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Take action – letter to mr. Durkan

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NI Email MLA’s don’t let Tamboran start testdrilling!


Impression of the EPP congress demonstration in Dublin


BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-8BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-9BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-11BFF EPP Outside Dail Dublin-3BFF EPP Outside Dail Dublin-4BFF EPP Outside Dail Dublin-7BFF EPP Outside Dail Dublin-8Info to European photojournalist BFF EPP Convention Centre DublinBelgian cameraman BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-2European Delagates BFF EPP Convention Centre  Dublin-4RTE cameraman BFF EPP Convention Centre DublinBFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-3

RTE, Belgian, Irish Independent journalist and Martina explains to Eddie Mitchell who was a delegate for Good Energies Alliance Ireland

BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-13BFF EPP Trinity College Dublin-4BFF EPP Outside Dail DublinInfo to Examiner journalist BFF EPP Convention Centre DublinEuropean Delagates BFF EPP Convention Centre  Dublin-2European Heads of Stage leave BFF EPP Convention Centre Dublin-2
European delegates visits and leaves the congress


22th January 2014  Demo in Dublin – EU On January 22 the European commission is due to announce non-binding guidance for fracking as part of the 2030 Climate and Energy Package! In opposition No Fracking Dublin will be holding a Demonstration outside the office of the European Commission Representation in Ireland, European Union House,18 Dawson Street, Dublin. On the same day at  2pm – 4 pm

No Fracking Dublin are asking people to join them in a Demonstration against Europe commission over its U-turn from their previous course to deliver binding legislative proposals on shale gas and other unconventional hydrocarbon extraction.

Two pieces of legislation – the European commission’s shale gas framework announced on January 22nd, and the proposed review of the Environmental impact assessment directive being voted in the European Parliament on the same day – demonstrate, beyond doubt, that European citizens can expect no help, or protection against the dangers of fracking, from Brussels. The interests of dirty industries have yet again prevailed over those of citizens.

Please spread the word and come out and show support

13th Jan.  Leitrim County Council Office – Carrick on Shannon – 4.30 – 6.30
voting county Development Plan

fermanagh protest


 We need to be outside Fermanagh county council on Jan the 9th as Tamboran will be making a presentation to the council that day
they have said they will start test drilling in Big Dog Forest in the next few weeks. We need feet on the street that day to impress upon the council that every day of drilling is going to cost them alot of money, and that there is no love for fracking in Fermanagh.

All about Big Dog here

Please everyone email all the Leitrim County Councillors tonight and tomorrow morning and into the new year to demand that a ban on fracking be put into the county development plan.

EMAIL  Leitrim Co. Councillors and ask strongly to add BAN FRACKING in the Development Plan

The important day to put in your diary is Jan the 13th, Leitrim will be voting on the county development plan, we will need everyone their children, friends and neighbours to be outside the offices to say NO BAN means NO VOTE .

greynolds@leitrimcoco.ie; sineadguckian@leitrimcoco.ie; tmulligan@leitrimcoco.ie;
info@kilranelaw.ie; smcgowan@leitrimcoco.ie; estenson@leitrimcoco.ie;
jmccartin@eircom.net; orourke_paddy@eircom.net; ghughes@leitrimcoco.ie;
callian_ellis@eircom.net; sinnfeinliatroma@eircom.net; fergusonm@eircom.net;
mcdermott_sean@eircom.net; frankdolan03@eircom.net; fdolan@leitrimcoco.ie;

Please note
comary_bohan@eircom.net; email is bounced back.

Health and fracking conference in London 15th Nov. – email politicians!

Email politicians

PLEASE SEND THE FOLLOWING EMAIL TO ALL Councillors, TDs & Senators via www.contact.ie
Also on facebook:  Even if you’re not on fb, you can see the page.

Subject: URGENT: EPA-sponsored Fracking & Health workshop, November 15

Dear …,

Fracking and Health Research Workshop
Friday 15 November 2013, 9am – 5pm
Mary Ward House, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN,
United Kingdom

I would like to highlight the fact that this event is part sponsored by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, a body that has commissioned research to help ‘determine best practice guidelines to regulate the shale gas industry in Ireland’ (all their own words).

