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Oil-City-1912Boomtown  – a historical view on fracking  Feb 2015

A natural gas well is drilled near Canton, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania



The false promise of fracking and local jobs



smog blog


 Unlikely Dissidents

Two States, Three Countries, Four Opponents of Fracking-

The complete research of Dimiter Kenarov-

(…)’The mural on Edward Sawicki’s barn is beautiful and terrifying … Yet there is the mural, about a hundred feet in length, painted on the side of the barn, telling a story as sublime as that in any apocalyptic vision by St. John the Divine.


Painted scrolls unroll from the painted sky, providing an explication in Polish for the uninitiated. We won’t surrender our land in the hands of corporations, one of them reads. Every drilled gas well is poison for our water, reads another. Stop shale gas. (…)


CANADA –  reporter Jessica Ernst

Reporter: Jessica Ernst, full of info what is going on in Canada, stories, reports, health, water, video’s, court cases etc. All in one! Highly recommended:

Fracking  Canada, how the west was lost. (huge file, take time to download before scrolling down.-

Friday, April 26, 2013
Hydraulic Fracturing [“Fracking”] Worldwide, Answers Not Forthcoming, Questions Not Allowed
Jessica Ernst of Rosebud, Alberta. Encana Corporation. Market Manipulation. Derivative Bubbles and The Fracking Wars.
Written by Robin Mathews –
Jessica’s story –

Published on 2 Dec 2012

This is the full length presentation by Jessica Ernst at the POWERS (Protecting Our Water and Ecological Resources Society) public workshop, held in Cochrane Alberta, on September 10, 2011. It is a telling and tragic tale of what happened to Ernst in her community of Rosebud, Alberta, after energy giant Encana fracked her aquifer and surrounding lands in about 2004, lands still being fracked to this day (December 2, 2012). This was the first film of Ernst to be posted on the internet. Filmed and edited by Will Koop, Stop Fracking British Columbia, www.bctwa/FrackingBC.html

Friday, April 12, 2013

Alberta Fracking. Jessica Ernst Versus TheCorporate/Government Enemy.(A Case For History.)

                                                          Written by

Take off the gloves. Take off the rose-tinted glasses.  This is (as they say) for real. Alberta is after Jessica Ernst. And Alberta knows how to do it, has known for a long time. Alberta (you might say) means business (pun intended). 

Almost no one in the ordinary population of Alberta (and fewer in the rest of Canada) understands the importance of the Jessica Ernst “fracking case” against Encana Corporation and the Alberta regulators (and against the Stephen Harper government as an active silent partner of the two others). 

To win against someone fighting for the community, fighting for their own good and the good of others, Alberta knows there are steps to take. Alberta knows them all. There are six steps. The last one is the most important, the least visible … the most painful.

Step One: manoeuvre judges until the right one is in place. Alberta and Stephen Harper just did that. They manoeuvred Justice Barbara Veldhuis off the Jessica Ernst case against Encana Corporation and Alberta regulators.  They manoeuvred Neil Wittmann, Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen’s bench, onto the case. Step One achieved.  

They’ve known how to do that part of it for a long time. In the 1960s case for false arrest and malicious prosecution against then mayor of Edmonton William Hawrelak, the City Solicitor, and the Edmonton Chief of Police they did it.  We had a sure case. We (the inexperienced plaintiffs) were moved from judge to judge to judge (being, as they say, ‘remanded’, for as many reasons as there were judges) until the last one. 

Nice lawyers told us “he’s been waiting to get you”, waiting till enough remands put him on our case.  Then?  Well … then … I was convinced the case was carefully, embarrassingly rehearsed. Almost every witness for the Defence, I was certain, carefully perjured himself with the able assistance of the presiding judge … and our careless and inattentive lawyer. Rehearsed perjury. Almost everyone helping. Smooth as silk. We lost the case.

