Overview Fracking campaign Ireland

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How Ireland Banned Fracking – The Importance of Connecting Across Struggles

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LNG and the Ban on Fracking

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Hypocritical Ban on Fracking leaves Ireland with a real “Nimby” dilemma

28 November 2017

Article by Gemma Bryce
In this article Gemma questions if we really banned fracking. She describes the anti fracking campaign, and how we end up with only a ONSHORE anti fracking bill, the political parties involved and how they stopped amendments to extend the ban to OFFSHORE fracking. She also lines out the proposals from minister Naughten to build an LNG terminal in the Port of Cork.

Globalfrackdown 2017 (And Beyond)

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 October 20th, 2017

Globalfrackdown 2017 (And Beyond)

By Andy Gheorghiu

Since 2012, the Global Frackdown – an international day of action initiated by Food & Water Watch to ban fracking – has helped connect activists across the globe and demonstrated the growing power of the movement to stop fracking, gas infrastructure, sand mining and other related extraction methods. This movement is fueled by increasing scientific evidence of the impact of fracking on water, air, health, seismic stability, communities, and the climate on which we all depend.

This year groups from around the globe – moved by our joint spirit of “Not here or anywhere!” – rallied again in solidarity for a Global Frackdown.

People all over the world showed their commitment to a common future that is free of fossil fuels, including the very personal story of Canadian Jessica Ernst on how she took legal action against the oil and gas company Encana and the Alberta government; the joint letter of environmental groups targeting Members of the EU-Commission and Member States representatives against the prioritization of fossil gas infrastructure projects through a “List of Projects of Common Interest”; the trans-atlantic livestreamed discussion about the fracked gas transfers from Pennsylvania, across the Atlantic to Scotland and Norway; the rally and demonstration against the so-called “silver lake”, in Germany; the „blew bubbles action“ in Nottinghams’s Market Square in the UK; the protest for a fracking-free region in Murcia, Spain; and the celebration of the Irish fracking ban in Leitrim.

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From the people to the President in 6yrs. Onshore fracking officially banned today!
Congrats everyone! Now we move on to offshore and stopping the planned LNG plant which would import fracked gas from U.S. into North Kerry.

 A grassroot campaigner:

 "I just want to pass on my thanks to you for all
 your amazing work over the past six years. The
 Fracking Free Ireland website was an invaluable source of
 information, your newsletters always well presented, punctual and
 informative and your networking helped bring so many people
 together. S0 glad that the government *finally* saw sense and
 did the right thing by introducing a ban, even if it didn't
 cover offshore.
 Wish the campaign hadn't dragged on for so
 long, though, but hey we got there in the end and that's all
 that matters.Becoming the third country in the world to ban
 fracking is a massive achievement, and without the strong
 grassroots campaigning it would never have come about as you
 know well yourself."

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President Higgins signs Bill to ban fracking into law

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Ireland joined France, Germany and Bulgaria in banning fracking

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An anti-fracking campaign group in jubilant mood after the fracking Bill was passed banning all fracking in Ireland. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons


Hydraulic fracturing is set to be banned in Ireland after the Seanad passed legislation on Wednesday outlawing the practice.

The House supported a Private Members’ Bill originally introduced in the Dáil by Fine Gael TD Tony McLoughlin.

The Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Prohibition of Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing) Bill 2016 was passed in the Dáil two weeks ago, and now goes to the President for signature.

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Fracking: ‘We argued and protested. We met at marts and concerts. We persisted and we succeeded’

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Fracking: ‘We argued and protested. We met at marts and concerts. We persisted and we succeeded’

This was never just about Leitrim though, or even climate change. It was about the health of communities, writes Scott Coombs.

Scott Coombs Member, Love Leitrim

A BAN ON fracking on the Irish onshore cleared its last major hurdle on Wednesday May 31, when the Dáil passed a Bill to amend the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act.

The Bill prohibits fracking in the Irish onshore and its internal waters for both exploration and extraction. Minister Denis Naughten, expects the bill to become law before the summer recess.Back in August 2011, six months after Brian Cowen’s government fell, things looked very different. We were respectful, but firm. And that’s how things have played out over the past six years. We participated, we resisted. We argued and protested. We persuaded, we persisted and we succeeded.
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Fianna Fáil Private Member’s Motion in support of CETA

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Letter to FF TD’s bij Fracking Free Ireland -Brussels
FF support the anti fracking bill, but also support the CETA,

Dear Fianna Fáil TDs,

It has come to my attention that your party has introduced a Private Member’s Motion in support of CETA which will be debated in the Dáil this Tuesday evening, June 20.
It is hugely disappointing that one day before the legislation banning fracking is to be voted on by the Seanad that Fianna Fáil TDs – many of whom have spoken out against fracking praising the work of grassroots groups – should now seek to undermine these efforts. For those of you not yet aware, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada includes an investment protection mechanism granting rights to investors to sue states that choose to introduce policies or regulations protecting the public interest should these pose a threat to investors’ projected profits. Read more in this report: https://www.tni.org/files/publication-downloads/ceta-trading_away_democracy-2016en.pdf

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