Scotland: Passing Ban, No Fracking

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ban scotland

The Scottish Parliament on Wednesday narrowly passed a motion in support of an outright fracking ban, setting up a potential showdown over the controversial fossil fuels extraction method.

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UK government’s fracking definition ‘could allow drilling without safeguards’

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For anyone who claims Infrastrata are not going to be using fracking at the Woodburn site – read the article below.

I have asked Eoin O Broin of Sinn Fein to get his party to question Infrastrata over the details (discussed in the article below) in regard to the many hows surrounding the type of drilling operation Infrastrata intend to use at Woodburn.

I also stated to Eoin O’Broin that SF have had long enough to decide which side they are on when it comes to Infrastrata’s drill at Woodburn and until SF take real action to stop Infrastrata and come out publicly with a party statement outlining this course of action & calling for Infrastrata’s operation to be shut down – until then the reality is that SF are not on the side of the ‪#‎stopthedrill‬ campaign.

Whether or not Infrastrata intend to use fracking (many of us believe they will) does not dictate whether or not this drill should go ahead – the drilling at Woodburn should not proceed for many reasons – top of that list is obviously water protection.

In the past I recommended to those involved in the campaign in Antrim to get a geologist on board to look at the area Infrastrata wish to drill – this info will lead to a greater understanding of the whole area, what sort of drilling would be needed, what sort of deposits are there (ie oil, radium, uranium, lead, other heavy metals etc etc…)

Also Tellus a cross border geophysical data survey was conducted throughout this island a couple of years ago – if the #stopthedrill campaign has enough money from fundraising (if not we could raise more) they could get the geological data available from Tellus which would answer many questions that still remain about this area ie the oil deposits and type and extent if drilling needed to extract it.

If you’re involved in SF or a supporter of theirs you might want to start getting some answers from them asap.

uk fracking def

Leading geologist warns loophole in government’s legal definition of fracking could enable companies to bypass safety precautions

The UK government has been accused of including a large loophole in its legal definition of fracking which could enable companies to bypass safety regulations, according to a leading geologist.

In rules that came into force on 6 April, fracking is defined by the amount of high-pressure fluid used to fracture shale rocks and release gas or oil. However, the only well fracked in the UK so far, which caused small earthquakes near Blackpool in 2011, would not qualify as fracking under the definition.

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Chairman of UK Environment Agency has links to Cuadrilla

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And don’t Dilley Dally on the way

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday on the interesting story about Sir Philip Dilley, the Chairman of the Environment Agency, being out of the country on holiday in Barbados as the Boxing Day floods hit.

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Draft shale gas rural economy impacts paper

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Here it is – at last !!!!! The UK Gov redacted it in 63 places first time round.


Lancashire Concil voted to reject planning application for fracking

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Monday 29 June 2015The UK Lancs CC Dev Control Committee has voted NOT to have any HVHF pads in Lancashire at this time. Based on additional advice over the weekend.
The proposal for seismic arrays has also just been refused !

Cuadrilla can will go for an appeal and the SoS can overturn. Let’s hope they give up after fighting for 5 years. I suspect they will not after spending £175M. The Chancellor said last Sept he would ensure this happens!! So we need to prepare for the appeal to make sure that we make it impossible for Cuadrilla to drill and frack. That needs a very thorough preparation period and all technical aspects brought before the QCs who arte not technical and do not understand that visual impacts are permanent even after P&A and pad removal. This needs explain just why in great detail so they can make the legal case for DM2 and all other aspects


MASSIVE news just in – people power has stopped fracking in Lancashire. [1] Local residents, supported by thousands of us from across the UK, persuaded the council to vote down the frackers’ plans.

Lancashire Council voted to reject the planning application by 9 votes to 3. And without planning permission, fracking can’t happen.

If fracking had got the go-ahead there, it would have been a first foothold in the UK for this controversial and dirty industry. The oil and gas corporations were determined to make this happen. [2] David Cameron was determined to make it happen. [3] But instead, people power has won the day.

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Fracking applications rejected in Lancashire – EU commission stakeholder meeting

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Fracking applications rejected in Lancashire, UK, and an EU Commission stakeholder meeting

Just over a week ago we published our new briefing and detailed report looking at chemical pollution from fracking. It’s been a busy 10 days since publication, withinaccurate criticism of our report from the UK fracking industry, two decisions on fracking applications in Lancashire, UK, and an EU Commission stakeholder meeting.

Lancashire County Council have been deciding on two separate planning applications for fracking in the county, one at Roseacre Wood, the other at Preston New Road; both applications came from the UK-based company Cuadrilla Resources. Last week the councillors voted to reject the Roseacre Wood application, while yesterday they voted against the Preston New Road site. These votes have led to some questioning the future of fracking in the UK, but there is likely to be an appeal from Cuadrilla. CHEM Trust had sent copies of our report to the councillors prior to their discussions.

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Cuadrilla fracking decision – day 1 in pictures

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K Government ordered to release redacted fracking report in full

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The UK Govt (DEFRA) now has 35 calendar days in which to comply with this order of the UK Information Commissioner to release its full report on the impact of fracking on the rural economy. . If DEFRA fails to release the full report, the UK Information Commissioner could take action against it for contempt of court. The release of this report in full could have a significant role to play in the fracking debate in Ireland, particularly as the rural economy in Ireland is a larger contributor to the  overall economy here when it is compared to the impact of the rural economy in the UK to the overall UK economy


June 18, 2015

Government ordered to release redacted fracking report in full

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