In the Kelly Marie Richard recent dental malpractice case in Calgary I believe judges were set up and changed whenever it was necessary to defeat Ms. Richard.  She tells the story. Go to 

The BC Rail Scandal trial is the poster case for judge-changing.  After almost three years on the case, immersed in its complexities, Justice Elizabeth Bennett was lifted out by Stephen Harper in 2010 and replaced with Justice Anne MacKenzie – and the whole trial lurched out of shape, as – I am sure – it was intended to do. Gordon Campbell, long-time premier of B.C. and alleged king-pin in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR, was moved seamlessly by a Stephen Harper appointment to the position of Canadian High Commissioner in London, where he remains.

Step One: manoeuvre the judges to get the right one(s) in place.  Step Two: manufacture, obstruct, or erase evidence as required. Step Three: Delay.

Even four hundred years ago, Shakespeare wrote (in Hamlet) about “the law’s delay, the insolence of office”. Alberta learned fast … about delay.  Delay – as Jessica Ernst will no doubt tell you – is about bankrupting the claimant, dragging her, him, or them through expensive, unnecessary, time-consuming, stressful, unpredicted and unpredictable, destabilizing … delay. [Like the removal of Barbara Veldhuis and the waiting…and waiting…and waiting for prima donna Neil Wittmann …. ] Delay is about getting the person or persons fighting for self and community so worn down and bankrupted they quit.  Simple.

When the stakes are high, when the claimant won’t quit – that’s not all. Few in Alberta, fewer in the rest of Canada, know just how high the stakes are in the case Jessica Ernst is taking against Encana Corporation and the Alberta Regulators. (And against the Stephen Harper government as an active silent partner of the two others.)

When the stakes are high enough, then the corrupt alliance – the Corporation/Government/Court enemy will do … anything.  Watch them.

Step Four: change the regulator, re-name government bodies, appoint brazenly odious agents to head up regulation, write new legislation to stop the next Jessica Ernst. In short, do real and public relations things to block, confuse, and mask the issue. In response to the appointment of Gerald Protti to head Alberta’s new Energy Regulator, Mike Hudema of Greenpeace Canada was dumbfounded. Amazed. Wrongly. The appointment of Protti is – I believe – intended: both a threat and a promise of jackboot response to resistance.

Five: Threaten. The RCMP has already carefully questioned Jessica Ernst but has questioned none of the defendants. 

Sometimes the threats get worse.  In the 1960s Edmonton case against the mayor and others, ‘they’ threatened my life and the lives of our children. On the phone.  Real people. Several times. A pleasant experience everyone should have. In Kelly Marie Richard’s recent Calgary malpractice case, Defence (with RCMP help) tried to get Ms. Richard (sharp, intelligent, capable) named mentally incompetent to act in court, threatened to force her into (quack?) psychological examination. That was only one of the threats used against her. 

Step Six is the least visible, and the most important. It’s very simple.  Destroy the person or persons taking the case. 

Wouldn’t it be easier, you say, to take Jessica Ernst into a corner and say: “Get off our backs.  Leave us alone.  We’ll give you a lot of money – not $33 million, but a lot of money. Sign a note of confidentiality, keeping the agreement secret.  End the bad publicity for us – and live happily ever after.”  Jessica Ernst has already said she won’t go that secret route. Ever.

Encana Corporation and the Alberta regulators won’t go that route either.  You may be sure. That would be to lose. They have to win, they think … no matter how they use lawyers and judges and RCMP to violate and trample the Canadian judicial system. I believe, they think they have to do everything they can to destroy Jessica Ernst. They believe they dare not lose.

After years of Kelly Marie Richard’s tenacious struggle wouldn’t it have been easier for the insurance company to take her aside and say “we’ll give you a lot of money, out of court, with a secrecy agreement? Just go away.” They wouldn’t do it.  In their heads, I believe, they couldn’t do it.  In their heads they didn’t dare lose – no matter how they had to use lawyers and judges and RCMP to violate and trample the Canadian judicial system.

Her case was based upon scientifically evidenced orthodontic malpractice. She couldn’t lose her case. And so it never really started. But it’s over. Completed, you might say, though it never was permitted to begin as a normal trial in court.

