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FRACKING WILL START IN NI SOON!  EARLY 2015  with testdrilling  and then it will start in the Republic of Ireland!

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Update on fracking in NI and the ROI in 2015 Fracking Matters Newsletter 31 dec. 2015

Untitled-Captured-11RichardBoydBarrrett-600x450cdm 1

Fracking Matters Newsletter introducing anti fracking bill  The EPA report and Stop the Study

Local authorities say no to fracking
Leitrim and Sligo –  and current plans
Clare                      and current plans
Fermanagh            and current plans
Rathlin Island         and current plans
Rathlin basin          and current plans
Larne basin            and current plans

LEAFLETS – Printables-Presentations/posters/flyers


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 Update Fracking in (NI) Ireland here is more info:

MAPS  of the area’s – see printables/maps



Ban in the development plan Co. Leitrim
It is the policy of this Council to apply the precautionary principle to Unconventional Oil/gas Exploration and Extraction (UGEE) projects/operations proposed within the county. Given the scientific evidence, and personal testimonies, of the risks of UGEE projects/operations and with the objective of avoiding the risk of serious danger to human health or the environment, it is therefore the policy of Leitrim County Council that UGEE projects/operations shall not be permitted within the County of Leitrim.

Ban on fracking: Co. Roscommon, Co. Clare, Co. Cavan ,Co. Donegal, Co. Sligo, Sligo Borough Council, NI Assembly (vote 49-30)
Moratorium: Co. Leitrim
Amend county development plan: Co. Clare

Leitrim Co. Co. Development Plan 2014

Interview with Leah Doherty from NO FRACKING IRELAND  (RTE  Morning Ireland, 14 January 2014)

Overview of fracking and Ireland

–  (August 2012)

Stephen Rennicks, visited the wells drilled between 1960 and 2001

FRACKING LICENSES  ( and scroll down)
Visit also: Web FFI, button: Political issues, scoll down scroll down to minutes and motions   and all licenses

Breaking: Tamboran to seek two judicial reviews as their licence comes to an end
Posted on
An award-winning film-maker has produced a YouTube video
condemning fracking in Ireland.
Here is a short film by Dearbhla Glynn ‘The Future for Shale’ that was
supported by AFRI and filmed in Leitrim and Fermanagh
Europe Fracking sets alarm among Ireland’s farmers

john brennanNew report form All jazeera –


Fractured landscapes – DCTV (November 2012)




benbulben bundoran shaleBig Dog, final report: Bundoran and Benbulbenbig-dog-1_final_report1




Update on the Irish situation – October 2012 by Ineke Scholte
Fracking in Ireland – short update Oct 2012
Fracking in Ireland – update oct. 2012

Fracking comes to Ireland (August 2012)
Power Point Presentationby Ineke Scholte, Fracking outlined and updated for NI and ROI topics include: what is fracking, where fracking, when fracking, why fracking, (and other options) why not fracking and much more.
PPP version 2:
Power Point Presentation (version 1)


the gas man cometh 2
Fermanagh MLAs leave names off anti-fracking petition –

FRACKING company Tamboran say they expect to drill a well in Ireland this summer. The development comes alongside news that  no Fermanagh MLAs have signed a petition aimed at getting the Assembly to discuss the company’s licence.

‘Tamboran confirm plans for a basin edge well called Belcoo#1
to be drilled before the end of June Oilbarrel. com article.’
“In Ireland and Northern Ireland, the company holds 400,000 acres on either side of the border in the Lough Allen Basin (200,000 acres in the north). The company reckons it has a drill-­ready exploration project in the PL2/10
Exploration Licence that could be an analogue to the prolific Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas.There’s extensive data here from 13 vertical wells, six of which have been successfully fracked, plus over 770 km of vintage 2D seismic and extensive drill cuttings and cores. Independent consultants reckon there could be 3TCF of recoverable gas in the Bundoran Shale, with additional upside in additional shale formations.
The Belcoo #1 well should be spudded in Q2 2014. It is a 725m basin­edge well to gather rock properties of the Carboniferous shale in the Bundoran. The expected cost of the well is around US$3 million (net) and will be funded from the company’s balance sheet. In the success case Tamboran estimates the potential value uplift of around
US$150­ US$250 million or around US$2­4/share of the 66.7 million shares on issue at the time of writing “There’s extensive data here from 13 vertical wells, six of which have been successfully fracked.”
I am rather upset. The news today is that Tamboran is going ahead with drilling at Belcoo within the next few weeks. How is this possible? Also, it says quite clearly “SIX” wells have been successfully fracked. EXPLAIN this please.
Can you also confirm that you have not had to sign one of Tamboran’s gagging orders and that you are actually free to talk openly about the process. You assured me that no fracking had taken place, yet here it says they have fracked six wells. Who is actually telling the truth’