This same body is immune from proscution under Irish law. For further details, see here:
The Irish campaign stands united in its demands to have this immunity removed and we are highly sceptical and dubious of the merit of any research being commissioned by this body. Their last commissioned report of May 2012 was conducted by the University of Aberdeen, which used examples from the Marcellus Shale in the US (not relevant to the shale plays in Ireland) and data and research from the University of Texas which has since been shown to be flawed. Yet the EPA study has been classified as peer-reviewed. The universities of Aberdeen and Texas are both funded by the biggest ‘players’ in the oil and gas industry.Regarding the event, when we tried to register, we were sent polite replies stating that the event was by invitation ONLY. So 50 – 60 people will attend, cherry picked no doubt to state that if robust regulations are adhered to, then the process of high volume, slick water, horizontal hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) for shale/coal seam gas has been rendered as ‘safe’ as possible. The ‘findings’ from the conference will be published in a scientific journal, which then lends credence to the EPA’s research.For those in Ireland, especially elected representatives and policy and decision makers to whom I am forwarding this mail, please could you find out how much of our taxpayers’ money is being used to fund this conference, and how transparent the ‘findings’ will be.Following the recent publication of a draft report from Public Health England which concluded that fracking carries low health risks, we are afraid that this event is an industry biased attempt by our pro-unconventional gas governments to ‘whitewash’ the health issues connected to the industry, and to parrot the corporate line of ‘robust’ regulations will minimize health risks to communities”. Nothing short of a ban on HVHF will suffice in Ireland and elsewhere.Press releases and an email and social media campaign are being organised to highlight this event, both in Ireland and UK. We will forward all related articles and press releases onto yourselves.Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information.With best regards,

Dear all
I am asking you to email the Canadian Embassy in Dublin today,

7-8 Wilton terrace
Dublin 2

Tel.: (+ 353 1) 234 4000
Fax: (+ 353 1)234 4001
E-mail: dubln@international.gc.ca

to politely voice your dismay at the way both the Canadian
Government, the district government of New Brunswick, and the Houston
Based Gas company, SWN Resources, are riding roughshod over the human
and environmental rights of the Mik’maq peoples.
A peaceful protest at the site in Rexton turned violent yesterday,
with scores of arrests, reports of rubber bullets and bean bags being
turned on the campaigners, with children and the elderly present.
Please see link below.


Our sample email reads as follows:
Dear Ambassador,

I am emailing to express my dismay at the way the Canadian Government
is treating the Mik’maq tribe in Rexton, New Brunswick. It seems
that corporate greed is being put firmly before people’s needs, and
that the human rights of the Mik’maq are being bulldozed over in
favour of SWN Resources, the company attempting to carry out seismic
testing in the area.
Hydraulic fracturing is a highly contentious issue here in Ireland as
well, with swathes of the North West, Northern Ireland and County
Clare under license to companies who wish to exploit and extract shale
gas using hydraulic fracturing.
We are totally opposed to, and will not give a social, environmental
or community license to any company who wishes to introduce this
degrading and destructive industry to Ireland. We also stand behind
and support those in the Mik’maq peacefully protecting their lands.
You have visited County Sligo this year, and marvelled at its beauty.
Large areas of County Sligo have licensing options “up for grabs” for
unconventional gas extraction. Tourism, farming, and human
habitation are not compatible with hydraulic fracturing.
We remain firmly behind all those in Canada who have dared raise their
voices against ecocidal and environmentally destructive mining
practices: Jessica Ernst, Dr. John O Connor, and the peoples of New
Yours respectfully,




Indymedia Callout
The zombie of fossil fuels staggers on to savage humanity, it’s time to
take it down. There is only one way we can protect our water supply and
meet our climate obligations: leave it in the ground.
Cuadrilla’s license to drill at Balcombe runs out on 28 September.
After the upsurge of climate activism at Reclaim The Power, let’s make
these last 28 days count, stopping their work there and showing those
wanting to frack elsewhere what to expect.
Boost the blockades. Trucks come in on weekdays from the early morning.
Pick a weekday before September 28, gather useful kit and useful friends
and get to Balcombe.
Fracking is stoppable, another world is possible.


