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After 6 years of fighting the frack, we hardly did celebrate the 'so called ban'. As we will outline in our first LNG Matters Newsletter, we have to start campaigning again and say NO to LNG, imported Liquified Natural Gas (fracked shale gas) from the US and especially from the Rio Grande in Texas.
Keep Ireland LNG Free!
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- LNG in Ireland and the ban on fracking
- LNG campaign – open letter signed by 12 campaign groups
- LNG proposals in Ireland - versus - Ban on Fracking, Divesting of
  Fuels, Clean Energy EU Islands initiative
- Campaign news by Not Here, Not Anywhere
- Take Action
- Legal: similar case as LNG terminal in Shannon (extending planning
  permission Dublin Airport):
- Submission by Food and Water Europe re. LNG and Climate Change
- Time line overview Shannon and Cork LNG terminals
- Did you know that
- Thoughts - questions to be asked

LNG news & Campaign


28 November 2017

 Hypocritical Ban on Fracking leaves Ireland with a real “Nimby” dilemma
 Article by Gemma Bryce
In this article Gemma questions if we really banned fracking. She describes the anti fracking campaign, and how we end up with only a ONSHORE anti fracking bill, the political parties involved and how they stopped amendments to extend the ban to OFFSHORE fracking. She also lines out the proposals from minister Naughten to build an LNG terminal in the Port of Cork.
‘The hypocrisy on the one hand of facilitating a ban on onshore fracking in the Republic of Ireland, only to import fracked gas from the US, and in turn, cause environmental and social damage to communities around the Texas/Mexico border is staggering, but not surprising.’

LNG CAMPAIGN - open letter signed by 12 campaign groups

Open letter Calling for a Public Consultation on the requested extension of the expiring planning permission for the proposed LNG terminal at Shannon.

21 November 2017
Open letter to An Bord Pleanála and ministers Calling for a Public Consultation on the requested extension of the expiring planning permission signed by:

Not Here,Not Anywhere, Friends of the Earth Ireland, Food & Water Europe, Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Irish Environment, Love Leitrim, North West Network Against Fracking, Fracking Free Ireland, No Fracking Ireland, Safety Before LNG, Fossil Free TCD. UCC Environmental Society

Official global LNG lobbying announced – the same they did with shale gas/fracking
Overview concerning the two proposed/planned LNG terminals at Shannon & Cork, aiming at importing fracked US hydrocarbons

LNG PROPOSALS IN IRELAND – versus – BAN ON FRACKING, DIVESTING OF FOSSIS FUELS, CLEAN ENERGY EU ISLAND INITIATIVE - article by Food and Water Europe, outlining Ireland’s energy policy and contradictions/hypocrisy

Ireland’s Clean Energy Revolution Won’t Be Helped by LNG Imports


In this article:
- Ban on onshore fracking (Summer 2017)
- Dail voted in favour of divesting oil, coal and gas holdings (Januari 2017)
- Ireland joining Clean Energy for Eu Islands initiatives (May 2017)


- Debate about two (unneeded) LNG import terminals in Cork and Shannon (October 2017)
- Overview planned LNG projects in Ireland
- new terminal in Cork, LNG feeded by US ( Rio Grande) LNG exporting company NextDecade
- extending planning permission in Shannon, (expires March 2018) new owner is Sambolo Resources


- Submission to the „Public Consultation on the Draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Irish Electricity and Gas Networks Sector calling upon the Irish authorities to reject the construction of both LNG terminals at Shannon and Cork. (October 2017)

Open letter to An Bord Pleanala and ministers Calling for a Public Consultation on the requested extension of the expiring planning permission

Andy Gheorghiu

- Policy Advisor - Food & Water Europe Stechbahn 9 34497 Korbach Germany Tel.: +49 5631 50 69 507 Mobil: +49 160 20 30 974 Skype: andy.gheorghiu2 www.foodandwatereurope.org

CAMPAIGN NEWS– by Not Here, Not Anywhere

Unfortunately, last Thursday the European Commission announced its list of Projects of Common Interest which includes the Shannon LNG terminal, along with around 90 other projects related to gas infrastructure. This is a major boost for the gas industry from the highest level of the EU. It means that the Shannon LNG project is entitled to avail of EU public funds, and also that the government will probably continue to be in favour of it.


However, it's not all doom and gloom. As you may have heard, Friends of the Irish Environment took a case against the building of a third runway in Dublin airport, and during the case Justice Barrett recognised the constitutional right to environmental protection. This sets an important precedent, not just in the context of LNG, but for any other environmental work we are involved in.


In light of this decision, if you haven't done so already I would ask you all to share the open letter on your websites, via social media and among your membership mailing lists, to raise the profile of opposition to LNG projects to coincide with this historic decision on our constitutional right to environmental protection.

Lastly, a group of lawyers and finance experts in France have been working with SaveRGV from LNG (anti-LNG campaign situated in Texas, at the other end of the LNG supply chain) to get French banks to divest its loan books of LNG-related projects, Having succeeded to do this with BNP, they are now targeting the Société Générale bank. If your organisation would like to sign a petition on this please fill out this google form:

Take Action

Please support this action. The Rio Grande LNG project is supposed to feed the proposed LNG terminal at Cork, Ireland.

Read "NextDecade Signs MOU with Port of Cork to Develop FSRU and LNG Import Terminal Infrastructure" and "The Truth about Fracked Gas Terminals".

If we cut their cashflow for the LNG plants in the US, the LNG project at Cork, Ireland, is also dead!


Friends of the Environment - Almost similar case as the LNG extension planning permission

As some of you know we brought a challenge to the decision to permit Dublin Airport to build a new runway. They had not built the thing within the 10 years permission and we claimed - as can be claimed at with Shannon LNG - that this meant there should be a revised EIA and so provide an opportunity for the public to participate.

Full Judgment

Transcript Hearing Day 8 & 9

Did you know that...

1. Ireland will receive/is entitled to funding by the EU for building LNG terminals but also will receive funding for the Clean Energy Eu Island Initiative
2. Just 2 days after the ban on onshore fracking it is said that the Government contacted oil companies/wish to drll for oil in the sea near Cork
3. New Report: Ineos Chequered Environmental Track Record in Europe



1. Ireland banned fracking, joined the Clean Energy Eu Island Initiative, Divested of Fossil Fuels and is now considering to extend the planning permission for an LNG terminal in Shannon and building a new LNG terminal in Cork.  How to explain this contradiction/hypocrysi

2. Ireland banned onshore fracking (31 May 2017) and 2 days later it is said that the Government contacted oil companies/wish to drill for oil in the sea near Cork

3. Will there be a proper public consultation on the request to extend the planning permission re. the LNG terminal in Shannon (see open letter)

4.  Environmental Impact Assessment needed(?)!

5. Ireland will receive/is entitled to get funding by the Eu for LNG  and for the Clean Energy Eu Island Initiative

6. How will Ireland comply with the Parish Agreements (Climate Change), reach the targets when it doesn't divest from fossil fuels and build LNG terminals?