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Food Supply Danger
Why Fracking and Farming Don’t Mix –

Untitled-Captured-10 see also BIFF: Frack Free Food Alliance




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We are proud that Ireland is (still) fracking free and we wish to keep Ireland Fracking Free!

Proud to be guaranteed fracking free – gff dl april 2012 3-up









Download guaranteed fracking free – guaranteed ff bevel (pdf)

Download Keep Ireland Fracking Free – keep ireland ff bevel pdf

Information about the logo and use:

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ReadMe odt

ReadMe  pdf


MORE LOGO’S , full size and in black and white:

Write a letter to the Taoiseach:

ltr to taoiseach gff


Here are some ideas of ways to use the logo, for groups:

a. If your local county council has voted in support of keeping Ireland fracking free, invite them to formally adopt the logo.

b. Print car window stickers to sell and to give to shops to display in their windows.

c. Make badges/T-shirts etc. to sell. These can be a good money-maker for a group, and they also increase the visibility of the logo and thus the effectiveness of the campaign.

Business list
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Participants of the “Guaranteed Fracking Free” Logo Campaign

Eco Campsite
Querrin, Kilkee, Loop Head Peninsula, Co. Clare

Murphy Blacks Restaurant
Kilkee, Loop Head Peninsula, Co. Clare

The Buttermarket Cafe
Burton Street
Kilrush, Co. Clare

TM Printing Ltd
Block B
Quin Road Business Park
Ennis, County Clare
065 682 9121

The Ox Bindery
Conservation of Books, Paper and Parchment – Fine Binding
Co. Sligo
TEL +353 (0)71 9181916
FAX +353 (0)71 9181926
GSM +353 (0)87 9712074

Tawnylust Lodge
Co. Leitrim

Galway Market Stallholders
Joachim Hees – Organic vegetables
Robin Sheen – Burren honey
Dirk Flake – Organic vegetables
Jacoba van Rijn – Homemade jams, chutneys, pickles
Cait Curran – Organic vegetables
Layla O’Brien – Organic bread
The friendly farmer – Free range chicken
Donagh Healy Curries
Michael Browne – Seafood, eggs, honey
John Millane – Vegetables & herbs
Dave Holland – Bread
Moyglas Bakery – Bread
Brekish Dairies – Cheese
Mick Silke – Crepes
Carl Fahy – Bagels

Kinvara Farmers’ Market Stallholders
Alan Johnston & Tricia Kirby – Beagh Herbs
Rosaleen Tanham – An Chistin Bheag, Parkmore, Doorus, Kinvara, Co. Galway
Mercedes Varona Pereira – Bee Kind skin care products, The Acupuncture
Sinead Ni Ghairbhith – Cheese
Helga Pikal – Pastries
Simona Ridolfi – Soaps and creams
Valerie Ronan – Knitwear
Cobie den Heyer – Jam
Nicola Meere – Baked goods

Ennis Farmers’ Market
Chris Marsh – Vegetable and plant producer
Peter and Kath Wright – Eggs, preserves and organic plants, Hill of The Wells Organic Farm,
Tulla, Co. Clare
Bill Robinson – Fresh food, pastries
Eva Hegarty – Burren Free Range Pork
Dave Smith – Cheese
Danny Keane – Organic vegetables
Dominic Lyons – Vegetable producer
Patrick Brassil – Vegetable and egg producer
Maria Mulcahy – Knockara Pates
Caroline O’Connor – Plant producer
Liz and Alan Grriffith – Vegetable producers, Mohermoylan, Carron, Co. Clare
Gert and Elisabeth Stam – Caherhurley Nursery and Organic Farm
Vivienne Campbell – Herbalist

LUSH   (July 2013)

Cork Lush
96 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork
Phone: +353 21 490 5850
Email: <>

Grafton Street Lush, Dublin
116 Grafton Street
Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 677 0392

Henry Street Lush, Dublin
33 Henry St
D1 Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 873 5735
Email: <>

Belfast Lush
12 Castle Lane, BT1 5DA
Phone: 02890438 672
Email: <>

Lush Newry
Unit 20, The Quays Shopping Centre
BT35 8QS Newry
Phone: 028 3025 0217
Email: <>

The Ox Bindery Guaranteed Fracking Free

The Ox Bindery has adopted the green shamrock Guaranteed Fracking Free logo.

