Ban fracking on the island of Ireland

Fracking Matters Newsletter  3-17 (160)

25 th  June 2017

Debate in Seanad: Ireland Guaranteed Fracking Free soon?

Frogs, Farmers or Frackers?!

To be a source of information about the invasion of fracking, in Ireland, in Europe,... all over the World!

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Guaranteed Fracking Free and Keep Ireland Fracking Free logo, thanks to Fracking Free Clare
They also issue the Shale Gas Bulletin Ireland

     In this newsletter

1. Impressenion of 6 years  All Ireland (grassroot) campaign
2. Take Action 

3. Did you know that FF supports CETA & FG supports LNG?

4. Senators reply re: Ban and Ceta
5.Transcription debate Seanad

6. Canada versus Ireland
7. LNG

Fight the Frack 
Support the Bill 

Ineke Scholte, Fracking Free Ireland



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What the Frack and NO FRACKING IRELAND  started the petition to ban fracking (full stop) at the start of the campaign in spring 2011. Fracking Free Ireland collected the petitions from the ROI and Northern Ireland and all original copies (except original petitions gathered from Love Leitrim - they delivered their petitions at the Dail by themselfs during the campaign) were bound by Benjamin from The Ox Bindery and presentend during the Joint Committee meeting in Januari 2017. 
6761 signatures  from ALL  counties of Ireland.

Ireland Groups to fight the frack:

NO FRACKING IRELAND, Fracking Free Ireland, Fracking Free Ireland-Brussels, Fracking Free Cork, Fracking Free Clare (No Fracking Clare), What the Frack, Anti fracking Kerry, No Fracking Dublin, No Fracking Galway, North West Network Against Fracking, No Fracking Cavan, Keep Ireland Fracking Free, Carrick-Against-Fracking, Love Leitrim, Good Energies Alliance Ireland, Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network, Ban Fracking Fermanagh, Not For $hale, Rathlin Basin Residents Say No To Fracking, Rathlin Basin Residents Say No To Fracking, No Fracking Tyrone, No Fracking Ulster, Friends of Woodburn Forest, Britain and Ireland Frack Free (BIFF), Artists Against Fracking Northern Ireland, Protect Our North Cost (PONC) and more........

The first anti fracking website in the ROI, raised awareness with an overview of the townlands with an license option

NO FRACKING IRELAND  (first) flyer, raising awareness, stressing health impact and water pollution from the start of the campaign. (2011) Calling for a ban and stressing that fracking can not be regulated 

Josh Fox raised awareness with his movie GASLAND  in the USA but also in Ireland and Europe

All Ireland campaign, campaigning in ROI, NI, Europe

Protest in Parliament street in Brussels and MEP's got the message (and some didn't FF, FG)


Overview of the campaign and groups/networks from Ireland (ROI/NI) involved.( leaflet byFFI)


Upcoming (political) event - National

Seanad anti fracking bill:   

Committee Stage ordered for Tuesday, 27 June 2017.


postcard Fracking Free Clare

Campaign news - National


 Fracking Free Ireland did visit the launch of the Fracopoly book in Enniskillen. It was nice to meet (again) campaigners from Food and Water Europe and got updated about the campaign in the US. (Love Leitrim and FFAN (Fermanagh fracking awareness network did give an overview of the campaign)

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FF support the anti fracking bill, but also support the CETA,

Letter to FF TD's bij Fracking Free Ireland -Brussels

Dear Fianna Fáil TDs,

It has come to my attention that your party has introduced a Private Member's Motion in support of CETA which will be debated in the Dáil this Tuesday evening, June 20.
It is hugely disappointing that one day before the legislation banning fracking is to be voted on by the Seanad that Fianna Fáil TDs – many of whom have spoken out against fracking praising the work of grassroots groups – should now seek to undermine these efforts. For those of you not yet aware, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada includes an investment protection mechanism granting rights to investors to sue states that choose to introduce policies or regulations protecting the public interest should these pose a threat to investors' projected profits. Read more in this report:

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Take Action

Contact our senators and ask to support a strong Bill, to reject CETA and oppose to the LNG terminal in Shannon.

Visit  info re. LNG and CETA 

The right to say no: EU–Canada trade agreement threatens fracking bans


Bulgaria improved the wording of their fracking ban:

Prohibited the application of the technology of hydraulic rupture / fraking / or any other technology which pressed a mixture of fluids (gels or liquefied gas), chemical additives and / or fluid, mechanical and / or organic fillers in drilling wells causing the creation of new formation and / or expansion of existing natural cracks or fissure systems in all sedimentary formations, including coal seams for exploration and production of oil and natural gas.


"The text  is in fact a ban of all unconventional gas and oil extraction.
Is all the unconventional gas is causing the creation of new formation and / or expansion of existing natural cracks or fissure systems? In our opinion and expertise – yes!"