From No Fracking Ireland.

Pictures of protest: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151975269546874&type=1&l=62313b20f2

Date: 11 Sept.
Location – Radisson Blu Hotel, Stillorgan Rd, Blackrock, Dublin 4
Time – 9am – 5pm approx
Link on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/381808138615241/

On Sept 11th we will gather to demand that the Irish government and the NI Assembly ban “fracking” and unconventional oil and gas exploration and extraction.

We will also be calling on companies that have been granted licenses to date to relinquish these licenses forthwith.

There is overwhelming scientific and anecdotal evidence (which is being ignored and left uninvestigated) from around the world to support our demand.

We also stand in solidarity with other campaign groups on this island, who are also fighting to protect the environment and their communities against the oil and gas industry. We hope Sept 11th will be a day we can unite in voicing our opposition to the industry and our respective governments.

We hope to see and meet many people at this event from all anti-fracking groups north and south.

The Agenda Day 2 Ireland Oil and Gas Summit 2013

Day 2: Wednesday 11th September 2013

Keynote Presentation: Oil and gas exploration in Northern Ireland

Presentation: Hydrocarbons potential of Northern Ireland

Presentation: Examining the geology of Ireland to better understand the real hydrocarbon potential of the region

Presentation: Port of Cork- Ireland’s Strategic Offshore Base

Case study: Successfully implementing a holistic model to exploration and production in Belize

Prospect: The South Porcupine Basin in the Irish Atlantic Margin

Presentation: Norway- Environmental issues relating to petroleum activities
Presentation: New Thinking in the Porcupine

Presentation: Kinsale Area Gas Fields; Blueprint for a Successful Development Offshore Ireland

Case study: Tamboran’s NI/RoI Shale Gas Project

Presentation: Downstream and refining opportunities

Presentation: Ireland as a top destination for conducting business

Local groups are the frontline of resistance to unconventional gas across the UK. On Sunday 18 August they will be coming together from all four corners of the UK to join with the people of Balcombe to show the world that we stand united in rejection of unconventional gas in our communities

Local groups are the frontline of resistance to unconventional gas across the UK. On Sunday 18 August they will be coming together from all four corners of the UK to join with the people of Balcombe to show the world that we stand united in rejection of unconventional gas in our communities

Book a seat on your nearest coach:

  • Ireland – Email youthmardingo@gmail.comIf and when fracking comes to Ireland we will need to resist as well. Amazingly, Frack Off UK have offered to fund a bus from Ireland to the camp at Balcombe. We need to stand in solidarity with Balcombe, and learn how to be successful defenders ourselves!Here’s the info on fb about the trip:Low cost (voluntary contributions to driver) bus will be running via Sligo, Carrick-on-Shannon, and Dublin to Balcombe Reclaim Power Climate Camp Ireland on Saturday 17th returning on Tue 20th. Spaces limited. Contact Eamonn Crudden , Leah Doherty, or Meg Rybicki on FBook to book a space. Arrangements are fluid due to ferry availability for bus so have patience with us.
    More info on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1393200727572602/
    Some of the No Fracking Ireland network are travelling to take part in this initiative at the site of ongoing protests against Drilling/Fracking at Balcombe: http://www.nodashforgas.org.uk/uncategorized/no-dash-for-gas-announce-mass-swoop-on-cuadrilla/ We think it would be great if a decent ROI and NI contingent participated in the camp, workshops and non-violent civil disobedience planned during the camp. We worked out cost of 5 in a car via Rosslare at approx E100 per person for ferry and fuel. Cheap lond…on flights would work too as Balcombe is approx 40 mins by train from London.

Object to the Rathlin Energy planning application by 25th July !!!

More info:

Fracking Matters Newsletter 115 – http://frackingfreeireland.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Fracking-MattersNewsletter-25-13-115.pdf


1- Members of the public can make a submission to the UK Environment Agency on Cuadrilla’s drilling permit until July 16th: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/portal/permits/app/cuadrilla/balcombe?pointId=1371556700808

2- http://notofracking.com/2013/07/10/object-to-the-rathlin-energy-planning-application-by-25th-july/

This application is being considered by the Minerals Development, Management and Compliance section of the Strategic Planning Division of the DOE.

