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Plenty of news to pass on!

The energy green paper is out for consultation and TINI, with thanks to Alex, have set up a website for the People’s Energy Charter that can be a space for people to discuss, share, upload submissions and generally communicate with others making submissions or thinking about it.

We invite everyone to share their insight and vision for Irelands energy vision. Other people’s insight may be very useful to your own submission. For example I would like to know what the people in Leitrim are planning on submitting in relation to fracking. It may help me to include fracking in my submission. The website is operational and now it is down to people to engage and help each other with the process. It is not planned to be used for template submissions or any petition style input.

NESC recently launched their report “Wind Energy in Ireland : Building Community Engagement and Social Support.” I was invited to speak at it and took advantage of the event to relay the transition message. I even proposed a national event:

“Speaking as a co-founder of Transition Ireland & Northern Ireland and convener of the *People’s Energy Charter, I am delighted that the word transition appears in this report at least 100 times. Even more welcome is it’s context and intent. I sincerely expect that the People’s Energy Charter – PEC and Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland – TINI will welcome it and not allow it to sit on a shelf 🙂

I am going to propose 2 practical steps that can be taken to start the process……..”  here is a link to the full blog with the rest of the input and more insight into the process.

There is a lot happening with energy at the moment but it is important to remember the role of energy in food, transport etc. If you think you can make a submission to the green paper process identifying steps that need to be taken in energy policy in relation to other topics please share them on PEC website.

A recent report about transitions role in national energy policy made it into Transition Network news recently. That’s available to read here. Transition Network are looking for stories about how transition groups celebrate. If you have any story you could share please let them know.

Two members of Transition Kerry will represent Ireland in the National Hub gathering this coming September in Copenhagen. Regional hubs are emerging throughout the world with their role being instrumental to the success of Transition – Kerry is no exception. Transition Network have agreed to give us some funding to support our work with the People’s Energy Charter, to cover expenses.

We also contributed to the recent consultation on the National Risk Assessment. Our submission is here – National%20Risk%20Assesment%20submissions.pdf

If you would like to be involved in anything you have just read about please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email to TINIreland at If you have something else to suggest then please get in touch also.

Yours in transition


Green Paper Submission

dcenr submission

wind energyReport Wiind energy –

139_Wind_Energy_Main_Report  pdf


Energy future of Ireland, meeting nov. 2012  in POrt Laoise, organised by LEAF

Report of the meeting – pc bijeenkomst leafPeoples Energy  Charter -