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Fracking Free Ireland received the following message from the anti fracking coaltion in the USA

Hello Fellow Fracktavists
My name is Sue Laidacker and I am the secretary for an anti-fracking coalition in the USA. The name of our coalition is – Shale Justice: A Coalition of Organizations United for the Environment. Shale Justice or even simply SJ for short. Our mission is:  Working together to secure a healthy future in the face of extreme energy extraction and industrialization. To this end we are in a nasty and long fight with our politicians and the gas companies which, as I am sure you already know, have really deep pockets and lots of lobbyists in Washington.

It’s going to be a long, long battle but our movement is growing by leaps and bounds. We are looking to join up with groups from other countries to further cement the fact that this is not just a U.S. problem but a worldwide problem and we won’t stand for it. We want to take back our civil liberties and our democratic rights. We say “This will not be done to our land, water, or air”!!

Believe it or not I actually heard one politician say, just last Friday, that their hope is to make Pennsylvania into the next Texas or even the next Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t believe my ears. This was at a propaganda “hearing” for the gas shills. We have a long fight ahead of us but we have to make sure people are mad because that is the only way this will be won. Being nice and trying for better regulations won’t work. You have to get mad and WE ARE MAD!!!

We would like to get acquainted with your groups in hopes that perhaps we could join up forces and fight the good fight together. Have a look at our website: and maybe you might even be interested in joining our coalition. We would be interested in your stance for a ban or a Moratorium on fracking. We, of course are for a total ban but trying to push a moratorium passed the greedy hogs is hard enough. We are really pushing for that and are looking forward to having an anti-fracking convention with all the groups from across PA to meet in Harrisburg right near the governors mansion.

I thought it would be really powerful if your group could do a short video (even if it’s on a cell phone) of how you don’t want Ireland to end up like Pennsylvania in the USA. You can send it to me at: . We are happy to make this connection and we think we could learn a lot from each other. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and
In Solidarity
Sue Laidacker     slaidacke[at]

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LUSH says Frack Off

Lush Cosmetics is giving its 105 UK and Irish shop windows, staff and online channels to grassroots activist group Frack Off for 10 days. All Lush stores will host a Don’t Frack our Future campaign devised for by Frack Off and campaigners at Lush Cosmetics. A central tool is an animation explaining the process of unconventional oil and gas extraction in the context of a family’s resistance to fracking in Lancashire. “When we inform our customers that fracking and unconventional gas extraction is coming to the UK and Ireland they freak out,” says Tamsin Omond, head of global campaigns at Lush. “The idea that politicians are risking our water supply and our air quality so that energy companies can drill deep beneath our land goes against all common sense. This campaign will educate tens of thousands of people about the threat of fracking to their communities.” – See more at:

lush video

Watch the video:
High Street store Lush is main financial backer of Frack Off