It has just been advertised in the local paper and people have 14 days (up to 25th July) to object. (We do know however that we will still be able to submit objections for a couple of weeks after that because their processes of statutory consultation will be continuing and they still accept objections during that time. They have to take account of any new objections raised before they have made their decision. However it would be best to get as many objections as possible in before 25th.

The company has said they do not think they need to do a full EIA / ‘Environmental Statement’, and have voluntarily undertaken their own (substandard in my opinion) external assessments as supporting documentation to their application – but the DOE will determine whether or not one is required.

Good Energies Alliance report:

EIAs for Shale Gas projects “regardless of the amount extracted”
Dartry ValleyMaybe we can keep this pristine!

Despite strong lobbying from the oil/gas industry, the EU Environment Committee on Thursday voted to strengthen proposed changes to the EU Directive on Environmental Impact Assessments. According to the EU Environment Bureau “this vote will broaden the scope of the directive, close some of the loopholes that allowed developers to avoid an EIA, foresee the monitoring of the projects during all the project phases including post-closure phases, require the assessment of relevant alternative projects and include provisions for better information and a meaningful participation of the public.”
The adopted text explicitly includes “the use of interim measures to ensure the project does not start before the review process is completed.”
Shale-gas exploitation is now included in Annex I of the Directive “regardless of the amount extracted” thus making an EIA obligatory for projects of any size. The vote also supports strengthening the provisions to cover underground and subsoil impacts.
The vote was passed 51 for, 18 against, a powerful indication of the strength of the lobbying campaign waged by environmental groups throughout Europe. Thanks to all who sent emails to MEPs, also to Geraldine, Charlie, Ineke, FOE and all who pushed the campaign in Ireland.

Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive – CALL FOR ACTION

Update 2 July 2013

Updated template letter:
[2013.06.18]_letter to MEPs  (libre office)

2013.06.18_letter to MEPs  (word doc.)
Deadline: 11 July

Dear all,

Sorry to bother you with another email about the vote on the EIA Directive.
I was announced that the MEP rapporteur had to yield to the pressure made by the conservatives. As a consequence, he accepted to:
– postpone the vote and reschedule it next week on 11th July.
– take out the compromise amendment on unconventional fossil fuels.

In other words, it means that:

      • There won’t be any compromise amendment on shale gas, gathering suggestions from socialist and green MEPs.
      • As a consequence, the deal with the Socialists and the Greens doesn’t exist anymore
      • We need to call MEPs to support the Amendment 50 instead which is the initial proposal made by the MEP rapporteur follow our recommendations

I slightly adapted the template letters (English and French) to reflect these changes.

Sorry to bother you once again for this call but your help is really needed.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any question,
All the best,
Antoine Simon
Friends of the Earth Europe
Dear all,
Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive
This Directive is absolutely essential as it notably defines why, when and how an Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) should be made in order to better understand the potential environmental impacts of industrial projects and to mitigate these impacts as much as possible.

However, as mentioned by several legal studies, the EIA Directive is currently not adapted for unconventional oil and gas projects and, therefore, cannot guarantee a systematic EIA before the beginning of a new shale gas, shale oil or coal bed methane project. The consequence of this shortcoming could generate dysfunctions similar to those observed in the US:

      • No baseline data and therefore no possibility to prove the causal links between drilling activities and accidents
      • No participation of the local communities in the decision process.

Together with my colleague Geert, from Food and Water Europe, we have suggested amendments to add the shale gas/shale oil/coal bed methane specificities in the document. So far, our recommendations have been followed by the MEP leading the review of the text. However, this MEP had to agree with other political groups on a number of compromises which slightly water down our initial proposal. It is however still acceptable to our eyes, but we know the amendment will be challenged during the first vote in the Parliamentary committee working on environment issues that will take place on the 4th of July (end of last week).

Therefore, we need your help to contact your MEPs, members of the ENVI Committee, before the 4th of July, and ask them to support the Amendment imposing a systematic EIA for shale gas, shale oil and coal bed methane projects. The more letters each MEP will receive, the better, and don’t hesitate to do some follow-up by phone if time allows you.