Airing Erris episode 2
A seminar on the media treatment of the Shell Corrib issue

Arch Bisshop Tutu calls for independent inquiry into policing of corrib gas project.

An award-winning film-maker has produced a YouTube video
condemning fracking in Ireland.Dearbhla Glynn, who won the Grand Prize
at the 2013 Irish Council for Civil Liberties Human Rights Film Awards for her
documentary The Value of Women in The Congo, has made fracking the focus
of her newest venture with Afri
Here is a short film by Dearbhla Glynn ‘The Future for Shale’ that was
supported by AFRI and filmed in Leitrim and Fermanagh and includes
interviews from members of FFAN, Love Leitrim, GEAI, Jessica Ernst, and
Greg Palast. @loveleitrim


Interview with Eddie Mitchel re. Ban on Fracking in Leitrim County Development Plan

Leah Doherty sat through the council meeting to vote on banning fracking from the County Development Plan; she explains the dodgy attempt to corrupt the democratic process then explains what the result means after the vote passed and we hear a cheer for Councillor Gerry Dolan who put his neck on the block to fight for a fracking free Ireland. Thank you so much to the campaigners!

Interview with Leah Doherty,20505067,20505067,flash,232

National Development Day – Fracking Free Network (Ireland/NI)

Report of the meeting 5th April – Fracking Free Network -Enniskillen
Next Network Meeting: Saturday July 6th, Provisionally Belfast

The National Development Day/National Network meeting was held on Saturday  18th Jan. In Sligo. Many representatives from various groups did attend.
The name Fracking Free Network (Ireland/Northern Ireland) was chosen.
Meetings will be quaterly, the first Saturday of each quater.
Next meeting will be 5th April 2014  12 pm. Fermanagh group will organise venue, possibly in Enniskillen. Chair is: Michael Cairns.

Microsoft Word – Anti-Fracking Network Meeting18-01-2014 met correcties

tom white and L CCD

PLease note decision should be position!

Tamborans submission – TamboranSubmission

Environmental Pillar

Josh Fox Brussels 2013 -Gallery:

IMG_0371Josh would love to come to Ireland (video) –  (40 mb)

Watch on youtube: Josh Fox: ‘ I would love to come to Ireland’

Josh final musical answer ( 7 mb)

The recorded livestream and the presentations of the conference:

No unconventional gas licenses –

Answer to AEI  request

Schedule of records- Scedule of records
Appeal procedure AEI Microsoft Word – AIE Appeals proceedures

No Petroleum Prospecting Licences issued for Shale gas –


TamboranLicence : The Licence agreement signed indicating a PPL is required. Enegi and LANGCO have similar conditions.



Fracking licensing procedure explained

Reply to a campaigner – Microsoft Word – Reply-from-Minister-O

(more info:

Plans by Tamboran for HF for SG-ETI

1.5 Tamboran’s proposed work plan

Tamboran’s outline work programme is summarised in their Licence, Appendix B.
The specific details are not yet developed although it is thought that they will shortly
apply to DETI to drill a vertical stratigraphic borehole for rock sampling right through
the section, perhaps to a depth of 1200 m.


