Bye Bye Infrastrata – Press Release Woodburn forest completion of drilling

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RNS Releases
16 June 2016 – Woodburn Forest-1 well – completion of drilling PDF Print E-mail
InfraStrata plc (AIM:INFA), the independent petroleum exploration and gas storage company, announces that drilling has been completed at Woodburn Forest in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The well was drilled to a depth of 2,000 metres and encountered two conventional sandstone reservoir intervals, the Triassic Sherwood and the Lower Permian Sandstones. Wireline log analysis has calculated porosities of over 20% in the upper parts of both the Sherwood and the Lower Permian Sandstones but both targets were water wet.

The well will now be plugged and abandoned.

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14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government

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14 new off shore licenses issued in the dying days of a government – sound familiar? ‪#‎fracking‬ 2011

As the election squabble sideshow grabs the headlines, ownership of Irish natural resources is being handed over to foreign corporations

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Marian Harkin – criticizes Sligo regarding blocking a ban on fracking in the CDP

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marian harkin

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‘Stop TTIP’ calls on European Parliament to reject ISDS in upcoming resolution

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million sign European Citizens’ Initiative against EU-US trade deal

Stop TTIP’ calls on European Parliament to reject ISDS in upcoming resolution

The European Citizens’ Initiative “Stop TTIP” has reached a new record number of signatures a few days ahead of a critical vote on TTIP in the European Parliament. With 2 million signatories, this is the largest European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) since the introduction of the instrument in 2012. In order for an ECI to be successful, half this number would suffice. Moreover, Stop TTIP has collected the required minimum number of signatures in 14 EU Member States, double the amount needed to receive an official response from the European Commission and a hearing in the European Parliament.

The day after tomorrow, on 10 June 2015, the European Parliament will vote on a resolution concerning TTIP. Michael Efler, member of Stop TTIP’s Citizens’ Committee commented:

2 million people are demanding to stop the negotiations on TTIP. Members of the European Parliament should remember this when making their vote. The draft resolution is weak in that it welcomes the inclusion of investor-state-dispute-settlement (ISDS) in TTIP. This would allow corporations to sue governments in private courts for practically any state action that interferes with investments and lowers their expected profit, a practice that would undermine the rule of law and democratic principles.”

We call on the European Parliament to reject TTIP because it is a threat to our democracy as well as protection standards for labour rights, the environment and public health. At the very least, the European Parliament should take a clear stance against ISDS. All the improvements to ISDS that have been proposed by the European Commission and European Social Democrats are insufficient. The problem remains that ISDS would constitute a parallel justice system for investors that would be unnecessary, dangerous for democracy and could prove very costly for taxpayers. If no clear statement against ISDS is included in the resolution, the European Parliament would do better to reject it all together.”

Stop TTIP is carried out by an alliance of more than 470 civil society organisations – consumer watchdogs, environmental groups and trade unions – from right across Europe. Signature collection will continue until 6 October to increase political pressure further. The largest ECIs so far were “Water is a Human Right” (2013) and “One of Us” (2013) with 1.8 million signatures each. The European Commission had rejected Stop TTIP in autumn last year as an official ECI. The alliance is currently challenging this decision in the European Court of Justice and is meanwhile carrying out the ECI signature collection on a self-organised basis.

Moratorium vote EU – update + Press release

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Hi there,

Just wanted to share a bit more news about the results of last week’s vote on a fracking moratorium in the Parliament’s Industry Committee. Please read my blog for more details:
30 votes in favour means that at least the social-democrat group S&D, the Greens, the left-wing GUE and the Italian 5-star MEPs voted in favour of the fracking moratorium amendment. I am particularly pleased that (most of) the S&D MEPs seem to be turning against fracking. Maybe the liberal ALDE group also supported the amendment … I am still trying to find out.
As for the individual votes of MEPs, there was no roll-call. So, there is no way of knowing who voted in favour or against. Which is really too bad … will try to make sure that this will happen next time for sure. I am told that it is rather unusual to have roll-call votes at the level of the EP committees.
We were also ‘lucky’ in the sense that all 3 UK MEPs (Labour, UKIP and Conservative) were not present to vote, as they would have all voted against the amendment.
Nevertheless, none of the dozen amendments, introduced by right-wing MEPs, got a majority … which really shows that the Parliament is not buying the idea that ‘indigenous energy sources’ like shale gas can help the EU to achieve better ‘energy security’.

I am also happy that more than 700 people used our online action on this vote … I am sure that this caught the attention of some MEPs at least. See the thank you message below that was sent to our online supporters.
One last thing: our press release , which Geraldine already circulated.


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‘No fracking will take place on that site’ says chief behind California Quarry project as plans are unveiled

SCORES of Purbeck residents attended an information event yesterday, outlining plans to explore for gas and oil from Swanage’s California Quarry. Continue reading

Northern Ireland – update

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Protect our North Coast hold successful meeting

Campaigners lobbying to protect the North Coast from oil and gas extraction (especially fracking) held a public meeting in Portrush last Wednesday night.

Despite the stormy night people arrived to learn more and share their concerns.

Invited speaker, Gary McFarlane, Director, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Northern Ireland, emphasised the social and economic problems posed by pursuing the extraction of more fossil fuels – including shale gas, more so than the environmental problems.

While he acknowledged the environmental impacts, he said he was more concerned about what it meant for humans and for our society and economy.

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Press release: Threat to Farming, Tourism and Health a major concern for locals who turn out on stormy evening for Protect Our North Coast (PONC) Network meeting Continue reading