You will find  a template letter and  the contact details of MEPs from the ENVI Committee

If you have any question, regarding this amendment or regarding the reviewing process of this Directive, please contact me.

All the best,

Antoine Simon
Economic Justice Programme
Extractive Industries Campaigner

Friends of the Earth Europe
TEL: +32 2 893 1018
FAX: +32 2 893 1035
Skype: antoine.foee


Template letter -(old)
[2013.06.18]_letter to MEPs (Word)
[2013.06.18]_letter to MEPs  (libre office)

Who do we need to lobby? Full members of the Environment Committee
Republic of Ireland: Nessa CHILDERS nessa.childers@europarl.europa.eu.
Northern Ireland: Martina ANDERSON martina.anderson@europarl.europa.eu
UK: Martin CALLANAN martin.callanan@europarl.europa.eu
Chris DAVIES chris@chrisdaviesmep.org.uk
Jill EVANS Jill.evans@europarl.europa.eu
Nick GRIFFIN nick.griffin@europarl.europa.eu)
Linda McAVAN linda.mcavan@europarl.europa.eu
Paul NUTTALL paul.nuttall@europarl.europa.eu
Glenis WILLMOTT glenis.willmott@europarl.europa.eu
Marina YANNAKOUDAKIS marina.yannakoudakis@europarl.europa.eu

And there are quite a few right-wing, pro-fracking German MEPs  and their votes will make the difference whether the amendment passes or not.

Or you can send a letter to ALL Envi Membershttp://frackingfreeireland.org/contact/contact-irish-politicians/

Dear MEP [NAME], member of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee,
I am writing to ask you to support an inclusion of all unconventional fossil fuels (UFF) activities in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive that is currently being reviewed. On Thursday the 4th of July, the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of the European Parliament will vote on the proposals made by MEP Andrea Zanoni. His proposals aim to adapt the EIA Directive to a number of new realities, which notably include a potential development of UFF activities in Europe.
I respectfully ask you to:
Please support the compromise amendment adding the production (exploration and exploitation) of unconventional fossil fuels (shale gas, tight gas, shale oil, coal bed methane) in the Annex I of the Directive:
“14a. Exploration, involving deep drilling and /or the application of hydraulic fracturing, and extraction of petroleum and/or natural gas trapped in strata of gas shales or other sedimentary rock formations with similarly low or lower permeability and porosity, independently of the quantity extracted.
14b. Extraction of natural gas from coal seams, independently of the quantity extracted.”

This Amendment follows strong and clear recommendations, which received broad political support in the vote on last year’s European Parliament’s resolutions on shale gas:
In the own-initiative report on the “Environmental impacts of shale gas and shale gas oil extraction activities”, the European Parliament called “for the inclusion of projects including hydraulic fracturing in Annex I of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive” (§24).
In the own-initiative report on the “Industrial, energy and other aspects of shale gas and oil”, the European Parliament recommended “mandatory environmental impact assessments” in the licencing and authorisation process (§31) which is the “best way of ensuring the meaningful and timely engagement of local communities” (§34).
This amendment is crucial as the current version of the legislation doesn’t guarantee such systematic and mandatory EIA before new UFF projects:
Because they have a maximum daily production rate of between 115.000 and 250.000 m3, they will never meet the 500.000m3/day threshold mentioned in the existing legislation. As a consequence, no mandatory and systematic EIA for UFF projects can currently be guaranteed.
Because deep drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques are used all along the process, including during the exploration phase, not only the extraction operations should be targeted, but also the exploration activities.
The poor environmental records of the development of this industry in the US have taught us that:
It is essential to engage in a systematic gathering of baseline data – with samples of air, water and soil quality – in order to prove the causal link between UFF operations and air and/or water contamination around drilling sites.
Such industrial developments cannot take place without properly consulting the communities living around potential drilling sites.
If large-scale UFF operations are allowed to go ahead in an unregulated way, this industry will repeat the same mistakes as in the US, with the same dramatic impacts for the climate, environment and public health.  I believe it is absolutely vital that this recommendation receives strong support, and I look to you to represent my views in this matter for the good of our constituency and of the rest of Europe.
Yours sincerely,