August 2013
The EPA will be issuing the tender call for the research into Fracking in September

The review of the submissions on the proposed research project on the impacts of extraction of shale gas is now nearing completion, and the EPA intend to publish the tender documents including the TOR in September, with a deadline for November for tenders to be submitted. Once contracts are signed it will be a 24 month project.

Confirmation Enegi has applied for an exploration licence – Press release 21/2 2013

Geologist casts doubt on shale gas claims –
the main goal of these companies is to attract investment, gas or no gas.
and the companies doesn’t have a PPL

Update on the irish situation by Eddie Mitchell – (March 2013)

Eddie Mitchell travelled to Co. Clare (all Clare basin info: )

I visited West Clare at the week end met a many dedicated and informed citizens concerned about the possibility of Hydraulic fracturing for shale Gas going ahead in their region. For comparison I have looked at Alberta and placed the map of west Clare at the same scale the Canadian landscape.
There are 3.23 pads/square mile in this scenario.
In correspondence with Richard Moorman in relation to the Lough Allen Basin he proposed 1 number 7 acre pad per square mile ( see attached). The pads in the images attached are only 3.5 acres in size.
Has the company given any indication about pad density or well density?

Fractured landscapes – DCTV (November 2012)

Update on the Irish situation – October 2012  by Ineke Scholte
Fracking in Ireland – short update Oct 2012
Fracking in Ireland – update oct. 2012

Fracking comes to Ireland (August 2012)
Power Point Presentationby Ineke Scholte,  Fracking outlined and updated for NI and ROI topics include: what is fracking, where fracking, when fracking, why fracking, (and other options)  why not fracking and much more.

Power Point Presentation (vers.2)
Power Point Presentation (version 1)


More updates
Meeting Love Leitrim 12 June 2012

Eddie Mitchell talk on Potential Extraction of Unconventional Gas in the Northwest of Ireland

Rob Doyle Response to Aberdeen Report
Part one –
Part two –

Dr Carroll O’ Dolan Talk – Health Implications of Proposed Fracking in NW Ireland
Part one –
Part  two –



Fracking and the role of the EPA (why not to submit to Terms of References) March 2013)

April 2013

Dear Editor,

Please see my letter below which I will be sending alongside my property tax self evaluation form to the Revenue Commissioner. I believe that until the Irish Government declares Ireland Fracking Free by placing a permanent ban on Fracking in the island of Ireland, the people living in targeted areas should be exempt from paying property tax.

Fracking is a process which creates devastating water, land and air contamination and results in the violation of the basic human right to clean water and air. No amount of footpaths and street lights can make up for this drastic betrayal of the Irish people and the devastation of Irish countryside, farming and tourist industries.

I would encourage others living in the targeted areas for fracking in Clare and Leitrim to take a stand and to send the following or similar letter to the Revenue Commissioner.
Dear Revenue Commissioner,

I am writing to let you know that I am self evaluating my home as being worth €0. My home is located in the 500 sq km Clare Basin which is targeted for fracking or Unconventional Gas Extraction by Enegi Oil Prospecting Company.

Fracking is a process involving drilling, explosions and the use of vast quantities of sand,
water and toxic chemicals to force the release of gas from shale rock below the earth’s surface. The process has been proven to contaminate land, air and water. The whole area around where I live will become a toxic industrial wasteland.

Until the Irish government declares a permanent ban on fracking in the island of Ireland my home and those in the targeted fracking zones of Clare and Leitrim should be exempt from paying property tax as our homes are effectively worth nothing.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica Ernst’s tour in Ireland 2013

slides up on speaking events page now:


Apply for a Frack Free Leitrim  –

Application for a Licence Not to Frack Ireland

Minister Pat Rabbitte
Petroleum Affairs Division
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
29 – 31 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2

Cc: Minister Fergus O’Dowd

February 2013

Dear Minister Rabbitte,

We, People of Ireland and friends of Ireland, hereby apply to the Petroleum Affairs Division for a licence not to carry out hydraulic fracturing in Ireland. Due to economic necessity, human and animal health and future happiness of communities, we feel it is imperative that our wishes are carried out. The pending deadline of February 28 for applications by gas companies for exploration licences is, for us, a deadline for our futures.
The reasons we need a licence granted for Ireland not to be fracked are:

Our right to exist in a rural area, not an industrial zone
Our right to live and work in an area without 24-hour noise and light pollution
Our right to clean, uncontaminated water
Our right to continue to live in our own community
Our right to carry out our indigenous businesses of tourism, food production, farming and agri-food unhindered
Our right to have our elected representatives carry out our wishes
Our right not to have our natural resources used for the benefit of others
Our right not to have our reputation as a clean environment abroad spoiled
Our right not to have our health damaged for the good of multinational companies

Signed ________________

Place of residence __________________

The impact of fracking

Ban Fracking and shale gas in Europe before it’s too late!

The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament joined by key European NGOs FOEE, F&W Europe and H & E want to shed light on all the irreversible impacts that could result from the development of this new energy source and call for a immediate ban on fracking and shale gas in Europe… and beyond.

Article by Davide Gallazzi: Fracking: are short-term economic benefits far outweighed by long-term damage to the environment?Inshore Ireland Vol8 nr 4 2012 (sept 2012)

State geologist questions fracking firm’s data

Letter and recommendations to MEP’s – Sonic and Tzavela report (November 2012)

MEP letter all MEP’s _internet_

MEP letter attachments

Collected signatures sent to Ineke:Total signatures ROI and NI sent to Ineke

Total signatures ROI and NI sent to Ineke

The procedure, the possibilities and recommendations by the FoE E explained.

Q what are your views re. the explanatory statements.
It is actually the last vestige of the initial text drafted by Sonik, which can unfortunately not be modified, but which only reflects the views of the rapporteur. It goes without saying that we do not support that part of the document but that’s most fortunately a very secondary part of the document which is now in complete contradiction with the rest of the report (compromise amendments + many green amendments). What will really be taken in consideration is only the 68 paragraphs above.

 Q what happens if you vote NO to the ENVI ?
If we vote No to the ENVI report, it would first send a difficult message to our allies in the European Parliament. I can only agree with you, this report is not what we want: We would just like to hear them calling for a ban on shale gas and on fracking, but the EP is unfortunately an Assembly with a large conservative majority, so potentially with a majority supporting any new business development in Europe. It is then quite a success to have a report like this one, that is the result of 4 months of quite intense and unusual coordination between a wide range of political groups (Liberals and Democrats, Socialists, Greens and left wing) aiming at seriously reversing a very pro-industry first draft. The current version of the report is far from being perfect, we are the first to agree with that, but I have the feeling this is really the best we can have (for the moment, at least).
Saying No to that report would then risk to leave a door wide-open for the industry which wouldn’t be challenged by a legal text from the European Parliament. It would be the best present we could offer to the industry.

Talamh letter to MEPs

Talamh commentary Statmt

Grassroot gathering – Oct 2012

Grassroot report – Report from fracking sessions at grassroots gathering2012

Good Energies Alliance submitted to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport and Communications
Transcript of Dail Committee Hearing 


Ireland the wrong place to start fracking –
Oireachtas submission –
Opening statement Final –
Meeting and press release, Sat. 27 Oct. regarding the testing the water pollicy of the Environmental Pillar
(scroll down environmental pillar proposal and statement)

                                                         PRESS RELEASE
Following a meeting at the Bush Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon on Saturday 27th October, where a large attendance gathered, of concerned individuals and members from all groups involved in the anti-fracking campaign.
An unanimous agreement by all in attendance, that a statement should be
issued as follows.

“We demand a complete ban on fracking in Ireland, i.e. a ban on on-shoreunconventional hydrocarbon exploration and extraction inter alia also
called hydraulic fracturing.”

As Founder and Secretary of the Irish Environmental Forum, I was requested to chair this meeting. Our Forum felt that it was important that a united approach to a complete ban on Fracking in Ireland should be the goal, by all groups in the campaign. It was evident that all groups and indiviuals had one aim and one aim only, that was to ban this fracking outright throughout Ireland and not just in Letrim.