It stands for the purity of the beautiful, green Irish environment, which is at present completely uncontaminated by the adverse effects of industrial onshore gas extraction by means of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”).

One of the adverse effects is the likely contamination of the water table and that’s where our concern from a business perspective comes in.”

As a book and paper conservation studio we work mainly with historical paper documents. For paper water is essential.

Paper is born out of water from a suspension of plant fibres cast on a paper makers mould and even when dry water is essential: without it a sheet of paper would break, when you fold it, tear when you write on it, snap when you print on it.

Old paper is revitalised by applications with or using water from repairing tears with water based starch paste, washing out stains and discolourations to leafcasting: pulp infilling of missing areas.

To ensure the future long term stability of the conserved documents, the quality of the water we use is quintessential. Any compromise in water quality is a compromise in the quality of our work and a compromise in the longevity of the document.

Our water is free from contamination and pollutants and that why we are proudly carrying the logo Guranteed Fracking Free


Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Ireland Fracking Free
1.     Join Fracking Free Clare  at
We would like to add you to our mailing list, and keep you informed of future events and actions planned by Clare Fracking Concerned. Everyone can help in some way. Are you good with a computer? We could really use people with IT skills. Maybe you would prefer to help organize events? Do you have media expertise? Are you good at preparing written documents? Do you like working with people? Please get in touch, we will definitely find a niche for you.We need as much help as we can get.
2.     Write to Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, whose department will decide whether full fracking licences will be granted in Ireland or not.
3.     Support the “Guaranteed Fracking Free” logo campaign. This is a nationwide campaign to highlight the fact that Ireland is at present “Guaranteed Fracking Free” and should stay that way. (Contact the campaign at
a.       Help us sell car stickers! Clare Fracking Concerned is selling “Keep Ireland Fracking Free” car stickers as a fundraiser, for two euro each. As we run out, we will be print more.
b.       Adopt the logo! It’s easy – all you have to do is download the logo from and use it any way you like.
c.       Do you run a business? Please consider displaying the logo on your company website, in your shop window, on your product labels, in your promotional materials…
d.       Recommend it to others! Contact Sarah Akamine at for documents explaining the campaign. The campaign is also keeping a list of businesses that use the logo, so if you have adopted the logo, please let the campaign know your details.
e.       Let Taoiseach Enda Kenny know that you have adopted the logo as an individual or as a business. Please find below a little note to the Taoiseach. Please detach it, sign it, and drop it in the post to:

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, T.D.
Department of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Upper Merrion Street,
Dublin 2


Dear Taoiseach,

I have adopted the “Guaranteed Fracking Free” logo  
because I believe that Ireland’s
fracking-free status is something to be celebrated,
protected, and promoted. I will be displaying the logo with
pride.I would like to continue
to take pride in Ireland as a fracking-free zone.
I urge you therefore to enact a  permanent ban on hydraulic fracking in Ireland.

Kind regards,


Why we should Keep Ireland Fracking Free

Pennsylvania dairy farmers Carol French and Carolyn Knapp travel to other shale gas states giving talks on gas drilling. They tell of methane-contaminated wells; contractors destroying valuable timber for access roads; pipelines making cropland inaccessible; years of agricultural production lost and uncompensated; road damage that isolates families for weeks.

“I never in my wildest dreams envisioned the industrialization that comes along with this process,” Knapp told an audience in Pittsboro, N.C.

Interestingly, there’s a reference to an organic farmer in New York, Siobhan Griffin. Now there’s a name!


The Park Slope Food Cooperative, which buys upward of $3 million worth of products from upstate farms, has told farmers its members won’t buy products from any area that allows fracking, because they fear contamination.

The very point of “Keeping Ireland Fracking Free” and one worth emphasising.