BBC Documentary

Watch the BBB documentary on fracking and Write to Iain Stewart/Horizon
Iian Stewart: iain.stewart@plymouth.ac.uk
Horizon: horizon@bbc.co.uk

(sample writings in FMN 112) and lots of info you can use on

Johnny Linehan has created an event on FB where we can share our complaints sent in to the programme.
Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/491680057577641

Twitter to Iain – https://twitter.com/Profiainstewart



Today (14 June)is the last day one can make a submission. Examples here => https://sites.google.com/site/frackingfreedocumentsireland/deti-2013

Action Alert DETI pdf

More :http://frackingfreeireland.org/irish-press/fracking-in-fermanagh/

National Trust –
Your Help is URGENTLY needed – Amend The Bill – Stop making it easy for Fracking – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xgMfJM1hmk
Published on 11 Jun 2013
IMPORTANT UPDATE – The amendment is being considered by the NI Assembly on JUNE 24th – Please act as soon as you can and SHARE SHARE SHARE this video with everyone you know.

An Amendment to the Northern Ireland Planning Law is being rushed through NOW in June 2013 which makes the granting of Planning Permission or Zoning Permission based purely upon economics.

No longer will suitability, the community or the environment be a basis for granting such permissions. This is to allow an easy path for Shale Gas and Fracking companies to get planning permission.

If this amendment is allowed to happen it will set a precedent for the rest of the UK to copy, then the rest of Europe and then wherever else in the world Fracking is being considered. Which means that no matter where you live this could affect YOU.

If you live in Northern Ireland please take just two minutes of your time to visit www.amendthebill.org
and make your views known. If you live outside Northern Ireland then please email info@amendthebill.org

with your views, you can cut and paste the example letter below.

If you care about the environment you live in, both natural or built, then please take the time to register your views.

There is very limited time so please act now.

To learn more about Fracking and how it might affect you please visit www.frackinginfermanagh.info. This is a superb film made by a group of young Fermanagh residents about fracking and its implications.

Together we can make a difference

Thank you for watching and thank you for caring


Here is a standard letter you can use as your guide but feel free to change or add to it according to your circumstances:-


“To – Arlene Foster MLA, Tom Elliott MLA, Phil Flanagan MLA, Maurice Morrow MLA, Sean Lynch MLA, Bronwyn McGahan MLA, Michelle Gildernew MP, Peter Robinson – First Minister and Martin McGuinness – Deputy First Minister.

We need a planning system in Northern Ireland which protects our special places as well as allowing good development in the right place for communities and the economy.

Please act now to amend the Planning Bill 2013 when it comes to the floor of the Assembly.

Please vote in the following way.

Say yes to:

• Bringing in protection for World Heritage Sites and their settings in Northern Ireland, which includes the Giant’s Causeway;
• Making sure that the Bill is balanced, by amending Clause 2 of the Bill to ensure our planning system furthers sustainable development which ensures:

• Protection and enhancement of the environment;
• Promotion of economic development;
• Promotion of social well-being.

Say no to:

• The economic development line currently in Clause 2;
• The wording in Clause 6 — which could be used to place too much emphasis on economic considerations. With Clause 2 amended, this is no longer needed.

This really matters to me – please do this for future generations.

Please confirm to me that you will present my views when the Planning Bill is voted on at the Assembly.”


Once again thank you for taking the time to look at this and for your action.

For Northern Ireland residents – www.amendthebill.org

For people outside Northern Ireland info@amendthebill.org

The most excellent Fracking In Fermanagh film – www.frackinginfermanagh.info

Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network – http://www.frackaware.com

FYI: info@amendthebill.org

Email addresses MLA/MP
arlene@arlenefoster.org.uk; t.elliott6@btconnect.com; phil.flanagan1@gmail.com; mauricemorrow@hotmail.com; sf.lisnaskea@gmail.com; bronwyn.mcgahan@MLA.niassembly.gov.uk; brid_curran@hotmail.com; bekarobinson@dup.org.uk;gildernewm@parliament.uk
and/or (same persons)
arlene.foster@MLA.niassembly.gov.uk; southtyrone1@btconnect.com; phil.flanagan@MLA.niassembly.gov.uk; maurice.morrow@mla.niassembly.gov.uk; sean.lynch@mla.niassembly.gov.uk ; bronwyn.mcgahan@MLA.niassembly.gov.uk; martin.mcguinness@mla.niassembly.gov.uk; peter.robinson@mla.niassembly.gov.uk;gildernewm@parliament.uk;

ACTION – WE DESERVE BETTER (GEAI/FFAN) see also: Fracking Matters Newsletter 20 -13 (110)

ACTION NEEDED: ‘We Deserve Better’ Campaign. LETS HAVE 5,000 EMAILS into Minister’s inboxes this week! Tamboran are planning to start drilling THIS YEAR in Fermanagh – possibly this month! Why are exploration licences refused in the South while research is being carried out and yet given the go-ahead in the North, only 10km over the border? Make your opinion known – email the Northern Ministers!

Link to blog and suggested text:





Petition to Mr. Donald Tusk, the Prime Minister of Poland

We, citizens signed underneath are demanding immediate introduction of a moratorium for search and exploitation of shale gas in Poland until the time of appropriate public consultations on fracking.

We respect both – the voice of people supporting and rejecting shale gas extraction, but demand confronting these opinions with the results of independent and credible scientific research.

Many years of experience of the United States and Canada shows clearly that search and exploitation of shale gas is endangering drinking water and air quality and is resulting in vast contamination of ground water and soil. The houses of people are cracking, local roads are damaged, constant noise and threat of explosion are troubling local citizens.

In Poland there’s an absence of any official information on all kinds of threats caused by shale gas exploitation, which is unacceptable.

The people are forced to pay all kinds of costs of all that – the mining companies are using our water for free, when the citizens are charged more and more for the water use.

We are convinced that the citizens have to be informed on all consequences of shale gas exploitation. We demand wide publication of the content of the European Parliament resolution of 21 November 2012 on the environmental impacts of shale gas and shale oil extraction activities as well as the Shale Gas Report of European Parliament of June 2011.

Our stand is a result of our concern about the future of common goods of all Polish people: clean water, unpolluted soil – goods which need to benefit not only ourselves but also the future generations.

PETITION: http://obywatelekontroluja.pl/przylacz-sie/podpisz-petycje/

First Name * Last Name * E-mail * Confirm the e-mail * Street
Town Region Post Code
* – Fields required’
(Use Google Translate for the petition)

AFTER SIGNING THE PETITION YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL ( in Polish) and have to click a link to confirm your email address
Dziękujemy za podpisanie petycji. Prosimy o potwierdzenie adresu e-mail, klikając poniższy link:


Send the waterpost e-card to TD’s, Government bodies, Petroleum Affairs Division and demand a ban on fracking!
or use text below

The practice of onshore unconventional gas extraction on the island of Ireland is unacceptable to the communities living in the proposed gaslands.

We wish to leave our children a legacy of hope, not one of an environment so degraded that their legacy will contain carcinogenic timebombs.

(email addresses at the end of the Fracking Matters Newsletter 17-13 (107))

and all info at:https://www.facebook.com/events/450443201716200/permalink/451143964979457/

The government has said that there will be no fracking until the next EPA study is completed, not until at least 2014. However, the last EPA report was produced by Aberdeen University, which has strong ties to the fossil fuel industry. How do we know that the new study will not be compromised?

The people are not reassured by the government’s promises. The Irish anti-fracking campaign will go on and is getting stronger every day.

Campaigners have produced a postcard that highlights the greatest problem with shale gas extraction – the irreversible pollution to our water. Can Ireland afford to contaminate its most precious resource, the source of our agriculture industry, and the source of all life?

Add your voice to your neighbours’! Call on our elected representatives and civil servants to respect the wishes of the Irish people and ban fracking.

You can download the photo here: http://frackingfreeireland.org/info-to-download/postcards/

And you can order notebooks with this image on the cover, and others, at: http://frackingfreeireland.org/donate/

All proceeds from sales of notebooks will go to the anti-fracking campaign.

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