Action/Protest (gallery) – Global Frack Down Day

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Global Frack Down Day/ Stop TTIP – All Ireland events

We grabbed the good vibes in Dublin!

By coincidence the Global Frack Down Day happened to be organised on the same date as the Right 2 Water March, Staurday 11 October 2014
Gardai estimated that up to 100,000 people attended the Right 2 Water march in Dublin that day. People from all over the country came to protest against the privatisation of our water.

Pics from Dublin

Pics from Ireland

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BIFF: Vanessa Vine in Ireland, first week of April


vanessa in fermanagh


Vanessa in Enniskillen and she spoke tat Shannon side 4th April :

vand m



St. Patricks day 2014  (FMN 139)
Love Leitrim


Pictures on the Love Leitrim Website –
and here:


Sligo – North West Network against Fracking









Leitrim County Council Development Plan  13 Jan 2014

LCC thank you


photo 3

Co Co 2

morning ireland

Interview with Leah Doherty 

(14 Jan 2014)





Leah Doherty sat through the council meeting to vote on banning fracking from the County Development Plan; she explains the dodgy attempt to corrupt the democratic process then explains what the result means after the vote passed and we hear a cheer for Councillor Gerry Dolan who put his neck on the block to fight for a fracking free Ireland. Thank you so much to the campaigners!



global frackdown 2013 cos_09


global frackdown 2013 cos_08


global frackdown 2013 cos_07


global frackdown 2013 cos_03global frackdown 2013 cos_06global frackdown 2013 cos_10


global frackdown 2013 cos_01  global frackdown 2013 cos_02global frackdown 2013 cos_04

global frackdown 2013 cos_20


global frackdown 2013 cos_15global frackdown 2013 cos_16

global frackdown 2013 cos_11


photo 3


photo 5 Planting daffodils

Global Frack Down Day – international

GFDD international

GFD spain

GFDD in Spain
Pictures and video on the facebook event page here:
and here

Food & Water Watch has also created an album with some of the better pictures we’ve seen here:

geert, antoine, gabrielleAntoine, Gabriella and Geert took some time yesterday to deliver our Global Frackdown message to the doorstep of the most active fracking Member States in the EU. We rode our bikes to several of the Member States’ Permanent Representations. We also delivered our message to BusinessEurope, the Parliament and the European Commission.

You can find the results below and on the Food & Water Europe Twitter page. Enjoy. Please retweet at your respective governments!

Video by MEP’s

greens video gfd 2013 4 b


11 Sept 2013 – Oil and Gas summit Dublin




Michael Colreavy  (SF), farming not Fracking

Visit for all photos and more reports

See also Irish Press and/or NI/Fermanagh button

Anti fracking protest during G8 in Enniskillen.

VIDEO: Local flotilla’s anti-fracking message to G8 leaders –


Woodland’s Demo outside Dail

Pics and video from the demonstration in Dublin (Tuesday 20 May)

Thanks to Tracey .


Send the waterpost e-card to TD’s, Government bodies, Petroleum Affairs Division and demand a ban on fracking!
(email addresses at the end of the Fracking Matters Newsletter 17-13 (107))

and all info at:

The government has said that there will be no fracking until the next EPA study is completed, not until at least 2014. However, the last EPA report was produced by Aberdeen University, which has strong ties to the fossil fuel industry. How do we know that the new study will not be compromised?

The people are not reassured by the government’s promises. The Irish anti-fracking campaign will go on and is getting stronger every day.

Campaigners have produced a postcard that highlights the greatest problem with shale gas extraction – the irreversible pollution to our water. Can Ireland afford to contaminate its most precious resource, the source of our agriculture industry, and the source of all life?

Add your voice to your neighbours’! Call on our elected representatives and civil servants to respect the wishes of the Irish people and ban fracking.

You can download the photo here:

And you can order notebooks with this image on the cover, and others, at:

All proceeds from sales of notebooks will go to the anti-fracking campaign.

