Infrastructure minister Chris Hazzard unlikely to intervene in Woodburn Forest oil project

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THE infrastructure minister, Chris Hazzard, has been criticised after indicating he will not be intervening directly in the case of an exploratory oil drill at Woodburn Forest near Carrickfergus.

The Sinn Féin minister has proposed a change in the law to require any exploration company to seek full planning permission for test drilling, but said there were “very limited opportunities for me to act in this case” as the matter was now the responsibility of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.
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Woodburn forest debate: Official report & Text Motion

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Woodburn Forest

Mr. Durkan: 7.45 pmI have been inundated with angry tweets, emails and correspondence on this issue. I even got a letter from Mark Ruffalo, the Incredible Hulk actor. Believe me, you do not want to make him angry.
Mr Agnew: He turns green.
Mr Durkan: He clearly is green, all right.

Live updates on Woodburn Forest debate

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Independent journalism on fracking, onshore oil and gas and the reactions to it

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Woodburn Forest 160509 2The Northern Ireland Assembly is debating a motion by Sinn Fein politicians, Oliver McMullan and Gerry Kelly, on InfraStrata’s drilling plans at Woodburn Forest in County Antrim. The drilling has been allowed under permitted development rights, without the need for planning permission, consultation or an environmental impact assessment. Check for live updates throughout the evening.

The motion is:

That this Assembly notes with concern the application by InfraStrata to drill at Woodburn Forest, County Antrim; recognises the concerns of residents in County Antrim over drilling proposals at the forest; and calls on the Executive to ensure that such applications are not approved until assurances are secured against any negative potential impacts on water supply, the environment, tourism and local communities.

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Amendment by Sinn Fein

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Dail Bill seeks to ban fracking and ‘stop it gaining a foothold in Ireland’

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motionA DÁIL Bill which aims to ban the controversial natural gas extraction technique of hydraulic fracturing – commonly known as fracking – in the state has been launched by Sinn Féin TDs Brian Stanley and Martin Kenny.

The extraction process involves pumping thousands of gallons of water mixed with rock-dissolving chemicals into the ground to break up the rock and allow trapped gas to move towards the surface, where it can be extracted.

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Protest at Dublin HQ over Woodburn Forest

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12:53Friday 20 May 2016

Green activists are to protest at Sinn Féin’s Dublin headquarters tomorrow in relation to the Woodburn Forest drill in Carrickfergus.Representatives from Young Friends of the Earth will take part in a demonstration urging the party to take a public stand against the project.Mícheál Callaghan of Young Friends of the Earth Ireland said: “Despite grassroots level Sinn Féin party members and local councillors being opposed to the drill at Woodburn, the response from senior members of the party has been limited despite the vocal – and laudable – opposition of the party to extractive industries.

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Exploration Licences: Oral Answers to Questions — Enterprise, Trade and Investment – in the Northern Ireland Assembly at 2:15 pm on 14th March 2016

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Exploration Licences

Oral Answers to Questions — Enterprise, Trade and Investment – in the Northern Ireland Assembly at 2:15 pm on 14th March 2016

David McNarry UKIP 2:15 pm, 14th March 2016

4. Mr McNarry asked the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment how many petroleum and natural gas exploration licences are operational in Northern Ireland. (AQO 9842/11-16)

What is Sinn Feins position on Infrastrata Woodburn drill?

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What is Sinn Fein’s position on Infrastrata Woodburn drill ?

Sinn Fein have been very quiet on Infrastrata’s project in Woodburn Forest ? I think questions need to be asked about why ?

I was present at the Sinn Fein conference in the Lough Erne hotel when via videolink Dr Tony Ingraffea expressed disbelief that an oil and gas drilling project was to proceed within 400M of a reservoir that supplies 130K people with drinking water.  An important point also made was that we are now into riskier drilling. All the easy to get oil and gas is gone, any project that is proposed now is by nature riskier – whether that be into shales, coal or tight sandstone.  These wells and well sites have a poorer record.

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