All the five steps were taken against Kelly Marie Richard and her sons in a long Case Management court battle in which (then) Associate Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Neil Wittmann was in charge of assigning judges, of manipulating (Kelly Marie Richard alleges) Case Management, and being deaf to pleas of improper behaviour. Richard’s absolutely clear, scientifically foolproof evidence of dental malpractice was never permitted to be presented in a fair trial!

Think about that. Kelly Marie Richard’s foolproof, scientific evidence was not permitted to be presented in fair trial in a case that ran six or seven years! That must be a record. Even for Neil Wittmann. Her “summary” [referenced here] only covers four years of Case Management, but her court torture went on … and on.

ING was the insurer for dental malpractice. CGI was the contracted corporation to supply court/legal services. McLeod Dixon was the law firm engaged against her. 

In any honest court I am certain Kelly Marie Richard’s case could not receive a judgement in the insurance company’s favour. Period. And so she had to be destroyed.  Kelly Marie Richard and her two sons ended up penniless, ruined, and in need of important, expensive care for the damage done by their orthodontic “treatment”. Their incontrovertible evidence was never seen by a trial judge or a jury.

Step Six: destroy the claimant. A fair, real trial taking place, won openly and publicly for the claimant is the same as an out-of-court settlement with a confidential, secret agreement.  BOTH are a signal to other injured parties to act. Both show that genuinely wronged ordinary people facing huge corporations can get justice from Canadian courts. That idea had to be killed. I believe the present odious alliance of Alberta government, corporations, and the higher court (with Stephen Harper’s assistance) intend to kill – if they can – the possibility of justice in the Jessica Ernst case.

During the Kelly Marie Richard case she received a message from an expert telling her that if she won, her victory would be impetus for other, genuinely injured parties to undertake cases.  And so she had to be destroyed. If she was carefully and completely destroyed financially, socially, and in every other way possible, the message to others would be “DON’T TRY.  No matter how badly you have been injured and no matter how badly the public has been injured, DON”T TRY.  Look what we did to Kelly Marie Richard and her sons. We’ll do it to you, too. SO DON”T TRY.”

Think of Jessica Ernst.  Think of the increasing number of recorded injuries done to water quality, to water table levels, to agricultural operations, to property and to persons by hydraulic fracking in Alberta alone, as well as elsewhere in Canada, in Australia and other countries around the world. Think how Jessica Ernst’s victory will echo and echo around Alberta, around the rest of Canada, and around the world.  

Think how quickly it will turn the corporation/government alliance to reform, to repair, to pass proper legislation, to set up genuine and meaningful oversight of operations … and more. Think of the number of payouts Encana Corporation, the Alberta regulators – and their counterparts around the world – will have to pay out to genuinely injured people.  Just think….

You may be sure that is what Alison Redford, Stephen Harper, Encana Corporation*, the Alberta regulators, Neil Wittmann, and Gerald Protti, for instance, are thinking about every day.  That is why I believe their intention is to destroy Jessica Ernst. Five of the six steps to stop people like her have already been set in motion.  The sixth step is: Destroy Her.

Canadians must say – with growing and aggressive determination – “Jessica Ernst must win”.  Canadians must be absolutely determined that Jessica Ernst will win – that the Corporate/Alberta government/higher court/Stephen Harper corrupt alliance will not be able to destroy her but will be forced to serve justice and Canadian democracy.

Jessica Ernst HAS to win her case – for herself, for Canadians, for Canada, for the Rule of Law, for democracy in Canada, for the world.  Canadians can make sure Jessica Ernst has a full and fair trial. They must insert themselves into the conflict in whatever ways are necessary to assure she gets justice … to assure we all get justice in the matter. Something that will stop Step Six is an angry and informed public … and the public exposure of every dirty trick undertaken by the corrupt alliance. 

*Encana Corporation Annual Shareholders Meeting, Tuesday, April 23, 2:00 p.m., Hotel Arts, Spectrum Ballroom, 119 – 12 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta. 

