
let me not forget, about today and tomorrow.