Lock the Gate presentation by Annie Kia, Leitrim community centre, 2 May 2013

Well… what can I say.. I have just come back last night from a 5 day trip up to the Queensland Coal Seam gas fields. I find it hard to type what I experienced, because quite frankly I think I am in some sort of shock, and a feeling of utter disbelief. TERRIFIED for the future of Australian’s would be a good round up. I will sit and write down more later, but for GOD’s SAKE for the sake of all Australians please get in your car, and go and look at what those ANIMALS, those cruel international companies but mostly our trusted politicians have done to the poor poor people of Queensland. I am begging you all to drive around the roads that are extremely dangerous as they are filled with thousands of mining trucks, I am begging you to go into the poor township of Chinchilla and try to spot a child, a farmers wife, a person that does not have a yellow vest on.
I am begging you to drive and stop your car on a public road out near Kenya gasfields and be HARASSED AND STALKED by the male security guards (in a pack of three from QGC), try to beat our record of stopping to take a photo of a disgusting compressor station 750 metres away) find yourselves being confronted and FILMED within 5 minutes of stopping your car. Laugh at the old “Tourist drives” signage.. because god knows you are not welcome to get out of your car and take a snap.
THIS is OUR country, these are our roads we pay for in our taxes, and you can be followed as we were for up to 5 kilometres. If that’s not harassment, I don’t know what it is.
You can speak to the REAL locals who are beaten and worn and SICK from the toxic belching which is on their doorsteps. Talk to the farmer who is about to shoot himself as the compressor station stops him from sleeping, and his farm no longer is a farm due to gas wells. I felt SICK out there, disgusted at the amount of sellout miners who know damn well what they have done to the communities, and the mighty dollar somehow switches off their conscience. A message to you, you are not humans with a soul. Be VERY careful if you do go out though, the roads are treacherous, and PLEASE Northern Rivers people, go out and imagine how on earth that infrastructure, clearance, hundreds of kilometre long holding ponds, and hundreds of compressor stations that sound and look like international airports are going to “co-exist” with our beautiful region? there is NO co-existance” with farming that I saw, they are forcing people away, and that’s the way they like it. They have beaten down and simply tortured the local. They are pumping their “treated” waste water from mining into the Chinchilla drinking water supplies. This is nothing but genocide as far as I am concerned, ticked and granted by our politicians, Thomas George I will be calling in soon, and I am absolutely disgusted and horrified that you think you will subject the same to the 87% who have voted against CSG in this region..,the system is criminal. A disgrace and utterly un-Australian. Yes I am angry, very very angry, and I will spread what I saw to the world if I have to till my dying day, this is absolutely and utterly war upon Australian’s and they need to know about it FAST.

Anti-fracker Sr. Nora Burke of the Mercy order with South American anti-mining activists in Carrick-on-Shannon.
Picture taken from:

Milton Sanchaz Cubas and Aida Julieta Quiñones Torres, toured through Irelandto talk about the impact of such industries on the communities of Peru and Colombia

Gold mining


Artists Against Fracking
Read more in: Fracking Matters Newsletter 07-13(97)

Our aim is to highlight 3 things:
1) the dangers to peoples’ health and the health of our environment that would be caused by hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in Ireland

2) the Great Irish Oil and Gas Giveaway that is happening off the coast of Ireland at the moment


3) the need for citizens of Ireland to awaken their elected representatives to the enormous potential Ireland has to develop a state owned renewable energy industry here that will create over 100,000 sustainable jobs and see Ireland become a net exporter of renewable electricity to the UK and Europe, with the evolving European supergrid. As an island, Ireland will soon be an exporter of renewable energy (see, and … and the industry is capable of growing a lot more into the future with the latest wave and tidal power technologies. Many of these are indigenous technologies being researched and developed by Irish companies – see for an introduction to same.

Trillions_Flyer _please print in black and white_ (also on: –




GLOBAL FRACK DOWN DAY 22 September 2012

For an impression visit also: Fracking Matters Newsletter 44-12 (79)  for  more images and video’s
More pictures from Manorhamilton:

Video: Ole, ole, ole, ban fracking, ban fracking –

Video from Carrick-on-Shannon:
with speech from Shell to Sea, posting letters to the Counties, the intimidation to the organisation and more.