It was also evident, that the amount of work already put into this campaign was huge and comprehensive by all groups and the meeting at Bush Hotel on the 27th further showed that this determination and fight would not stop until the Government, its Agencies and the Industry in Question would walk away defeated from this project.
The Irish Environmental Forum believes that under no circumstances, fracking should even be considered for any part of Ireland. It would be one of the biggest Environmental Disaster ever to hit Ireland. Campaigners working together have a huge strength and capacity to make real change, in particular, to make sure that the social system works for the ordinary people and not just for big industry.”

Another important item on the agenda was the Terms of Reference for the new EPA study on fracking. A lively discussion was held on an offer to the campaigners from the EPA to engage in a limited public participation exercise to formulate “a list of questions that need to be answered by the
research”. The meeting unanimously agreed not to engage in any process other than full public consultation that would be suitable to all, that would take into account their concerns that they would raise, on certain
aspects of that full public particapation. Nothing could be taken for granted until these questions have been answered in full and agreed by all.

The concern to the EPA been immune from proscution under the EPA Act was raised. This meant that no one in the EPA would be held accountable, should  the EPA make any decision in relation to Fracking that would impact on the community regarding its environment and human health in particular.

Another concern were the public comments by the Director General of the EPA, Ms Laura Burke “ That the Environmental Protection Agency should not be racing to prosecute business for not complying with environmental licences and regulations” The question must be asked, if the EPA themselves
does not intend to uphold the law to protect the Environment in Leitrim or any part of Ireland, then who will? It certainly cannot inspire confidence in any process that the EPA would be involved in.

A statement was issued by the meeting asking all environmental groups, including members of the Irish Environmental Pillar, not to engage in the process proposed. Strong feelings at the meeting, that any proposal from Government or Agencies should be made directly to the Community where fracking is been considered.

During the discussion it was pointed out that on 19th November (the final date for the proposed EP/EPA ‘consultation’ to be submitted) the EU was taking a very important vote

Apparently 9 EU countries threatened with fracking have already officially submitted their county’s hard copy and online petitions to be presented to  the  PETI commission in time to add weight to the vote against the adoption of these reports – Ireland is apparently noticeably absent from the list.

It is vital that all petitions are returned as soon as possible to Ineke Scholte She can also be contacted by email

Our forum was happy to facilate this meeting and that decisive decisions were take on an unanimously basis in coming to the decisions it did. This shows the strength and solidarity of the campaign and forms an excellent basis for going forward. Fracking would cause an environmental disaster nationally as well as locally and these big industries must learn that local communities have a voice and the strength to protect their land and  their health.”


Pat Geoghegan
secretary of the IEF

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Environmental Pillar Policy on fracking:(August 2012)

environmental pillar proposal and statement
friends of the earth Ireland  statement – foe Ireland  26 October 2012

Talamh’s poisition on Environmental Pillar Proposal – Talamh response EPA-TOR

Ecowatch calls for fracking ban in europe

JULY 2012
– Article on fracking in the Summer 2012 Environment and Climate Newsletter 2012

FERMANAGH – Tamboran plans to begin fracking in Fermanagh in 2014

Frack Beware

1 well: 20 million litres of water
24 wells on a pad
Each pad 7 acres
60 pads, one every 2 miles throughout the target area in Leitrim.
60 pads, one every 2 miles throughout the target area in Fermanagh.
Intensive Industrialisation of 100.000 acres



Every four years the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues a report on the status of the environment in the Republic of Ireland (RoI). In June it issued Ireland’s Environment 2012: An Assessment (IE2012). Data on which the report is based is collected and published throughout the intervening four years but the report provides an opportunity for EPA and the public to step back, take a broad view of conditions in the environment, and assess where we stand on protecting our natural resources
Here we will highlight some of the pluses and minuses of environmental conditions in the RoI as revealed by the IE2012.
For full report  see button: official reports



Interview with Eddie Mitchel re. Ban on Fracking in Leitrim County Development Plan

Big Gas companies: never let a crisis go to waste
see also his call for a ban on fracking