List of Senators: ready to copy and paste!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Did you know that...


Fianna Fail

has introduced a Private Member's Motion in support of CETA which was debated in the Dáil Tuesday evening, June 20.


Dennis Naughten supports the LNG (fracked gas from the USA) and supports the bill to ban fracking in Ireland!



Political news - Ireland


Campaigners did lobby our senators
Fracking Free Ireland received the following reply:

Senator Grace OSullivan
(...)I was unable to finish the entire speech in the time allotted, I will seek to raise all the issues contained within as the bill makes it's way through the Seanad.(...) 
Senator Colette Kelleher
I will be supporting my colleague Senator Grace O Sullivan to progress this Bill through the Seanad
Senator David Norris
Thank you for your email about the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Prohibition of Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing) Bill 2016 being discussed today in the Seanad today. I appreciate your concern and have been contacted by many others who share your views. I will be happy to bear what you have said in mind if I get an opportunity to contribute to the debate. 
Thank you also for your comments about CETA. I have spoken out against this during a recent debate here in the Seanad and will continue to do so.
*Senator Higgins
Many thanks for your email. Senator Higgins is fully supportive of the Fracking Bill and has spoken out strongly against fracking on a number of occasions in the Seanad. Senator Higgins cannot be in the chamber this afternoon for the debate but is paired for the vote on the Bill and will be supporting it. Well done on getting the Bill this far, it is testament to the commitment and hard work of the campaigners who have steadfastly opposed fracking in Ireland over the past number of years.
Senator Terry Leyden.
Yes I am supporting Bill.

The fracking ban bill was discussed  in the Irish Seanad (read transcription below). Cross-party support guaranteed and the need for a ban in Northern Ireland was raised.


David Norris raised questions regarding the wording

:" There are a number of aspects of the Bill that are difficult.

1. The definition of "hydraulic fracturing" is narrow and weak. It allows for the possibility of the fracking industry developing new techniques that are not covered by this legislation.
2.The definition of "internal waters" is inadequate. It does not cover service water or groundwater. There is a proposed sanction of a six month prison sentence for offenders, but where is the policing mechanism? There is no policing mechanism at all, which is also worrying.

3.There is an absence of a definition of "land". There is a very comprehensive definition of land in the EU habitats directive. Why could this not have been put into the legislation? Internal waters are listed but it does not specify groundwater at all. This is also worrying. Many people have lobbied me on this matter and they have raised these concerns. It is important we get the ban on fracking because without it, these operations will continue in places such as Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo, Clare and other parts of Ireland. We must be very careful.

Sinn Féin Senator clearly for expansion of ban on offshore fracking at a later stage

Green Party Senator raised climate change problem, asked for a clear Irish path towards 100% Clean Energy Ireland and said that a LNG terminal at Shannon - which aims at importing US fracked hydrocarbons - cannot be supported.

We now look forward to the next steps in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Next Tuesday the Committee Stage in the Seanad will follow.

Hope was expressed that bill could be signed before summer break.

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Special topic- Canada versus Ireland

What’s a Frack Ban For? For Country, Security, Public Health, Safe Food & Drinking Water! For Communities, Farm & Family and Democracy!

What Does Fracking Bring? Lots of Permanent Harms, Eradication of Long Term Jobs, “Widespread industrialisation, permanent environmental degradation, and severe damage to public health.”

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Jessica Ernst who visited Ireland a few times, gave interviews and presentations.


 VISIT website  Fracking Free Ireland  for more LNG info


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Revealed: Scottish ministers’ meetings with fracking firm

"Senior Scottish ministers have held private meetings with the fracking firm Ineos and Grangemouth executives from China five times in 13 months, The Ferret can reveal.

Briefings released by the Scottish Government under freedom of information law show that in 2016 the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe and Chinese businessmen who are involved in helping to run the Grangemouth refinery.

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June 14th, 2017

Petrochemical Expansion in Europe Means More Fracking in the United States

Ineos plans to build new plant to handle more fracked gas shipped across the Atlantic

Brussels: – 14 June, 2017 — The Financial Times reports that European energy giant INEOS announced plans to build a new petrochemical plant that uses fracked gas from the United States as a feedstock for producing propylene, a raw material used in making plastics. The company relies on its new fleet of “dragon ships” to act as a virtual pipeline, shipping gas liquids across the Atlantic Ocean.

In response, Food & Water Europe executive director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

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Petrochemical Expansion in Europe Means More Fracking in the United States
See what this means for the local population:

Am 22.06.2017 um 17:12 schrieb Alison Grass:

Ineos plan to increase capacity at Grangemouth site (Financial Times)

Petrochemical giant Ineos intends to increase the ethylene capacity of its cracker facilities at Grangemouth to over one million tonnes per year.

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