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Invitation accepted!

Hi Ineke,
Thank you so much for the invitation! We’re very excited and would be honored to come to Ireland. Josh is currently in Canada, but we will discuss this more when he gets back. We are really looking forward to continuing this conversation and figuring out how to make it work!

Invitation to Josh Fox

Dear Josh and Lee,

It is almost 2 months ago we met each other in Brussels. It was so inspiring!
You were so kindly to ‘say something’ to the Irish people. I took footage and it really helps the Irish people ‘to stay strong’.
As we are awaiting the outcome of the EPA report due in 2015 or 2016 (and than the government will take a decision on the applications for exploration licenses) it is so important to keep people involved in the campaign.
For that reason we really hope that you will be able  to come to Ireland next year as said in my small ‘interview’ with you: ‘I would love to come to Ireland’…. ‘I have to figure out how to get there’.
So please accept our invitation to come to Ireland next year. We will raise money to pay your travel expenses

For the GLOBAL FRACK DOWN DAY international campaigners were asked to write a blog.
Please find my thoughts here, Forty Shades of Green or a Handful of Greys
it gives also information about my role in the anti fracking campaign in Ireland.

Thanks for your ongoing hard work and inspiration!

Ineke Scholte
for a
Fracking Free Ireland

4 and 5 sept 2013_10 Josh Fox would love to come to Ireland


screenshot final version FF1Launch of the (all Ireland) Campaign leaflet

Fracking Free Ireland is pleased to launch the (all Ireland) Campaign leaflet. It aims to raise public awareness on the threat of fracking that looms over the Island of Ireland. In a nutshell it outlines the current situation in Ireland (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), it gives a comprehensive information about the process and dangers of hydraulic fracturing and it informs about the campaign opposed to it.
screenshot final version FF2I wish to thank all the campaigners for their contribution, feedback, and generous support. The printed version of this leaflet, now available, is made possible by funding from Edge Fund and PayPal donations to Fracking Free Ireland.

“We’re standing at a crossroads. It’s time for humanity to make a choice. Do we sit back and allow fossil fuel companies and oil friendly governments to dig, drill and frack us into a dark and dirty future? Or do we stand together with communities around the world to stop these extreme energy projects and head down a different path?”

(Jess Worth from the UK Tar Sands Network)

Feel free to download and spread this leaflet widely!


A3 and A4 for website_01Download the leaflet here

Campaign leaflet:printable at A3 (folded into A4) and A4 (folded into A5)



Fracking Rise in the US inspires the world

Fracking Free Ireland in the Washington times!
(…) Following in the footsteps of similar American groups, Irish environmentalist opponents of fracking have started “Fracking Free Ireland.” The group’s motto: “Keep the frogs in and the frackers out.” (…)

Fracking’s rise in us inspires the world pdf