Ireland (ROI/NI)

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Fracking Ireland – with comment on articles and letters to politicians and media

Frackingfree Clare

Lough Allen Basin (not active)


What the frack!
information a.o:

  • a list of townlands involved
  • reports and studies
  • Tamboran meetings – reports and video’s

Fermanagh Fracking Awareness  (NI)

Not for Shale ()NI)  

Northern Ireland East Coast


No Fracking Ireland

No fracking Cavan

Carrick Against Fracking<<

What the frack

Stop Fracking Fermanagh  (NI)


Cross Border Studies

Politics Ireland

Our Irish and International politics forum was started in Ireland in 2010. Join our boards now and take part in political debates and political discussions and chat in our forums on news and current affairs.