 Great video
compiled by Tracey Jean Yappa : collection of images with music for global frackdown day


Global Frack Down Day in Ireland  and Northern Ireland
On Global Frackdown Day, besides No Fracking Ireland’s day of action in Carrick-on-Shannon and the Love Leitrim groups event in Manorhamilton, concerned people and activists held solidarity protests and information sessions in Shop Street, Galway, at the Spire in O’Connell St, in Grand Parade Cork and in N. Ireland a march from Belfast to Stormont – Young Friends of the Earth organised the Dublin action at the Spire.

Global Frackdown – Carrick-on-Shannon
About 150 to 200 people took part in an afternoon of protest in Carrick-on-Shannon to mark the #globalfrackdown worldwide day of action opposing Fracking. An open assembly was held and after marching through Carrick the crowd cheered the posting of letters conveying a new demand of No Fracking Ireland to twelve County Councils. That demand is that these councils insert a blunt ban on fracking into their county development plans.

The protest, which also conveyed the key demand of No Fracking Ireland – that Fracking be immediately banned on the island of Ireland – also featured six boats of various shapes and sizes on the water.

The intention had been to symbolically blockade the Shannon for a short period during the course of the afternoon as a way of conveying to the government the seriousness with which people are taking the threat of shale gas extraction. The Blockade did not prove necessary as Waterways Ireland had in advance conveyed news to boaters that there would be a ‘disruption’ at Carrick on Shannon during the Afternoon. Instead the boats circled continuously – passing under bridge during the course of the events on land.

Many local politicians and many of those involved in campaigning on this issue spoke during the open assembly. Campaigners from the Woodland League and Shell to Sea also took part. Rossa O’Snodaigh from Kila did a tune for us over the phone – offering solidarity from Manorhamilton where Love Leitrim were also marking #globalfrackdown with an open air event. Local musicians also entertained those gathered in Carrick on Shannon.

The only negative in what was an extremely positive and fun afternoon was the over the top policing of the event. Police also blocked the slipway at Carrick on Shannon which is used by boaters putting small boats of all types into the water during the afternoon.

Apart from that this was a fantastic event that was organised in a very short space of time, well done to all involved and who came to take part, this was the first of hopefully many colourful fun days out to come until we see this island ban fracking north and south.
Let’s build on the momentum!!

Find NO FRACKING IRELAND on Facebook. and @Notofracking on Twitter


The Irish Times – Monday, October 29, 2012

Teacher on 200km ‘anti-fracking’ walk

In this section »

Cecily and Marion van der Pol, who offered her a warm bed in Roosky


LEITRIM-BASED teacher Cecily Gilligan set out from Manorhamilton on Saturday on a 215km (134-mile) walk to Leinster House in a protest at plans to start “fracking” in her area.

A member of the Love Leitrim group, which is against the controversial method of shale gas extraction, she intends to take the scenic route to Dublin through many of the towns and villages now bypassed by drivers.

“I hope when I am trudging along that people will ask me what it is all about and that I can explain to them the scale of this huge industrial project and what I believe is the irreversible damage it will do to our landscape and our air and our water,” said Ms Gilligan, who has walked 500km (310 miles) on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

“It’s a small gesture but I believe that walking is a very simple powerful and symbolic way of getting your message out to people. Gandhi did and I hope that if I do get to Dáil Éireannn and get my few blisters along the way, that the politicians will listen to me.”

Earlier this year Australian mining company Tamboran Resources said preliminary investigations had confirmed a significant natural gas field in Co Leitrim that could supply Irish energy needs for 12 years, creating 600 jobs directly and a further 2,400 indirectly.

Ms Gilligan, from Collooney, Co Sligo, who works as a substitute primary school teacher, is accompanied by Mairead Higgins, a Sligo-based social worker.

Anti-fracker Sr. Nora Burke of the Mercy order with South American anti-mining activists in Carrick-on-Shannon.
Picture taken from: