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Fracking Ireland News Alert - issue 2

Saturday 16 August 2014

straight from the Fracking Free Ireland news desk

Allthough Minister Mark Durkan rejected Tamborans proposal for drilling under permited development rights, Tamboran is determent to find a way go ahead, so the camp is still protected 24/7 by the presence of campaigners. Come to the site, show your solidarity with the people of Belcoo, have a chat, a cuppa and keep the spirit high!


Thank you Mark!

Let's celebrate the wise decision of Minister Mark Durkan for a while, and go back to Fight the Frack. The threat is not over at all!! Tamboran's response to his decision turned from be 'deeply concerned', to getting legal advice from a bunch of laywers than into a wish to stay and Arlene Foster trying to legal overturn the decision of the Minister.
Don't forget to support the Minister. We sent him a lot of letters, now let's overwhelm him with lots of THANKS

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Lots of  Belcoo news here or use search at the top of the website FFI, or click on categories at the right column of the homepage

German Journalist visits Belcoo site (+ some pictures

Posted on August 8, 2014

A German journalist, from ARD Rundfunk, (radio) on holiday and taking part in Fleadh Cheoil, visited the site in Belcoo and the campsite. He was welcomed by many campaigners which he interviewed. He also visited the peacefull beep your horn … Continue reading

Beep the horn action at the lower quarry: Belcoo - Enniskillen road (picture below)

VICTORY - we made it by....

Writing letters, educating/giving advice politicians, questioning re.breaking AARHUS convention, challenging the 'permitted development rights', calling for transparancy, consultation, providing them with evidence, researching the various Tamboran Resources Ltd's, getting legal advice and taken action  regarding definition of 'minerals and 'gas', ..... putting the pressure on the politicians to ' Do The Right Thing' and apply the precautionary principle
See also MLA members briefing on Tamborans legislative definition of minerals


It’s hard to believe that with all the people who were looking at the “legal” side of things, (we were not as a network we were focusing on mobilising people and informing the public) – but others were groups etc including people in ngo’s and political parties yet we are expected to believe that none of them looked at the basics of the license and whether or not the quarry also had a license to allow any work to be carried out there.
It seems now the quarry did not have a license to allow work take place but more unbelievable is that the basic license that tamboran were going to test drill with was only allowing them to drill for MINERALS ie NOT GAS.

One member of NFI publicised this obvious basic problem with Tamboran’s license nearly two weeks ago – then organised publIcly along with a commumity group Lamp Fermanagh to raise money to initiate legal work on these grounds.

Then it just so happens that days later the same opinion re the license not covering gas was given by advisors ? in Stormont. This was then shared publicly by NFI – even though some people did not want this info from Stormont to be shared publicly.

(...) How could a minister allow the test drill go ahead when it was blatantly obvious that the license and the quarry had no legal standing, it would have made Durkan look crazy if he ignored those facts and allowed the drilling.
But it was vital that that info was shared publicly so that the powers that be knew we were on to the complete illegality of the situation. It is an outrage in my view that the authorities and political parties with all their advisors and legal eagles allowed the situation come to this ie. that a rig was actually on the way to Belcoo at the same time that Durkan was forced to make his announcement. Campaigners met the drill on the road to Belcoo yesterday and confirmed they were going to Belcoo.

It was the people who stopped the test drill in Belcoo not the powers that be.(...)

 full article:  legal smeagle 



... we are not finished yet.....


What campaigners and others say

• 'Those of us who have spent the past few years researching the industry know full well by now that all the frackers do to communities is loot, pollute and scoot. They’re not wanted here or anywhere else!'

• 'In the three years I have been following this campaign, not a week goes by without some place banning fracking or another university publishing a peer-reviewed study. In my view, it will soon be impossible to ignore the growing body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence for much longer – http://www.psehealthyenergy.org. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the German Ministry of the Environment’s report which supports a ban. If the German govt goes for an outright or even a partial ban on fracking in the autumn, while Ireland continues to carry out a study looking at the ‘evidence’, we will be the laughing stock of Europe.'

• 'Promises that everything will be done properly to protect the environment will flow like confetti at weddings.'

• 'The view in the UK is that something stinks to high heavens.'



Sat 16 August

Today Fishermen will hold a rally, leaving Belcoo at 12 noon and travelling to Enniskillen and back.
And if you are in North Coast area there is a meeting in Stranocum Community Hall at 11am.