Be there.

Written by Robin Mathews 

[comment: ABOUT ROBIN ]
many thanks, mr mathews.  many thanks.  what a powerful piece.



Comprehensive info about fracking and the dangersby Oran O’Doherty, chemistry graduate.


List of harmed people accross Pennsylvania – list-of-the-harmed23

From Jessica Ernst:

Excellent documentary on the Bruce Jack water well explosion at Spirit River, Alberta, May 9, 2006

Published on 9 May 2013
On May 9th, 2006, Alberta, Spirit River resident Bruce Jack suffered severe burns to his body after his well water pump house exploded violently. Methane/ Ethane gases from nearby fracking had leaked into his aquifer. This is a documentary by CBC televised on October 25 and October 26, 2006 about the incident.

Many thanks to will koop, bc tap water alliance, for putting the two parts together, the excellent intro and uploading to youtube
and thanks to the family (also with gas contaminated water in alberta) that taped this, when it aired on tv nearly 7 yrs ago.

I am grateful to bruce jack, this could have been/might be many of us.  i think of bruce and his case, often. families and communities need to know the risks that come w fracing.

BC Liberal Pipeline FolLIES

Christy Clark’s Pipeline “Facts” vs THE “REAL” FACTS

By Kevin Logan,  10 May 2013 17:37

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK – watch now HERE or copy and paste this link in your browser:

Christy Clark and the BC liberals have made a lot of bold claims about their position on pipelines proposed for British Columbia.However, what they have neglected to tell British Columbians is that their government has entered into binding agreements that ensure the success of pipelines from Alberta to the BC Coast.Everyone knows there has been a lot of politics surrounding pipeline developments in British Columbia, but very few are aware of the longstanding agreements, established by the BC Liberals, that ensure the success of the proposed pipelines and have thoroughly tied the hands of all BC Stakeholders leaving them with no capacity to actually impact the processes that will ensure the success of these developments.TILMA/NWPA absolutely confirms that no level of government in British Columbia can block pipeline development, impede trade through the Province or create any obstacle, whatsoever, that prevents Alberta’s pipelines from reaching BC’s tidal waters. Doing so would result in fines up to 5 million dollars per infraction.

The June 2010 Equivalency Agreement, done in secret by the BC Liberals and against the letter of the law, forfeits our provinces ability to review, assess and decide on these pipeline proposals that threaten to transform the province as we know it.

The video presents these documents, and exposes the BC Liberal election posturing on pipelines as hollow and meaningless. These concepts, backed by government documentation,  have been published on the internet and readily available for anyone interested.

Yet Christy Clark has never publicly acknowledged their existence, but more importantly, she has also positioned her party for re-election on claims that run counter to these indisputable facts.

In fact, the material contained in this video proves that when Christy Clark’s claims she can block or prevent these pipeline proposals, based on her “tough NEW stance” and “5 conditions” it is without merit, not based in reality and ignores the existence of these agreements of her governments own making.

The video closes with live footage from the most recent Estimates debate for the Ministry of Energy, where the Minister “of Everything” Rich Coleman, is on tape discussing his governments “Non-disclosure agreements” with the worlds largest oil companies.

A fact that has gone unreported and exposes the bold hypocrisy of the BC Liberal campaign which has had the audacity to broadly claim the BC NDP is “concealing” their position on these pipeline developments.

There is not one media report that covers the “Non disclosure agreements” the world’s largest oil and gas companies have with the BC Liberals, even though the Minister responsible has made their existence known in the public debate contained in this video.

Stories on these topics (see below) have been published on the internet for over a year, yet no one has refuted them, and Christy Clark has never publicly acknowledged their existence.

They impact all British Columbians and are crucial to our future.

Please share the video and supporting documentation provided below with everyone you know as it effects us all, and is pivotal to future of British Columbia in this upcoming election.

