USEA, DoE to unveil LNG handbook for sub-Saharan Africa

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USEA, DoE to unveil LNG handbook for sub-Saharan Africa – or “How to engage in modern colonialism, more climate change and eventually mass migration …”

The United States Energy Association, together with the Department of Energy will unveil an LNG handbook designed to aid sub-Saharan Africa to develop LNG infrastructure. 

According to the DoE, the handbook focuses on the factors that exporting or importing nations on the continent need to consider when making decisions about natural gas development in general and more specifically the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.

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From the people to the President in 6yrs. Onshore fracking officially banned today!
Congrats everyone! Now we move on to offshore and stopping the planned LNG plant which would import fracked gas from U.S. into North Kerry.

 A grassroot campaigner:

 "I just want to pass on my thanks to you for all
 your amazing work over the past six years. The
 Fracking Free Ireland website was an invaluable source of
 information, your newsletters always well presented, punctual and
 informative and your networking helped bring so many people
 together. S0 glad that the government *finally* saw sense and
 did the right thing by introducing a ban, even if it didn't
 cover offshore.
 Wish the campaign hadn't dragged on for so
 long, though, but hey we got there in the end and that's all
 that matters.Becoming the third country in the world to ban
 fracking is a massive achievement, and without the strong
 grassroots campaigning it would never have come about as you
 know well yourself."

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SENEAD: anti fracking BILL 2016: SECOND STAGE (transcription)

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The fracking ban bill was discussed  in the Irish Seanad (read transcription below)
Cross-party support guaranteed and the need for a ban in Northern Ireland was raised.

David Norris raised questions regarding the wording

:” There are a number of aspects of the Bill that are difficult.

  • The definition of “hydraulic fracturing” is narrow and weak. It allows for the possibility of the fracking industry developing new techniques that are not covered by this legislation.
  • The definition of “internal waters” is inadequate. It does not cover service water or groundwater. There is a proposed sanction of a six month prison sentence for offenders, but where is the policing mechanism? There is no policing mechanism at all, which is also worrying.
  • There is an absence of a definition of “land”. There is a very comprehensive definition of land in the EU habitats directive. Why could this not have been put into the legislation? Internal waters are listed but it does not specify groundwater at all. This is also worrying. Many people have lobbied me on this matter and they have raised these concerns. It is important we get the ban on fracking because without it, these operations will continue in places such as Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo, Clare and other parts of Ireland. We must be very careful.
  • Climate change was mentioned.”

Sinn Féin Senator clearly for expansion of ban on offshore fracking at a later stage:

Green Party Senator raised climate change problem, asked for a clear Irish path towards 100% Clean Energy Ireland and said that a LNG terminal at Shannon – which aims at importing US fracked hydrocarbons – cannot be supported.

We now look forward to the next steps in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Next Tuesday the Committee Stage in the Seanad will follow.

Hope was expressed that bill could be signed before summer break.
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Fracking and the food system

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Ireland Fracking Free – onshore –

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Woodburn Solidarity Trip

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Fracking – not Fracking : redefining words

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Infrastrata say they are not going to frack at Woodburn -Third Energy said the same in Nrth Yorkshire but now all that’s changed – these companies are very economical with the truth, or to put it another way, they lie.

The planners in the Council of Ryedale North Yorkshire yesterday voted to allow fracking company Third Energy to proceed despite huge local and international opposition in the form of peer reviewed scientific research, including health studies which resulted in New York state banning fracking in June 2015.

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Mini frack

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Untitled-Captured-03What is a minifrac?

 Rathlin have applied to perform a “mini fall off test” on each of their wells.
This is also known as a minifrac in the industry.  [Halliburton]
So what is it?

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