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Source: campaigner from Love Leitrim

Old Tamboran Had a Plan

(to the air of Old McDonald had a farm)


 Old Tamboran had a plan, E-I E-I O

And in that plan they had some drills, E-I E-I O

With a brumm brumm here and a brumm brumm there,

Here a brumm, there a brumm

Everywhere a brumm brumm

Old Tamboran had a plan, E-I E-I O


 Old Love Leitrim had a plan, E-I E-I O

And in that plan they had some signs E-I E-I O

With a bye bye here and a bye bye there

Here a bye, there a bye,

Everywhere a bye bye

The anti-frackers had a plan E-I E-I O


Old Mark Durkan had a plan E-I E-I O

And in that plan he had some laws E-I E-I O

With a by-law here and a bye-law there

Here a law, there a law,

Everywhere a by-law

Old Mark Durkan had a plan E-I E-IA

Permitted development rights - stealth fracking

Fracking by parts- Stealth Fracking

It’s called Fracking by Stealth – companies apply for

permission to drill, not to frack.

They take the position that drilling is harmless and the UK Government agrees with them – no Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) needed for drilling. And even if eventually EIAs will be required, it will be for the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) stage only.

As Tamboran says: there will be no fracking involved and so they hoped to could get away with their borehole by permitted development rights. And that was rejected by the minister.

Read also the Gasman Cometh articles.


Newsletters are supposed to find the facts!

We all need to step back – Belfast Telegraph

Posted on August 15, 2014

Comment by the newsdesk of FFI:

A journalist is supposed to know the facts and inform the public accordingly. Fact is that so far as I know  no results of the investigation regarding petrol bombing are published. So, wait to blame the protectors (Not protesters). Fact is that Tamboran has an exploraty licence and applied for ‘fact finding’ = test drilling under permitted development rights. The minister decided that – this type of development  is likely to have significant effects on the environment- and so Tamboran Resources (please note there are various companies with the name Tamboran Resources: Tamboran Resources Ltd, Tamboran Resources (UK) Ltd., Tamboran Resources PRY Ltd ) need to apply for planning permission and an Environmental Impact Assessment should be carried out. More over it contravenes at least two of the three pillars of the international Aarhus Convention—access to information, public participation and access to justice.There are more facts that should be mentioned. More facts and articles on this website. Minister Durkan is a wise and brave politician as it should be in a democratic society. Continue reading

Irish times does not know the facts – no test drilling in belcoo

Posted on August 11, 2014


Our campaign network were shocked at the piece in your paper yesterday because of a staggering mistake of such proportions made by Frank McDonald – it stated in both the sub heading and the body of the article that test drilling is taking place in Fermanagh.

If Mr.McDonald or editors had the slightest understanding of the situation they would have been aware that there has been no test drilling to date in Fermanagh or anywhere else on this island.
In fact the campaign and protests in Fermanagh and across the country to date have been to stop any such work by Tamboran etc..
Furthermore the chance of any test drills from happening in Fermanagh was yesterday stopped for the moment by NI Environment Minister Mark Durkan.
We would appreciate in future that similar mistakes of such basic and important information do not happen again re this issue.
We look forward to seeing a prompt full retraction and correction in print and online.
Thank you
Members of campaign network -
No Fracking Ireland.


Cll. Ces Guckian

PLEASE PUBLISH THIS IN YOUR NEXT NEWSLETTER. You are right to be cautious about stating that we have won. No way can that be assumed. Let us be on our guard. This may be just a pretence that the government Executive up North, is DOING something. They are trying to humour us. What I got from the Belcoo meeting was that SDLP and SF are not really bursting themselves or exerting the bit of power they have in order to STOP fracking. At Leitrim Co Council's Special meeting on 31 July, I felt that FF were trying to monopolise the occasion. I had started the ball rolling by calling for the meeting to be held, but they wanted to take all the credit. The subsequent report of that meeting, in The Leitrim Observer, was amazing. They mentioned , early on,that the Co Council members had passed a motion condemning Tamboran, but never told the public that it was I who proposed it. I stated that it was all very fine for the Council to CALL on the Minister & government to do certain things, but we ourselves had to CONDEMN the actions of Tamboran. In the back of my head I remember that it was Conor Lenihan FF who issued the exploratory licence allowing Tamboran to build a case for fracking. Are FF on the road to Damascus, would ye think ??
Another straw in the wind --  The Leitrim Observer stated that there were 18 Cllrs at the Special Meeting. I had a special interest in what one Cllr might have to say, but, GUESS WHAT? - that Cllr was absent. It is my opinion that he is pro fracking. I just have to wonder why these people took the trouble to state that there were 18 present. Again, this was misleading the public and trying to lull all into feeling that it is all solved. Thanks.   Cllr Des Guckian, Dromod, Co Leitrim.

