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Professor Davies on Pat Kenny show – Newstalk Fm

Arch Bisshop Tutu calls for independent inquiry into policing of corrib gas project.


Corrib Gas and the Media
Airing Erris seminar – experiences and testimonies from journalists and campaigners.(18 jan 2014) FMN 134

Listen to the Experience and testimonies from Shell to Sea
campaigners (a.o. Mary and Willie Corduff) and former RTE and mid west radio journalists re. Media (non) coverage, Gardai etc.

Airing Erris episode 2
A seminar on the media treatment of the Shell Corrib issue


The letters of refusal, entitled “Vous n’entrerez pas chez nous” (You Will Not Enter My Home) are written statements that tell the specific corporation that holds a claim for shale gas on a given property that the owner will refuse to give any access to their land for gas exploration or development purposes.
Here in Quebec, underground resources are owned by the “crown” and the “free mining” system allows corporations to stake a claim on the resources, with no compensation to land owners.
So far, over 35,000 property owners have signed the refusal letter, with a major impact. The letters were officially handed to the government at our National Assembly.
The way it’s done is that maps with all the property delineations (cadastre in French) are obtained from the municipality.
Then door-to-door canvassing is carried out en masse, by mobilizing the network over a week-end to do a whole section or a town. Signed properties are then coloured on the map, showing progress.
Philippe Duhamel
coordonnateur bénévole Moratoire d’une génération et  Facebook c. 1-514-629-6986 1-888-SCHISTE

Lock the gate – 121230 Guide for Gasfield Free Communities Northern Rivers

Right now, all around this mighty continent, the people are rising. We have united together in the greatest social movement this country has ever seen, and we are ready to stand up and fight for the future of this great big backyard of ours.
For too long our Federal Parliament has hidden behind the states. For too long they have shirked their responsibilities to protect this country and its people. Today we are demanding national reforms to control reckless coal and gas expansion across the continent.
Now, it’s time for change. It’s time for action.
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How to get your resolution passed to Ban Fracking


Living Democracy is an online resource to encourage and support citizens to engage effectively with the decision-making system that affects their lives.

It is designed to help ordinary people to self-organise, realise their power and make change happen.
A  link to CAMPAIGN
Campaign: – running a campaign  – build a website – write a press release –creating a profile
Running a campaign:

Participate: Aarhus – Agenda 21 – EU directives – County Development Plans etc.
Aarhus convention:

Links to: Environment – planning – funding – contact

Useful contacts: Media-Dail-Sinead-Local . Addresses of the Councils


Seeds for change –