Source Material

BC EAO/NEB Equivalency Agreement:


Question Period clips with Christy Clark supporting pipelines:

“Non-disclosure” Clip with Rich Coleman and John Horgan:

CKNW Leaders Debate Clip:

Published Stories

Dix committed to revoking Equivalency Agreement


Fracking our food supply

Purple squirrel released back into Pennsylvania wilderness This is not good at all. That color looks very much like Tyrian purple. It is a natural organobromide compound seen in molluscs and rarely found in land animals. The squirrel has too much bromide in its system possibly from all the bromide laced frack water it’s been drinking. I would raise the alarm. This could mean bladder cancer for humans down the road.




Fracking Gas Drilling’s Environmental Threat–

 Fracking has impact on:

  • trafficto bring in all the materials to start the fracking process for each mine site (pad)will takes: 30-40 days ……..24 hours, 7 days a week
  • waterto frack a well they need: 47.000 litres of chemicals in 2,5 million of gallons of waterrisk of spillage and leaking
  • airevaporation of chemicalsescape of methane gas
  • landdestroying of the landscape, scenery and farmsindustrialisationsmall earthquakespollution
  • economytourisme will declineagriculture and quality of beef under pressurelost of culture and local products
  • communitydivided communitiesland values fall




After battling fracking and cancer Lucinda lost and found (15 January 2012)


Benzene Contamination from gas drilling- (February 2012


Oil and gas pollution (pdf)

Oil and gas pollution, contaminants and their sources (pdf)


Everything you ever needed to know about fracking (pdf doc.)

 Never heard of fracking? pdf.doc

Fracking an Ecological Disaster



 The Marcellus effect

Battle for Fracking Public Perception Lost –


More interesting issues about fracking to make up your mind:


The facts according to Chesapeake – some images taken from their colour book


Colourbook Chesapeak energy-


 Fact sheet national gas

Friday, April 26, 2013
Hydraulic Fracturing [“Fracking”] Worldwide, Answers Not Forthcoming, Questions Not Allowed
Jessica Ernst of Rosebud, Alberta. Encana Corporation. Market Manipulation. Derivative Bubbles and The Fracking Wars.

Written by Robin Mathews

Six families have been left cut off by the sea on the Loophead Peninsula in Co Clare as storms lash the west Coast.

The families have been completely cut of since last Thursday night and while their homes are elevated and unaffected by flooding, they have no way of getting into the nearby village of Carrigaholt for food, fuel or other necessities. A regional road leading to the 6 homes and the college has been competed engulfed by the sea. A track road that had been the only access until last Friday has also been completed submerged.

Carrigaholt postmaster Patrick Gavin lives in Kilredaun which has been completely cut off from the mainland by the sea. Mr Gavin managed to open the post office for half the day on Friday after a local farmer took him through the floods on his tractor. That lane has since been covered by the sea and there are fears that some of it has been washed away.

“Six homes and the Irish college are now cut off. I’ve been living in the area since 1997 and I’ve never seen anything like this before. Before I even came here, locals had been promised that minor issues with the retaining wall would be sorted. But what would have been a small job then, will be a massive undertaking but it has to be sorted,” Mr Gavin said.

“People have been ringing up asking if they can bring us anything but they can’t get in to us. We have no issue with Clare County Council and they’ve been very good to us but central Government must sort this out once and for all,” he added.

In Lahinch, meanwhile, further sections of the promenade wall disintegrated sending parts of it across a flooded carpark. The same prom and carpark were left devastated following Friday’s storms.

Work crews had spent the weekend gathering rubble from Friday’s battering by the elements into several large piles along the carpark. Today however further debris, including large chunks of concrete walls, was strewn over a wide area.

Irish Hotel’s Federation President and Lahinch hotelier Michael Vaughan said: “If the sea wall that was erected back in the 80s wasn’t built the Seaworld, the golf course and the sea front businesses would be destroyed.

“You can never beat the brute force of nature but we have do out best. We are going to have storms like this so we just have to get on with it. Lahinch will come back bigger and better but we do need to invest in coastal defences in vulnerable areas to minimise damage in the future,” Mr Vaughan added.

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