Woodlandleague -Social Pillar

To my knowledge this is the first time that the Precautionary Principle has been applied in Ireland. I believe that since the historic court case( Tony Rochford v Irish Water) where it was proved that the Irish Water Management Plans were not Sustainable Management Plans ie Not Fit For Purpose that all developments must now have a properly agreed Sustainable Management Plan that clearly shows that there plans are Fit For Purpose and that there can be no adverse effect to the health and safety of people and no adverse effect on our environment. All groups that have environmental and social concerns should now call for the Aarhus Convention to be properly implemented and object to members of the fake Irish Environmental Network claiming to represent their concerns. The IEN should be disbanded immediately pending a proper investigation and all management plans, EIAs etc endorsed by members of the IEN scrapped and fully investigated. It is time to look at all the so called sustainable management plans endorsed by the fake environmentalists in the so called Irish Environmental Network. Plan for forestry that allows our forests to be sold, plans for our bogs that allows board na Mona do what they like with them, plans for our water that proposes piping bog water for the Dublin people etc etc. Time to call for a criminal investigation into the activities of the IEN. http://www.northernireland.gov.uk/index/media-centre/news-departments/news-doe/news-doe-110814-durkan-rejects-tamborans.htm

Politicians/Parties position on fracking

Sinn Fein – saying no to fracking

Posted on August 16, 2014

Matt Carthy MEP reiterates opposition to fracking as he visits Belcoo protest/Gidernew condemns petrol bombing

Posted on August 7, 2014

In Fracking Ireland News alert the question was raised: ‘where are our MEP’s’ Below a reply from Matt Carthy, MEP
A chara, Thank you for your ongoing updates. Please be assured on my ongoing support for the campaign to keep … Continue reading

Irish News

This is not a death knell

Posted on August 15, 2014

(...) The firm has also faced opposition politically with Sinn Féin, the SDLP and UUP saying they oppose fracking.

Of the main parties only the DUP has said exploration should take place, adding that any subsequent fracking bid should be judged later.

A public relations expert who has previously worked with energy companies said he thought Tamboran “underestimated the community backlash” and could have benefited from more rigorous local consultation.

But despite the opposition, he predicted the firm would still “stay the course” and push forward with its plans. (...)

We must make serious decisions on fracking – Irish Examiner

Posted on August 15, 2014

By Paul Mills

The issue of fracking will have to be addressed sooner or later.

Hydraulic fracturing — or ‘fracking’ — is the name of the game, and money is what it’s all about; that is, the objective is to get gas and oil from the ground in an area that is not amenable to usual extraction methods, and then to convert that oil or gas into money.

(...) So, why is this issue hot-to-trot right now? (...)

(...) In the UK, the companies have major supporters including, apparently, prime minister David Cameron. Promises that everything will be done properly to protect the environment will flow like confetti at weddings. (,,,)

Fracking in Northern Ireland – win 4!

Posted on August 16, 2014

Source: Facebook No fracking Northern Ireland  (13 July 2014)

Incredible news just in! Win No. 4 for us
Providence Resources UK Ltd has confirmed to DETI as of yesterday, that the company have decided to relinquish its Petroleum Licence, PL5/10 which covers Rathlin Island.
Providence’s decision to relinquish the Licence is based on the ‘lack of significant prospectivity identified in the licence area.’
Providence continues to hold a Petroleum Licence granted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for offshore in the Rathlin Sound.

Petrol Bomb attack

Posted on August 4, 2014

 A petrol bomb has been thrown at the home of a security guard working at a controversial fracking site in Northern Ireland. The attack took place at a house in Letterbreen on the outskirts of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. … Continue reading

Tamboran pointed the finger to the protesters and asked them to condemn the bombing The PROTECTORS replied by asking Tamboran to condemn the activities from Acheson and Glover

TAKE ACTION – call for Tamboran to make a statement condemning the unlawful activities of Acheson & Glover.

Posted on August 7, 2014

 Tamboran in the Leitrim Observer: (re:the petrol bombing  (Sunday)) ‘We call on all local political, community and anti-fracking representatives to unequivocally condemn this petrol bombing attack  and to encourage people to share any information they have within the PSNI’ Please … Continue reading

(Secret) police is all around to eavesdrop on campaign conversations

Shale gas bulletin
incl. a report on Belcoo


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